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tools to increase product visibility

Today’s experience economy has changed the way that people shop. Instead of just being places to buy things, stores are now places where customers can engage in discovery experiences. And while this trend emerged in brick-and-mortar stores, it is also common for all online outlets. Thus, the choice of items can be significantly influenced not by the product itself but by its visibility. As a result, retailers must place an increasing amount of emphasis on their consumers and their experiences to present commodities in a way that captures their interest and encourages them to purchase the goods being offered. That’s why we talk about product visibility in this article. Below, you will discover what product visibility is and why it is so important. We also highlight five categories of tools that help to increase your brand and, consequently, product visibility. The corresponding software solutions are listed in the article as well. And you will learn a few useful tips on increasing your product visibility. So, what exactly is product visibility in today’s experience economy?   

What is Product Visibility?

Product visibility is the capability of products to be discovered, recognized, and interacted with. By focusing on creativity per square foot rather than the outdated retail statistic of sales per square foot, you can achieve the highest possible conversion rates accelerated by outstanding product visibility.

It is obvious that you must make your products more visible if you want to boost sales in your store. However, product visibility in-store can make or break a sale due to fierce competition from extensive product information in e-commerce and continual access to smartphones where customers can research things online before buying.

You need to consider how to make your displays more noticeable and interesting by considering the affair you want to give your customers as the curator of their shopping experience.

In the traditional sense, product visibility is greatly influenced by two key factors: the location of the product in the store and the way it is displayed to the customer. In the e-commerce case, the placement within an online catalog also matters, but how items appear in front of a potential buyer plays a more critical role in the further purchase. 

Why is product visibility important?

Even if you have the best goods and services, nobody would be aware that you sell them if you don’t properly represent them. Given that customers may access cellphones, visibility and engagement become imperative. The following highlights the benefits of increased product visibility:

  1. Get New Clients. As we’ve already mentioned, making your products and brand more visible attracts new clients. You simply expand your reach and conquer new buyers achieving the next point. 
  2. Increase Revenue. Visibility helps increase revenue, and it is one of the cost-effective ways to do that. The more your customers see or hear about your brand, the more likely they choose you. And there are tons of tools designed to help you achieve this goal: from referral marketing platforms to paid ads. Any combination of such instruments efficiently applied to your unique business situation can lead to more sales on your part. 
  3. Improve Credibility. Product visibility helps improve credibility. The more information about you your potential customers see, hear, and read, the more likely they will consider you to be a reliable company. Even if you provide the same products as other stores, clients will more likely choose you. Consistent social media activity increases the visibility of your business, encouraging shoppers to visit your website to learn more about you.
  4. Become Popular. Your marketing efforts will be more successful if you get your brand name out there for everyone to see. Thus, various visibility tactics introduce an excellent way to make your brand more popular, promote your company and entice potential clients to look at your listing.
  5. Attract Business Partners. Spreading the word about your company not only helps you draw in clients but also potential investors or business partners. They are more likely to want to collaborate with you if you are more well-known in your field.
  6. Increase Ranking. Better product visibility leads to a higher number of product views that may result in better ranking, for instance, on Amazon’s search results. The more sales you gain there, the higher your ranking becomes. Thus, separate product visibility tactics may enhance one another, throwing you into a loop. 

5 Tools To Increase Your Brand Visibility

According to branding experts, the following tools play a pivotal role in boosting your brand’s online visibility.


Blogs have continued to be used as a starting point for entrepreneurs over the past few years. Right now, you are reading an article in a blog run by our tiny company. From the very beginning, Firebear uses it to communicate with the world, share the latest news, inform readers about the most interesting technologies, and, of course, make our products more visible. We have utilized this tried-and-true technique to increase website traffic and make Firebear well-known across the globe. 

tools to increase product visibility

However, many companies either don’t use blogs or do that inappropriately. One of the main recurring problems with blogging for businesses is that many start posting but lose steam regarding consistency.

