Best Gift Registry Magento Extensions

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Turn your single customer into a dozen of customers by using one of Magento Gift Registry extensions. The main purpose of such extensions is to implement gift registry functionality on your e-commerce store. As a result, your customers will get the ability to create wishlists and share them with friends from different social networking services. Such actions will attract more traffic to your site.

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Magento 2 Gift Registry Extensions

Wedding Gift Registry by Webtex ($99)


With this extension your customers will be able to create wedding wishlists. The extension is highly customizable and supports a lot of different features. For example, with Wedding Gift Registry extension your customers are able to add products to a registry (wishlist) from product, catalog and search results pages, or set the number of desired items for each product.

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Baby Gift Registry by Webtex ($99)

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By installing Baby Shower to your Magento store, you will provide your customers with the ability to create wishlists dedicated to Baby Shower. Every registry owner will be able to inform his friends about the presents he wants, and choose his home address as a shipping address during checkout. This module is also highly configurable and has all the features of the previous extension.

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Gift Registry by FME ($129)


And this extension is more versatile. It allows your customers to create wishlists for Christmas, baby birthday, or wedding. Gift Registry by FME supports unlimited products and different sharing capabilities. The extension is 100% open-source and you can install it with ease.

Download FME Gift Registry Magento Extension

Gift Registry by Webtex ($99)

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Gift Registry by Webtex is another Gift Registry Magento Extensions. Unlike Wedding Gift Registry and Baby Gift Registry extensions, it is not focused on a specific topic, but it supports almost all features of these modules.

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Gift registry by Hungnam ($30)

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This is the cheapest extension in our list. Gift registry by Hungnam costs only $30 and has a strong emphasis on the wedding. Hit the link below for more information.

Download Hungnam Gift Registry Magento Extension

Gift Wrap by Magestore ($99)


This extension adds Gift wrapping service to your e-commerce Magento store. It enables selecting giftwrap paper, writing messages, adding cards, choosing to pack everything in a gift box or wrap each gift separately. There is nothing about wishlists in this extension, but it is closely related to the topic of gifts and has a positive impact on customers loyalty.

uGiftCert by Unirgy ($125)

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uGiftCert is another bonus extension in our list. It allows you not to pay transaction fees for your gift certificates. As a result you can boost your online revenue. It is easy to install and simple to manage. This Magento extension is also very convenient for your shoppers, if they often purchase gift certificates from your e-commerce store.

Download Unirgy uGiftCert Magento Plugin