Magento 2 Geoip Store Switcher by MageAnts

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Nowadays, lots of website offers services at many different locations along with the relevant languages and currencies used at such locations. So when customers visit the website they needs to manually switch the store view. To make this process easy, MageAnts came up with a Magento 2 Store Switcher extension that detects your customer’s location based on IP address and automatically switch the store view, language or currency.

  • Automatically switch the store view and currency based on a visitor’s location.
  • Import the list of IP address in the form of CSV file from back end admin panel.  
  • Block or restrict access to your website to specific IP addresses.
  • Enhance the user experience by improving the accessibility and usability of users.
  • Confirmation and notification popup before redirecting.

Get Magento 2 Geoip Store Switcher by MageAnts

Key Features

Automatic redirect users to specific store view

  • Detect the user’s location and automatically switch the store view.
  • Enable/disable visitors to switch store views or select language manually.
  • The extension helps to redirect users to the specific page, custom URL or blog, etc based on their location/IP address.

Easy management of store switching process from admin panel

  • Easily manage the store switching by adding/editing or deleting the store switchers from back end admin panel.
  • Display list of all the store switchers at one place along with an option to filter the list by status and store type.
  • Option to perform actions such as Mass delete and Change Status of any selected store switcher.

Currency Switcher

  • To simplify your task you can enable an option of GeoIP currency switcher in this extension that will automatically switch the currency mentioned with each and every store.

Redirection based on various restrictions

  • Restriction module allows admin to create various restrictions for redirection.
  • Block visitors/customers by countries and IPs.
  • Allow setting restriction rules for specific IPs and URLs.


How does it work

Use our Magento 2 Geoip Store Switcher with multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency functionality to make your customers both (Local or International) shopping experience better. You need to follow a few simple steps such as installing MageAnts GeoIP module Magento 2 and manage the store switcher settings same as described in key features above. Once you have set all the things from your end, the extension will automatically detect the visitor’s GeoLocation of an IP address and switch the store view accordingly. So in a very few simple steps, you can get all your work done automatically.

Why Needed

As we all know the E-commerce is one the global platform which is meant to be compatible with global customers also for which it is necessary to design a store view for specific customers belonging to a particular region and provide the functionality to the customer for choosing the required store view manually or automatically redirect them accordingly. So to provide such solution, MageAnts provide Geoip Store Switcher also commonly known as Geoip Currency Switcher for your multistore business to gain more sales and increase conversion rates.

Install MageAnts Geoip Store Switcher extension and switch the store view automatically based on the IP addresses of your website visitors.

Get Magento 2 Geoip Store Switcher by MageAnts