CoSchedule and Kapost are two software solutions that can help you plan, manage, and carry out your online content if consistency has been a problem for you. They may help dramatically increase your brand visibility and, as a result, the visibility of your products. Keep in mind that your business will start to thrive online as you start to be more regular and deliberate with your blogging strategy.

Social Media

Any firm attempting to increase its awareness on social media may find it to be either a dangerous or fascinating environment. Being a space for involvement, especially for those seeking a much deeper and more intimate connection with their audience, it introduces an endless opportunity for your business to represent itself, increasing its visibility among competitors. If you’re unsure of what you should be talking about, social media can also be a place for listening. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok may become your number one instruments for increasing your brand visibility. For instance, this is our Twitter account:

tools to increase product visibility

Even though social media can mean many different things to many different people, it should never be a platform where you merely automate material. Although many social media gurus frequently extol the virtues of automation, it has also been established that excessive automation on social media can be detrimental to businesses. Keep in mind that the quality of your content is what you should worry about. Its quantity is also important, but not when you sacrifice quality. 

Engaging your followers and directing traffic back to your website should be your top two goals when creating a social media plan. In the first case, you may create content that just grabs the attention of your followers to your brand on the particular social media platform. By posting microcontent on your social media profiles, you can increase traffic to your website.

Micro content, in its turn, is a condensed version of a longer piece of material. The creative freedom to use different free graphic editors like FreePhotoFix and Pixlr to ensure your material is edited and looks good to your audience is what many people love most about micro-content.


Nowadays, it’s much simpler for just about anyone online to go viral with video material, thanks to platforms like TikTok. You can also use more conventional YouTube to share useful videos about your products as we do. Simply start producing content that you think your audience would want to watch. 

Depending on your brand nature, you may post either one video per year or do it as often as possible. Some marketing professionals advise against posting content every day, but Gary Vee, the marketing guru, has long argued in favor of creating as much content as you can each day. Your chances of going viral rise as you produce more material.

Here at Firebear, we never planned to go viral, so our YouTube channel doesn’t contain many videos. However, we help our clients get a better understanding of our core products, such as Improved Import & Export for Magento 2:

However, you may not need viral content. If your goal is to highlight particular product characteristics, it may be enough to record a single video once a month when a new item appears in your catalog. Services like Idomoo and Webyclip may help you tame your video content. We describe them in more detail below.


Still, photos are the key way of representing your products online. The better images you use, the higher product visibility you attain. You may enhance your product display by such tools as product zoom and 360 product view, helping store visitors explore your goods in the closest detail. At the same time, it is possible to optimize your visual content to make your website faster. Poor performance won’t let you make your products more visible since potential buyers don’t want to wait until your top-notch content is loaded. How to get the most out of your images, you will ask? Pay attention to Sirv. We describe this service below. 

As for our products, we use interface images to illustrate particular features of our Improved Import & Export extension. Often, this approach may be even more eloquent than videos, especially if you enhance pictures with text:

tools to increase product visibility

Targeted Ads

Recently, both on social media and on search engines like Google, ads have grown in popularity. In addition to being crucial for your target market, correctly choosing your keywords can assist keep your ad expenses under control. Targeted advertisements are a quicker and simpler way to increase brand visibility, but it is strongly advised that firms first seek more natural tools, like the ones that we’ve just described. For instance, you may try to increase your product visibility on Facebook with the help of targeted ads:

tools to increase product visibility

Best Software To Increase Product Visibility in 2022

Below, you can find the best software solutions designed to increase your product visibility. They are mostly aimed at the visual representation of your items. 


tools to increase product visibility

You may make millions of personalized videos using Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform, one for each client. Use the platform to operate client data for targeted upselling and cross-selling. While personalized videos are always pertinent, interactive CTAs, delivered with this product visibility service, increase conversions even more.

You can greet consumers with an onboarding video that details their advantages and next actions to improve retention. When there are renewals or anniversaries, Idomoo lets you stay in touch with your prospects personally. It enables you to include your customers in the narrative to increase engagement. Even better, you can allow clients to instantly edit their video, making it ideal for social network posting.

