How To Make A Blog Successful For An Ecommerce Business?

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Content is king, a popular phrase of World Wide Web. There is no doubt that catchy and useful content, presented in a professional manner, helps grabbing the attention of the target readers while impressing search engines for higher ranks at the same time. Expert marketers say that while writing content, keep the end users and search engines in mind. Writing skills supplement the magnetic property of the content. How to incorporate all these aspects into writing for the success of an ecommerce business? Let us have a detailed look into the matter.

1.Keeping End Users In Mind

As a blog is to appeal the target audience, so the content should be easy to read. Users are accessing websites from multiple devices, so that point should also be considered while writing for the audience. Here are given some important points to ponder over before writing.

  • Keep the length of paragraphs up to 4-5 lines. Shorter paragraphs are more appealing than longer ones.
  • Make good use of bolds, italics, and highlights to stress important points or phrases. It will compel readers to read further.
  • Use subheadings if there are multiple views mentioned in the post. Use H1, H2, H3 header tags.
  • Use bullets and numbers to break up the topic into different categories.
  • 16 pixels is the standard font size to be used at a blog. Larger font size will go good for readers belonging to different age groups. Allow users to pick the font size of their choice by using the browser. Also, allow resizing.
  • Use more white space around text copy to gives users’ eye some rest while reading.
  • Keep the home page copy short for easy scanning by the readers. 2-3 paragraphs per post are enough. Give “Read More” option to the visitors if they are interested to go for more.

Tips for e-commerce blogs

2.Keeping Search Engines In Mind

Although end users should be the first consideration while writing, search engines cannot be ignored as well. A well-established blog helps winning over top ranks at search engines, so write to impress them as well. Keep the following points in mind:

  • While writing, make good use of keywords. Users search using keywords, so their presence in a blog will help ranking prominently. Use keyword one time in the title and 2-3 times in the copy.
  • Keep the links relevant. This is an important factor to rank websites. Only relevant resources can help impressing Google and other search engines.
  • Quality content wins over, so do not compromise over that. Less, but impressive words are good to go for instead of using pile-ups. However, if the topic allows, longer posts also work better because the purpose is to cover the topic and convey the information in detail.

3. Sharpen The Writing Skills

You are ready to write for end users and search engines and have figured out what to keep in mind; have you sharpened your writing skills? This is the success-defining point. Here are given some tips to hone your writing skills.

  • Know the audience you are targeting. Write as per their mindset. Use the writing tone that will help them in better understanding.
  • Storytelling is more interesting to grab blog readers’ attention.
  • Grammar should be good enough to impress the readers. Poor grammar leaves doubts about the professional skills of a writer. Stay informal and use conversational style throughout writing. There are online resources to check for grammar mistakes like Grammarly,, and Grammar Girl.
  • Proofread before making the content live.

If you do not have a blog yet, start it right now, because it appeals Google crawlers to come again and again and hence helps in ranking high, provided the blog is frequently updated. For Magento-based websites Magento blog extension is the easier way to get started. Use the extension and start your blog immediately.

A blog is the most effective, powerful, and easier to maintain tool for any website to impress search engines and end users. It helps building the repute of a website and winning over repeated sales. Sharing useful information and staying unique and fresh in writing style is the key to make any blog successful. Write while keeping the end users and search engines in mind. Learn to write more professionally and make use of available online tools for that purpose.

Happy Writing!

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