Magento 2 Pre-Order/Backorder Extensions

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Magento 2 Backorder Extensions

In the following post, you will find the most reliable Magento 2 pre-order/backorder extensions which radically enhance the default shopping experience of the platform. With a Magento backorder module, you can not only increase sales by providing customers with the ability to pre-order products that are out of stock but also get in-depth insight into which items are more popular and should be restocked first. Besides, Magento 2 backorder extensions allow running presale campaigns for new products. Let’s take a look at the available tools.


Magento 2 Pre Order Extension by Amasty

magento 2 module

The Magento 2 backorder extension by Amasty is all about driving sales for products that are out of stock or have just been announced. The module not only provides the ability to pre-order goods that are entirely new to your ecommerce website but also gives a chance to backorder items that are out of stock. Thus, the Magento 2 pre-order extension lets you discover which out-of-stock products are favorite among your clients. Core features of this module include:

  • Robust pre-order/backorder features;
  • Customers’ demand analysis tools;
  • Custom frontend appearance;
  • Advanced order management for pre-orders;
  • Simple, configurable, grouped, and bundled products are supported.

It is also necessary to draw your attention to the fact that the Magento 2 Pre Order extension by Amasty charges customers once per purchase, so the payment is accepted only when a backorder is placed.

Due to the support for configurable, grouped, and bundle products, you can also get some advanced features. Thus, a bundle or a group can be split into items that are available and can be purchased right now, as well as out-of-stock products – ones that must be pre-ordered. Customers always get a notification that informs about the possible difficulties.

Via the design customization interface, Amasty’s Magento 2 Backorder extension allows keeping customers informed about the new functionality. Besides, you can effortlessly replace the default ‘Add to Cart button’ with a new one – ‘Pre-Order’. As a result, potential buyers will always know which out-of-stock or new items are available for pre-order. To create more informative notifications, use variables. The Magento 2 backorder extension by Amasty supports the following ones: {sku} and {delivery_date}.

magento 2 pre order backorder extension

Another important aspect of this Magento 2 backorder extension is its intuitive backend interface. You can quickly turn on the new feature;

customize its frontend appearance;

and filter out all pre-orders on the order grid in the Pre-Order column.

magento 2 pre order backorder extension

As a result, the shopping experience and the backend performance are moved to an entirely new level. So, what about other Magento 2 pre-order extensions?

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Magento 2 Pre-Order/Backorder Extension by Mageworx

Another reliable Magento 2 pre-order extension is available in the portfolio of Mageworx. The Pre-Order/Backorder module allows store visitors to pre-order out-of-stock products. The Magento backorder extension replaces the “Add to Cart” button with “Pre-Order”, so your potential buyers stay informed about the new functionality. All pre-orders are available for monitoring and analysis. Besides, there is the alert system that notifies buyers when products are back in stock.

Pre-Order Backorder for Magento 2 by Mageworx

It seems that the Mageworx Pre-Order/Backorder extension is more flexible than the module mentioned above. You can either receive money for pre-orders or disable this feature and inform customers about product availability when the pre-ordered item is restocked. Moreover, as in the case of Amasty, buyers can add both regular and pre-order items to the cart, but you can restrict this feature.

As for the notification system, it allows sending “Back in Stock” emails informing your clients that the desired item is back in stock so that they can purchase it.

As for the backend section, it looks more complicated:

You no longer have to lose customers due to the default Magento 2 limitations. Use Mageworx to close the gap between the functionality of the platform and your ecommerce needs.

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Magento 2 Pre-orders Extension by Aitoc

With the assistance of this Magento 2 backorder extension, you enable pre-orders on your Magento 2 storefront and provide customers with the exact date of product arrival. It helps to boost sales, decrease bounce rates, and sell arriving products. After installing the module, you will not need to have goods in stock to sell them. Just indicate the exact date when the desired item will arrive for out-of-stock products and let customers enjoy the improved shopping experience. Once the product is restocked, the Magento 2 pre-order extension informs clients about item arrival automatically. Furthermore, you can enable the new functionality for all product types.

As for the frontend experience, the Magento 2 pre-order extension by Aitoc allows placing the “pre-order” button on both product and category pages. That is how “Add to Cart” is replaced with “Pre-Order” on a catalog page:

Magento 2 Preorder extension

As for the product page, it is a little bit more informative, since the Magento 2 backorder extension displays the product arrival date as well. Have a look at the following image:

Magento 2 Preorder extension

It is also necessary to mention that the default shopping cart gets the improvement. If an out-of-stock item is placed, the Magento 2 pre-order extension notifies a buyer about the pre-order and the date of arrival.

Magento 2 Preorder extension

As for the admin interface, it is user-friendly and intuitive. The Aitoc Pre-Orders Magento 2 extension allows changing the status of mixed orders (which contain regular and out-of-stock items), enabling out-of-stock items for pre-order, and restricting the ability to create mixed orders. Besides, you can configure email notifications, as well as create a custom email template.

You must admit that the Aitoc backorder module fully copes with the modern ecommerce requirements. For any further information, follow this link:

Download/Buy Aitoc Pre-Orders Magento 2 Extension


The pre-order functionality is a must-have improvement for every Magento 2 website. Don’t waste your chance to increase sales and create pre-sale campaigns with one of the extensions above. If you know other reliable Magento 2 backorder extensions, let other readers know about them via the comment section below and don’t forget to write about their competitive advantages over the tools we have just described.