Idomoo’s data-driven videos enable customers to self-serve on demand, proactively address common queries, and explain complex information at a glance. They mix the potency of customization with the most well-liked type of online video content. It is interactive, real-time, and cinematic.

Moreover, the platform enables you to produce millions of Personalized Videos in 100x real-time with broad quality at scale with each scene, dynamic text, audio, graphics, video-in-video, and more flawlessly incorporated.

Additionally, Idomoo allows you to launch campaigns in days rather than months because of its exceptional usability. The platform can handle everything on its side, or you can use its integrations, APIs, and automation capabilities to speed up work. Based on current data and user activity, Living Videos automatically update in real-time. On the other side, Idomoo allows viewers to control the video’s flow, convert it with a click, or even make their own. With this product visibility platform, you and your prospects can get everything from self-serve to white-glove service.

Pay heed to the fact that your data is safeguarded and anonymized if security is a concern. Global leaders in finance and healthcare have put Idomoo to the test and awarded it the ISO-27001 information security certification.

Personalized Videos

Engage customers one-to-one to get them to focus on what matters by providing them with a role in a movie. Simple as drag & drop, Idomoo, with its Personalized Videos, will help you create engaging videos that are simple to understand and entertaining to watch, whether it’s an onboarding explainer that goes over program information or a special offer for their anniversary.

In a couple of days, campaigns with tens of millions of Personalized Videos of cinematic quality may be formed using CRM and real-time user data. Change the tale by adding new information (such as a customer’s name) and altering the scenes according to the audience. Make lengthy or complicated videos and add user customization or interactive elements to your movie depending on your business needs. You can either do it yourself or leave the dirty work to the platform. 

Dynamic Video Ads

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all advertising because hyper-targeted video commercials reach every microsegment in your audience. You may rapidly create thousands of movies with dynamic video ads, each one displaying a different piece of content based on the viewer’s demographics, interests, geography, and other factors. Dynamic Video Ads outperform standard video ads by up to a 5x increase in CTR and a 7x increase in return on ad spend. Personalization works miracles!

With the Facebook integration, built-in automation technologies efficiently match personalized advertising to the corresponding audience, saving time. Building a unique advertisement for each product incorporates the Idomoo integration with your catalog. It requires little work and delivers a fantastic strategy to increase revenue. It’s simple to create numerous variations of your advertising so you can run A/B or multivariate tests to see which ones convert best.

Personalized Graphics

If the previous instruments are too complicated, you can still find the ideal size for quick, high-impact customization with Idomoo. It lets you quickly launch campaigns for “lighter” use cases with personalized GIFs and infographics to improve your product visibility. Customized thumbnails, in their turn, aid in the visibility of your customized video. On the side of Idomoo, a patented, specifically designed platform for product visibility, everything is done without a hitch.

When you don’t require a full movie, personalized visuals are a terrific way to wish a consumer a happy birthday and inform them of a deal or a deadline. Personalized GIFs automatically play inside of emails. Comparing them to generic, static thumbnails, you get a 5x increase in CTR. This method is appropriate for simpler use cases because it is quicker and less expensive than video. In only a few days, create and launch customized graphic campaigns to dramatically bump your brand visibility with Idomoo.


tools to increase product visibility

With the help of WebyClip, businesses and retailers may access a wide range of efficient visual commerce solutions, including immersive visual, UGC video curation, and smart image search. Best-in-class computer vision technologies are used by this enterprise-grade product visibility platform to make visual experiences the center of e-commerce.

For instance, its VideoCurator facilitates the process of finding highly relevant product videos produced by fans. Next, brands can use them to boost sales. With the help of neural network technology, VideoCurator efficiently and at scale surfaces hundreds of thousands of reviews, demos, tutorials, and unboxing and impressions videos to find the right ones. This places human perception at the center of online shopping experiences. Genuine user-generated content fosters potential buyers’ understanding of a product through compelling advocacy, cultivating a feeling of reliability and enhancing engagement.

