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AI is currently on everyone’s radar. With the noisy emergence of ChatGPT, the popularity of AI tools has skyrocketed. Such tools may now handle a wide range of tasks, from design to coding assistance. 

Nonetheless, there are several AIs that try to assist with ecommerce. They may assist to automate processes, develop aesthetics, increase consumer conversion rates, and make the shop more unique. 

Today, we’ll look at the top 10 startups developing artificial intelligence for eCommerce. All of these firms strive to simplify and improve the online business introduction process. You may discover options ranging from personalized product creation to AI-powered search. 

So, let’s get started.

What is AI?

AI is short for “artificial intelligence.” It refers to the ability of robots or computer programs to do tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence, such as comprehending spoken language, recognizing images, forming decisions, and learning from experience.

What are AI Tools?

Let’s take a quick look at AI Tools. 

AI tools are software programs or platforms that assist developers and users in the construction, training, testing, and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) models and applications. These technologies frequently use machine learning, deep learning, or other AI methodologies to assess data and make predictions or judgements based on that data. 

This technology is currently quite popular among all sorts of people. Someone writes on them, someone draws graphics on them, and someone designs the site’s logo.

Advantages of the AI Tools

You may be unaware of the enormous benefits AI Tools may provide you, your business, or enterprise. Now we’ll tell you how much you stand to lose.

Cost Savings

AI solutions may help you save money in practically every part of your business, from customer service to product development. 

AI technologies may help businesses cut expenses and increase revenue by automating operations and improving productivity. AI has a lot of promise when it comes to workflow. AI may help a company save labor expenses and improve quality by making processes more effective. 

One way AI may help you save money in your organization is to reduce tiresome, repetitive tasks. This can help to boost worker productivity while reducing waste. AI excels at tasks that humans find monotonous and repetitive.

Individualization Experience

Personalization has always been an important factor in internet marketing success. 

AI technologies provide a new angle on personalisation. 

AI-powered personalization combines data analysis and profiling tools to automatically change content in real-time to increase conversions. This enables significantly more complex personalization, which machine learning techniques permit. 

This rapidly changing business is always being utilized for new and innovative applications, and we can only conjecture on how the changing face of marketing may seem in a few years. Numerous companies are already using AI to create customized products.

Increase Performance

The most important advantage is enhanced efficiency. AI technologies may automate time-consuming and hard operations, allowing human workers to focus on more critical and challenging tasks. 

It might dramatically increase the productivity and efficacy of your team or organization in any industry. Existing AI solutions, for example, are predicted to automate 40% of the labor done by salespeople during the sales process. 

You might also be interested in our Simplified review. This AI technology can assist you in creating whatever type of content you choose.

Top AI eCommerce Startups

Therefore, let’s go back to the primary point of this post and look at the top 10 AI startups for ecommerce.

AI for eCommerce enables personalization of product pages and offers, customer-centric search, retargeting potential consumers, identifying outstanding target prospects, providing a personal touch with chatbots and virtual assistants, improving customer recommendations, and combating fraudulent reviews.


Coveo offers AI-powered cloud-based search and recommendations. The platform also includes additional eCommerce-related features. This includes the following features:

  • eCommerce Search. With this solution, you will be able to streamline product discovery for your customers by utilizing AI-powered search, navigation, listing pages, and dynamic faceting. Increase conversions by ensuring that visitors land smoothly and can discover what they need in just a few clicks.
  • Recommendations. Increase conversions and average order value by providing real-time, meaningful advice to even new or anonymous customers. Every click, tap, and swipe teaches real-time recommendations. Coveo’s AI-powered recommendation engines can maximize product discovery by analyzing each customer’s unique purchasing trip.
  • Personalization. Coveo additionally assists you in personalizing your store. Using contextual, marketing, first-party, and zero-party data, provide the most appropriate customized experience to your customers. Platform provides personalized guidance for each shopper.

More tools and features are available on the Coveo website. 

In brief, it is a good platform that may assist you in solving eCommerce difficulties with customer conversion.

