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Retargeting is the process of serving ads, which are based on a prior engagement. The technology includes  site-based retargeting (the most frequently used), email retargeting, search retargeting, and CRM retargeting. With site-based retargeting your customers are shown ads of your brand after they leave your e-commerce store. Thus, your brand always appears in front of your bounced site visitors.

magento retargeting

The process of site-based retargeting relies on cookies. When someone visits your e-commerce store, your retargeter drops an anonymous browser cookie – a small file with the information about your site visit and without visitor’s personal data. Then the cookie is used by your retargeter to identify when your bounced visitors appear on other sites.

The next stage of site-based retargeting includes bidding for the available ad space. This process takes place in real-time, and if your bid is the highest, the ad space displays your advertisement. These processes occur automatically during the page loads.

If you are an e-commerce store owner, you might be interested in site-based retargeting. There are a lot of tools and services created to integrate your store with this relatively new technology. Here’s our list of the most popular retargeting tools.

google retargeting


  • Adroll is a popular service, with thousands of customers, the lowest CPM (pay-as-you-go), transparency and ROI.

chango retargeting magento

  • Chango will help you with brand awareness, converting lost customers and prospecting new clients. Transparent pricing based on CPM is also among positive aspects of the service.
  • eBay Enterprise is a retargeting service for eBay sellers only. You need to fill out a form to get details about pricing.

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  • Criteo stands out due to full performance on CPC bidding, control on bidding and programmatic buying. With Criteo you can also choose your CPC.


  • Perfect Audience focuses on retargeting for Facebook and supports geo-targeting. Its ad network consists of more than 100000 sites. There is a free trial version of Perfect Audience, and the full one is charged on CPM basis.


  • Rocket Fuel stands out for its good support and self-optimizing engines. Pricing is not available.


  • Retargeter is designed from scratch to implement different types of retargeting: CRM retargeting, short tags, search retargeting, and email retargeting. It cost $1500 for 30,000 targeted unique visitors and up to 525,000 impressions.


  • SiteScout RTB is a full-fledged retargeting and advertising platform. While SiteScout RTB is based on bidding model for ads, it also requires funding of $500.


  • Shopify ReTarget is a retargeting service for Shopify e-commerce engine, which works in countries without Google Merchant Center support. Shopify is also based on pay-as-you-go principle.


  • Vizury has a plenty of brands in its portfolio. The platform provides industry focus, offers fully managed services, and you have to pay only for performance.


  • TellApart provides Facebook, email, display, and on site retargeting. The pricing is based on CPM/CPC models.