The best deep learning and object recognition technologies are at your service with VideoCurator, which utilizes them to find the most pertinent product videos from across the web and social media. The engine runs through a wide range of websites and social media platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. Due to convolutional neural networks (CNN) and matching algorithms that have made significant strides recently, WebyClip helps consumers see relevant visual content while they are considering making a purchase.

This product visibility platform displays videos where they are most effective: on home pages to add an additional layer of information, in pop-up widgets to engage visitors, and on product pages to foster a closer bond with a product. Continuous monitoring of the process feeds the deep learning engine and identifies both good and bad performance characteristics.

Also, note that by constructing inbound links, embeds, and social shares, VideoCurator has the potential to significantly aid a retailer’s SEO campaigns. Retailers can personalize their visual marketing by using the API, which is provided as a service and is directly accessible through a self-service interface.

As for the tools provided by the platform, they include:


With Snap&Shop, your consumers will receive thrilling new customer experiences. The platform instantly analyzes items shot by a mobile camera or discovered online, identifies their features, and locates a match in your store’s catalog thanks to cutting-edge machine vision and AI.

As a result, customers can find products they might not be able to identify. They can utilize a picture of a product or a picture of someone wearing what they want and retrieve it with just one click, greatly simplifying search efforts and making buying entertaining and interactive.

Snap&Shop “reads” photographs using image recognition technology to determine color, shape, size, and dimensions as well as text, precisely identifying brands and products and facilitating a speedy purchase. A customer is more likely to engage in comparison shopping and receive a more focused set of search results when using visual input than when using keywords.

By improving its grasp of the user’s taste, preference, or demand, Snap&Shop’s deep learning technology makes it possible to combine a group of complementary goods and experiences. As a merchant, you get a perfect opportunity to highlight a wider range of products to take advantage of an AI-powered, personalized upsell opportunity.

tools to increase product visibility


Imagine being able to instantaneously buy anything from a pair of boots to a spa service while viewing a vacation video or music clip. With real-time immersive shopping experiences inside the videos and the ability for users to interact with featured products through moving images, Spot&Shop introduces shoppable videos to retailers.

The ideal approach for a retailer to display their goods and message is through videos since they provide customers the opportunity to examine products in-depth and get a sense of their motion, texture, and—often—personal opinion. Consumers are 73 percent more likely to buy a product after watching the video, which is a fact. Spot&Shop makes these experiences shoppable, which elevates conversion.

The solution, which runs on top of the Visual Intelligence Platform, enables marketers to produce touchable videos that give users access to the highlighted products directly while narrating a story. Spot&Shop conveniently incorporates products into a real-world narrative. The solution makes it possible to recognize the product elements in a video and offers direct links and pricing details about products, piquing users’ interest and assisting in the purchase process. The “add to basket” and “purchase now” buttons might also be included in the experience straight within videos, including product demos, how-to guides, social video reviews, and even runway shows.

tools to increase product visibility

Dynamic Video Ads

For retailers, video advertising offers enormous potential since it’s among the online advertising sectors with the quickest growth. The Dynamic Video Ads solution uses your product feed to generate thousands of video ads automatically, giving you a huge opportunity for effective retargeting and promotion of numerous products. You can use it to increase the visibility of relevant products, promoting them to customers who are looking through your product catalog on your website or mobile app. The good news is that there is no need to customize each individual ad. Create campaigns once to consistently reach customers with the right product at the right time on any device, independently of their first point of contact.


tools to increase product visibility

You must stop thinking of images as static assets if you want to take full advantage of their potential. Think of them as infinitely adaptable, instead. With Sirv, millions of versions can be created from a single master image in a variety of ways depending on its size, resolution, style, and level of interactivity. The platform enables you to achieve that quickly and on a massive scale. You are fully in charge of everything, from scaling to optimizing, colorization to watermarking. Sirv provides immediate access to every photo you post in any size or format. Your website or app will feel much faster because such files are significantly smaller. Additionally, Sirv creates profiles for various possibilities, assisting with the simultaneous resizing of an endless number of photographs.