Impove eCommerce Search


Bluecore is developing a marketing platform that integrates data from direct marketing such as email, social media, and site activity with machine learning to create better predictions about who would want to buy what among its consumers. With this platform, you get such features:

  • Email and Mobile Marketing. You may use it to construct targeted campaigns, launch and optimize a wide range of triggers, and generate dynamic audiences. Bluecore connects buyers with their next great purchase, allowing advertisers to maximize lifetime value without limits. 
  • Website Marketing. It allows you to convert anonymous visitors, generate appropriate audiences, and launch a variety of campaigns. Execute one-to-one site campaigns quickly to increase list growth by 40% and conversion by 73% – faster than any black-box onsite marketing software.
  • Media and social. You may use it to sync the most recent audience data for improved ad effectiveness and prediction algorithms that make your viewers smarter. Increase the return on ad spend by up to 50% for acquisition efforts – without the need for manual segmentation of out-of-date data.

Bluecore is a perspectives tool. Bluecore may start a new sort of useful marketing tools by providing excellent marketing solutions using AI.

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Wix enables businesses, organizations, professions, and people to take their branding and workflows online. Wix ADI – is the greatest AI website creation technology offered by the Wix website builder to provide optimum convenience, ease-of-use, and website construction speed. 

Wix ADI works by feeding the technology information about what your website should have as well as some personal design preferences. Next, in a few seconds, Wix ADI develops a professional-looking site that is tailored to your specific requirements.

These are some examples of websites built with this AI:

  • Curtinsmith Guitars. This company’s website uses a sophisticated picture slider to engage visitors in the experience by carefully displaying its stunning guitar masterpieces above the fold. The visuals provide the visitor an immediate idea of what they can buy. It also contains a navigation menu that discusses the various pages in detail.
  • Tirox Tattoo. Tirox Tattoo makes use of several fantastic Wix features. A sleek logo incorporated in the menu may be found at the top. When you continue down, you’ll notice that the company includes a contact form as well as a map widget to assist clients locate them. These essential business features may be readily added to Wix ADI sites.
  • Bowden Scott Barnhart. This lovely and functional restaurant website gives the visitor all the necessary information right on the homepage. The restaurant showcases its top menu items, allows you to reserve a table, explains how to get there, and displays its operation hours without requiring you to navigate elsewhere. In accordance with today’s finest customer service practices, the site also has an Ascend by Wix chat box.

Create your Unique Website with Wix

Sentient Technologies

Sentient creates artificial intelligence solutions for website testing and e-commerce recommendations that can improve your consumer experience and enhance conversions. It also creates Studio ML, a Python-based model management platform that helps to simplify and accelerate the model-building process. It includes the following features: 

  • Collaborative Workspace(TeamSpaces). TeamSpaces hosts your models and datasets, as well as offers and maintains all cloud computing and storage required for you to launch and work on the development of your apps without wasting time and effort on cloud infrastructure maintenance.
  • People Counting. This Computer Vision microservice recognizes and counts persons in the supplied video. The number of persons recognized in the video, the possibility of overestimation/underestimation, the initial appearance, the length, and the confidence of each person detected are returned by this microservice.
  • Object Detection. Objects were spotted in the supplied picture. The microservice delivers identified objects in image coordinates together with their classes and bounding boxes.

That is not an exhaustive list of features. Further information is available on the Sentient website.

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Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield’s omnichannel customization platform assists advertisers in increasing revenue by automatically personalizing each user encounter across the online, mobile web, applications, and email. You get such features as:

  • Discover. Customer data should be unified across all digital and physical touchpoints and used to fuel your marketing ecosystem.
  • Target. Customize every encounter to provide the best possible customer experience at scale across online, mobile, email, and advertising.
  • Recommend. With deep learning algorithms, strong statistical engines, merchandising management, and cross-channel support, you can transform product suggestions into a competitive differentiator.
  • Engage. Engage your customers with hyper-personalized emails, and re-engage abandoners with time-sensitive triggered messages and push notifications.
  • Optimize. You will receive enterprise-level optimization and A/B testing tools. Explore anywhere you want on your digital properties with greater confidence and less risk.

Increase Conversion Rate with Dynamic Yield

Kindred AI

Kindred Systems develops artificial intelligence for intelligent robots that solve real-world issues alongside humans in chaotic, complicated, dynamic contexts such as today’s eCommerce supply chain. 

Kindred, which was founded in 2014, is a robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) business that creates robots to answer real-world challenges. Its objective is to use the potential of AI robotics to improve the lives of human employees. Kindred’s cutting-edge technology serves as the foundation for a variety of proprietary platforms, including CORE with AutoGraspTM, which was designed to operate robots independently in demanding conditions. 

