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How to Import & Export Magento 2 Commerce Store Credits

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How to Import Export Magento 2 Commerce Store Credits

The following article describes the advanced functionality of Magento 2 Commerce – the ability to use store credits without third-party extensions. Below, we explain what Magento 2 store credit is and how to use it. Besides, you will find a guide on how to import and export Magento 2 store credits most efficiently. Let’s define the feature and gradually explore its functionality. Continue Reading

Mageworx Store Credits and Refunds for Magento 2

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Adding store credit functionality is an excellent way to extend payment options on your ecommerce site. Possibility to pay for online purchases using in-store currency gives additional motivation to customers to shop on your store. At the same time, store owners save their time handling product refunds. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 platform doesn’t provide store credit opportunities, but you can get them with the help of third-party solutions.

Mageworx presents its new tool with a full set of features for convenient store credits management. Meet the Store Credits and Refunds Magento 2 extension! With the module, merchants can significantly increase sales by providing customers with store credits that can be used for future purchases, create advanced pricing schemes based on credits, and refund orders using in-store currency. Thus, you will gain customers loyalty to your brand and improve engagement rate.

Below, we look closer at the features the Magento 2 store credit and refund module offers to its users.

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