Requests for cached images are answered promptly by Sirv, with most responses coming back in a millisecond. Every image is automatically optimized for quick download in PNG, JPEG, or WebP format. Websites may be created more quickly and with greater picture control thanks to these dynamic imaging opportunities. According to internal benchmarking, Sirv generates fresh images in under 150 milliseconds, making it the quickest dynamic image service with stable 100% uptime.

The WebP image format, which is automatically supplied to compatible browsers by Sirv through the image CDN, enables you to serve your photos at substantially reduced file sizes. Furthermore, a Simple URL API allows you to edit images. Therefore, you have access to on-the-fly image processing for websites and apps. All of your photographs are stored in the cloud, and you have access to all of your files. Those of them stored on your website are hosted and processed automatically after Sirv has been integrated. With the help of lazy loading, a lightning-fast CDN, and WebP, this process becomes absurdly simple. Thus, you stimulate visitors to engage more with responsive images on your website and, at the same time, provide search engines with more reasons to rank your fast website higher.

The following tools are at your service with Sirv:

Image resizing

Sirv helps you organize your image management by introducing profiles. You can use them to swiftly resize, crop, and alter photographs in large numbers. If you adjust the profile settings, all photos referencing the profile get updated.

Note that Sirv delivers and optimizes the most popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, PDF, and PSD, automatically. It is intelligent enough to recognize the best format, enabling you to always transmit photographs to users in the ideal size, form, and quality without moving a muscle.

And you can simply integrate this outstanding functionality into your WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, or PrestaShop website due to plugins. Your photos are downloaded by the automated sync, using Sirv’s CDN to offer scaled and optimized versions, achieving instantaneous optimization without hassle.

Note that the resizing is based on a simple URL API:

tools to increase product visibility

It is also worth mentioning that you are no longer in danger of losing your original images. Sirv creates new copies that are either enlarged or cropped while leaving the original picture alone. Every illustration is securely kept on the worldwide CDN. You can make as many variations as you want as a user of this product visibility platform because there is no additional cost for that.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Sirv automatically adjusts image size and quality based on the devices used by your consumers. They only load when necessary, enhancing user experience, conserving bandwidth, and speeding up your website.

Image optimization

Additionally, Sirv provides the best management, delivery, and optimization options for images. For compatible browsers, it automatically converts photos to WebP format, compressing your images and maintaining the ideal trade-off between clarity and smaller file size. 

tools to increase product visibility

Since Sirv CDN reduces latency, photos load much more quickly. The caching of photos allows for lightning-fast transmission. In terms of optimization, Sirv also enables lazy loading to save bandwidth and speed up page loading. Images are downloaded on demand when users scroll down a page. Additionally, Sirv can produce exactly scaled, screen-specific graphics in 0.15 seconds.

As we’ve just mentioned above, the same parameters can be applied to numerous photographs by using profiles. When settings are changed, they update immediately. Additionally, you can alter photos via URL and choose from 70 options, such as resize, crop, watermark, and more.

The fact that Sirv can host all of your company’s photographs is another crucial feature. Share folders, invite colleagues, and manage user roles to create the most friendly working conditions.

360 spin

Any object can get a 360 spin by being photographed on a turntable. A rotating 360-degree product view can then be added to your e-commerce websites and applications with Sirv. thus, you achieve stunning visuals for your goods that are flawlessly responsive, retina-ready, and WebP enabled for any user’s device. Your users will only view the ideal-size photos that are personalized to their device. To easily add this functionality to your website and take advantage of 360 spins, Sirv offers specialized plugins for many platforms.