Further information is available on the Kindred website.



Gorgias creates a customer service hotline specifically for online retailers. It leverages AI and consumer data to automate replies to basic inquiries. With this platform you get such features as:

  • Email. Respond to all emails from customers in a common workspace so that your agents always know who to help next and have the context they need to give excellent service.
  • Social Media. Like a Facebook remark, provide a shipment status in a private Instagram message, or respond to queries on Twitter – all from a consolidated panel.
  • Live Chat. Add a quick-loading chat widget to your shop to interact with clients directly from your site and answer their problems before they become email issues.
  • SMS. Gorgias SMS is the most convenient approach to provide conversational text message assistance for clients on the go
  • Rules. Activate actions based on personalized data. Give delivery updates and other crucial information to your consumers without lifting a finger.
  • Self-service. On your website, give your consumers rapid responses and complete resolutions.
  • Order Management. Gorgias allows your agents to easily propose things from your store and manage orders without ever leaving the helpdesk.
  • Views. Increase your productivity by using completely customisable views on Gorgias. Arrange tickets by channel, language, and other factors.
  • Support Performance. Metrics that link ticket volume to channels, agent activity, and more. Data and insights that are simple to understand to help you gauge your efficiency and feed your plans.

Gorgias also works with Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

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Syte creates a product discovery tool that aims to change the way people browse and purchase online. 

Let’s go through some of the platform’s features:

  • Visual Discovery. With a compelling visual search experience driven by AI, you can help consumers locate the things they desire quickly. Syte’s visual Intelligence recognizes things inside any image, breaks them down to specific visual features, and recommends comparable and complimentary goods from your inventory to guarantee customers discover precisely what they’re searching for.
  • AI Tagging & Merchandising. Reduce time and money in your merchandising process by utilizing visual AI to automatically identify goods with unique, accurate, and consistent qualities. AI tagging standardizes your product data for a better user experience, which is especially important for marketplaces that interact with numerous brands.
  • Hyper-Personalization. Visual AI knows your consumers’ aesthetic preferences in depth, while real-time behavioral data adds context to deliver the most appropriate suggestions on every visit.
  • Product Discovery. Syte is paving the way for the future of search and discovery with a single platform that creates revenue through hyper-personalized, intuitive consumer experiences.

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Narvar is a customer experience platform that assists merchants in understanding consumer preferences, building customer profiles based on delivery and communication choices, purchase history, feedback, and other factors. Machine learning is also used across billions of interactions to enhance supply chain efficiency, future transactions, and consumer experiences. You get features as: 

  • Concierge. Connect digital-to-physical commerce experiences in-store and across Narvar’s partner network seamlessly.
  • Ship. Have explicit delivery expectations before a transaction to boost confidence and earn more income.
  • Track. Provide engaging, on-brand post-purchase order tracking experiences that increase revenue, decrease WISMO calls, and increase loyalty.
  • Notify. Increase repeat clients by establishing trust and rapport via proactive communication at every stage of the process.

Improve Customer Experience with Narvar


Reflektion analyzes and impacts each customer’s intent in real time to offer personalized information across the most important touchpoints. 

Personalization is a significant element of Sitecore. Machine learning algorithms are used by the platform to evaluate client activity and provide customised experiences for individual customers. This enables organizations to offer the appropriate message to the right individual at the right moment, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. 

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What are AI tools?

AI tools are software programs that automate processes, examine data, and make predictions using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The healthcare, financial, and retail sectors are just a few of the ones that may make use of them.

What are some common types of AI tools?

Natural language processing (NLP) tools for sentiment analysis and language translation, picture and video recognition tools for recognizing objects and faces, and predictive analytics tools for predicting outcomes based on past data are examples of common types of AI tools.

What are some AI tools commonly used in eCommerce?

Chatbots for customer support, recommendation engines for product recommendations, and predictive analytics for demand forecasting and price optimization are common examples of AI technologies used in e-commerce.

How can chatbots improve the customer experience in eCommerce?

By offering prompt and customized replies to consumer enquiries, chatbots can enhance the user experience in e-commerce. Also, they can assist users in locating the things they want on the website.