Image zoom

Image zoom is also among the prominent tools that Sirv delivers. And it is well-optimized for higher performance. Only the portion of the image that the viewer needs to see is quickly loaded by Sirv, which creates hundreds of tiny images (tiles). As a result, loading times are extremely reduced. You can choose from 7 zoom modes, and adjust every small detail, every little word indication. Due to the fully responsive interface, Sirv Zoom looks stunning on all gadgets.

tools to increase product visibility

Note that you have more options with Sirv Media Viewer than just zoom. It lets you make a product gallery with videos, 360-degree spins, zoomed pictures, and static images. Due to the wide range of plugins and extensions, you can use Sirv Zoom and other features on any website.


tools to increase product visibility

CoSchedule claims to help you organize all of your marketing in one place from anywhere. Due to its flexibility and the abundance of features, you can get more work to be done in less time. To achieve this goal, CoSchedule offers the following four products:

  • Marketing Calendar. It is an advanced calendar designed to help you see, schedule, and share your marketing efforts. Your entire marketing team can connect to CoSchedule to see everything together in one place. This software solution lets you share your progress with higher-ups and identifies and informs you on what’s been done.
  • Marketing Suite. If the advanced calendar is not enough to satisfy your marketing needs, pay attention to CoSchedule’s family of agile marketing products. You will get a new way of coordinating your team, projects, and process on the way to enhanced product visibility. The suite is responsible for managing marketing requests, eliminating content bottlenecks, and maximizing resources to increase output.
  • Headline Studio. If we consider a blog a tool for better product visibility, then writing better headlines is crucial for you. You can easily boost your traffic this way. With CoSchedule, you can score your headlines based on proven data to understand whether they can catch the biggest possible number of readers. Furthermore, the platform lets you improve headlines with smart suggestions and instantly discover the high-scoring words.
  • Actionable Marketing Institute. You can always rely on CoSchedule to develop new marketing skills. With its Actionable Marketing Institute, you get an opportunity to discover and learn new tricks in under 30 minutes. The platform lets you learn from industry experts to spend less time learning and more time doing.


tools to increase product visibility

Kapost introduces software to align your content strategies alongside the customer journey. With the help of this platform, you can plan, produce, distribute, and analyze your marketing content while essentially improving product visibility and building seamless customer experiences. It unites the specialized but often disconnected tools used to plan and execute content and campaigns into a single content operation.

Kapost asserts that defining the content that will engage customers at every step of their journey is no longer an unsolvable issue. You can dramatically improve the common marketing routine with Canvas – a powerful content strategy module. It is built to deliver content that meets your business objectives and is specific to stages of the customer journey. You get the ability to view resource allocation and prioritize requests to support marketing initiatives.

To make your product visibility improvements even more efficient, Kapost provides the ability to discover where the true content marketing magic takes place. Its Studio package empowers you with instruments aimed at planning, collaboration, and management. Interconnect all team members to prepare initiatives, build a content journey, and spread your message across the right audience. Thus, you get a plethora of potent tools designed to manage and track every campaign stage, from content creation through distribution, as well as distribute everything to multiple platforms from a single point.

To make your product and brand visibility even more valuable, Kapost empowers your sales team with content specific to persona, buying stage, and product line; recommends related content, and connects it all via Salesforce for an on-demand experience with Gallery.

As a result, you can easily anchor your strategies to support business objectives and prove ROI. The system delivers all the means necessary to analyze content performance and impact via insights so that you can understand and quantify the value of your content operation.


tools to increase product visibility

Pixlr is the world’s best cloud-based photo editor, which is much more compelling to use for all of your online image editing requirements. Unlike FreePhotoFix, it offers a more traditional instrument for photo editing with options for both conventional desktop picture editing and more cutting-edge editing techniques. Both Pixlr X and Pixlr E – the two core instruments behind the platform – are AI-powered online photo editors that help you unleash your creativity with just one click for more natural-looking professional photos, which are so important for improved product visibility. With a tap, you may make a translucent image for your design or erase backgrounds with the bg remover. Harness platform’s cutting-edge AI features to attain designing processes that are smarter, quicker, and simpler.

tools to increase product visibility

Tips To Increase Product Visibility

Below, you can find some general tips on increasing your product visibility with the help of the services mentioned above.

Make your graphics eye-catching.

Our brains analyze 83% of the information we perceive with our eyes. You should, therefore, make your product photographs visually appealing. To draw in potential customers, you must employ pictures of high quality, engaging content, and suitable resolution. Images and graphics may also give something personality. For your product and website, you might spend money on a graphic and web designer. And don’t forget to explore Sirv since it may help you achieve these and numerous other goals. 

Ensure that your signs are clear.

Customers will give up rather than continue to choose if they are given too many options and cannot find what they are looking for. Always make sure your products are logically arranged so that customers can discover them more quickly, which will enhance their shopping experience. Clarity is key when it comes to signs. All signs must be unambiguous, concise, and contain just enough information to keep people informed without overwhelming them.

Implement SEO strategies.

To boost visibility, sellers must optimize listings and employ keywords. When you don’t optimize your listing for search engines, it’s difficult for prospects to find your products. Your clients’ product searches are like trying to discover a needle in a haystack. As a result, you must make an effort to ensure they see your website. To achieve this goal, relevant keywords must be used to appear at the top of search results. You can discover tons of SEO tactics and strategies, but it is a matter of another discussion. Just remember that search engines will automatically rank your listings higher when these keywords are found, putting you one step closer to gaining more clients.

Make listings mobile-friendly.

Mobile users have made up half of all global online traffic in recent years. Therefore, companies optimize their online appearance for mobile users so that customers may easily read websites on smartphones. To accomplish this, use only responsive themes for your website, create an application if necessary, and apply different optimizations for all channels, such as a well-organized product description with bullets, etc. The image’s dimensions and resolution must also change to fit the customer’s screen. You can achieve this goal with Sirv.

Use social media to promote your brand.

Using social media to promote your product listings is a great idea. You need to write articles and run ads that will draw in new clients. It might be a call-to-action blog piece, or a product benefits video.

Try writing articles with links to products. The best thing to do is to share a blog article or video that describes your product and includes a link to your listing. Most companies utilize this approach frequently to increase customer interaction with their goods. 

Use Idomoo and WebyClip to create stunning video content for your social media promotion campaigns.

You can also use promotional links that provide buyers who click on the link with discount codes to improve your product visibility. By assisting clients in saving money, you are adding value to their experience.

Get positive customer feedback.

Other customers’ opinions are important while making a purchasing decision. Reach out to your clients frequently and respectfully request them to submit reviews of your products to generate feedback. Maintain communication with them and demonstrate your approachability. It is also a good idea to come to an agreement where you can offer them new products or discount codes if they are not pleased with the product. By doing this, you can steer clear of bad reviews. But remember that positive feedback will come from continually offering high-quality items and excellent customer service.

Prioritize a good pricing strategy.

For your products, you must implement a competitive price strategy to increase your product visibility. Pricing is a crucial factor in influencing customers’ decisions to buy. Additionally, because the market is constantly changing, it is imperative to keep an eye on pricing changes among your competitors. Maintaining sales while competing with other stores’ prices must be balanced while developing the pricing plan. You can utilize a repricing tool or match your price with that of a rival to arrive at a fair price.

Provide top-notch customer care.

In addition to using keywords, the right pricing strategies, high-quality photographs, and other product visibility optimizations, you also need to provide excellent customer service. This may result in favorable comments. Continue to offer your customers outstanding services, and watch as your brand becomes more visible, attracting more clients.

Make sure your display represents your brand.

Your images should clearly convey the identity of your brand and products. Using basic and bold shapes, as well as color blocking, can be effective strategies to draw in viewers and reflect a brand. Over 75% of customers worldwide believe that companies should support things they care about, so if your company does so outside of regular business operations, let people know.

Think about the experience of your intended market.

Consider the products in connection to the target client when it comes to boosting their visibility. Because customers will remember their shopping experience for how it made them feel, individuality is at the core of your optimization efforts. Consider the target customer’s lifestyle, demography, and any potential emotional ties to the product. You can harness Idomoo and WebyClip to increase the personalization of your content and help clients build more tight connections with your brand.

Every path to increase sales and your store has its highs and lows. You must prioritize your tasks because you cannot solve every issue simultaneously. You may start making adjustments that will result in higher product visibility and, as a result, more sales if you are aware of your customer’s needs and the resources you have available.