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Everyone uses Twitter. It is one of the most popular social networking networks, with a large user base. A massive amount of information and news first surfaced on Twitter. As a result, it belongs to one of the leaders. 

On a daily basis, many individuals tweet on Twitter. They make use of many third-party services for convenience. Schedulers and other add-ons can assist you and make your everyday routine easier. There are now several AI solutions that may assist you in using Twitter more effectively.

One of them is Postwise

Postwise can help you with some of your issues. You could utilize it to write, schedule, and manage your Twitter posts. 

Today, we will look at this platform. We will investigate its features, cost, alternatives, and other factors. After reading this essay, you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not to utilize it. 

Let’s start.

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What is Postwise AI?

Let us first define a platform. 

Postwise is an AI tool for social media management. Especially for Twitter.

This platform will assist you in completing some of your posting requirements. You will be able to write on Twitter, schedule tweets, and increase your following. Postwise AI claims to make it easier for users to go viral, grow their following, and even earn more money by writing tweets as if 1,000 authors were working for them.

Who is Postwise for?

Anyone who tweets can profit from Postwise.

This platform will be of little assistance to you. Aside from that, we believe everyone might profit from this tool unless you’re already utilizing another service or solely using Twitter for personal reasons. Before evaluating whether this is something worth your time, read on to discover more about it.

It would be simpler to automate if you operate a business and had a Twitter news page. 

Postwise AI Pricing

Postwise has two pricing options. 

The first is a Basic. It costs $37 per month. It provides you with the following abilities: 

  • Use all Growth Tools
  • 400 AI Tweet Credits
  • 6 Months Scheduling
  • Connect 5 Accounts

The next one is Unlimited. It costs $97 per month. It covers everything in Basic as well as additional features such as: 

  • Unlimited AI Tweet Credits
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Unlimited Accounts

Postwise offers a straightforward pricing approach. There are just two alternatives. That, though, is a positive thing. It does not compel you to consider which plan to select. You enter the platform and may use it immediately after selecting your plan. 

The Basic plan is appropriate for people who Tweet on a regular basis but not in enormous quantities. 

Unlimited would be ideal for individuals who tweet frequently and in significant volumes. 

Does Postwise have a free trial?

Yes. Postwise offers a seven-day free trial. You will have access to all of the features included in the Basic plan.

Postwise Features

Let’s have a look at what Postwise can do for you. 

AI Writer

One of the platform’s key benefits is that it can function as a conventional AI writer. However, it is built exclusively for use with Twitter. It can produce various tweets for you. 

You have two options for what you should write:

  • Single. In this option, the platform will create one outstanding tweet for you. 
  • Thread. You may launch an entertaining Twitter thread using this option. 

All you have to do is put down what you desire. For example, I asked Postwise to write “the power of positive thinking” for me. Following that, the platform suggests six possible tweets. It’s fantastic that the platform provides you with six distinct possibilities. It allows you the flexibility to choose the finest solution for you.

When you start a thread, AI automatically produces a full thread with 12 tweets. So, in order to start a thread, you must also have the freedom to survive.


Tweets can also be scheduled. Postwise allows you to plan tweets up to two months in advance. You may change the date, time, and other variables here.

You can plan your company for a month or two ahead of time.

It’s quite effective. It enables you to create very long-lasting automation. Of course, you may follow trends and adjust your tweets. However, if you have a marketing campaign or whatever, Postwise can handle it with ease. 

You just need to take your time, plan out all of the tweets, and schedule when they will be sent out. The platform will take care of the rest.


Other tweets might be found here to encourage you. You may discover a tweet for any taste and start your own business. 

Topics of interest can be found here, including:

  • Marketing 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Thoughts & Opinions   
  • Relationships   
  • Fitness & Nutrition   
  • Self-Improvement   
  • Family   
  • Work Crypto & Investing   
  • Wisdom  
  • Coding


GhostWriter is a service offered by Postwise. However, this function has not been published. This is a new exclusive feature that costs $100 each month. However, if you upgrade to any yearly plan now, you will receive it for free when Postwise releases it.

You hire a ghostwriter who reads your tweets, analyzes your style, and then creates fantastic tweets for you to approve. So you get your own tweeter writer. 

Postwise Benefits

But how will you gain from these features? Very straightforward. Let us discuss it. 

Save your time

What could be simpler than going to the platform, writing your topic, changing your tweet, and hitting the schedule button? Postwise allows you to swiftly produce a large number of tweets and divide them into days. Creating a fantastic corporation that can assist you in a variety of scenarios. 

However, the truth remains that Postwise saves you a significant amount of time.

Increased productivity

Imagine you had a team of 100 writers working around the clock to create fantastic tweets. That’s the effect Postwise has on you. You may operate extremely efficiently with it, creating a large volume of information in a short period of time. 

It’s all for your benefit. You have more time to accomplish other things and less time to tweet. 

Simply more money

Everything we’ve mentioned so far will only lead to one thing. You will begin to earn more money. Of course, if you have a business or are doing marketing efforts on Twitter.

This application is also geared for sales – plug links, retweet winning content, and send DMs automatically.

Postwise Alternatives

Let’s take a look at Postwise alternatives.


Cocoleco is an AI-powered Twitter management application that aims to increase interaction while saving time. It creates personalized tweets for your target demographic and includes a simple approval procedure, automated publication, and performance metrics. 

It’s very similar to Postwise. 

The price structure of the site offers a free plan for five tweets per month and a $5 Startup plan for thirty tweets, with new users receiving a 50% discount. Cocoleco prioritizes simplified AI-powered tweeting over a comprehensive social media strategy, offering an intuitive user experience, automation, and metrics to help customers save time and measure interaction.


Tweeter is a Chrome plugin that lets users create unique and interesting Twitter tweets, threads, and direct messages. Users may produce professional content depending on the tone and topic of their choice with only a few clicks. 

Overall, Tweeter is intended to help users generate more interesting content by simplifying the tweet-generating process.


We already mention this platform in our article about AI.

Tweetmonk is an easy-to-use Twitter social media management service that includes tools for creating successful media content using AI models and scheduling threads and tweets to assist enhance interaction.

Tweetmonk was created primarily to provide users with an excellent user experience when developing threads and coming up with ideas for tweets. 

Postwise Pros & Cons

Let us summarize the platform’s advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Automatically creates tweets that are more likely to be engaged with
  • You may select how many tweets you wish to create each month. It also includes extras such as Twitter statistics and support
  • Excellent automation and calendar possibilities


  • You have just seven days to use the platform for free before you must pay
  • Postwise is a novel platform that is continually being evaluated throughout time


To summarize, Postwise is a powerful and user-friendly social media platform. It’s fantastic if you use Twitter on a daily basis. It’s especially useful if you run marketing efforts that are linked to monthly publishing schedules. 

Postwise provides its users with a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly experience. You may quickly increase your output. Automate your Tweeter habit so you can focus on more essential things. You’ll have more time to plan, but the strategy will be implemented quickly. 

All of this will simply result in you making more money. As a result, we strongly advise you to give this platform a try.

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Is Postwise a free platform?

No, although it does offer a 7-day free trial. Following that, you must purchase one of the price plans.

Can I schedule my posts on Postwise?

Yes, that is the most significant aspect of this platform. It’s the one that allows you to create long-term marketing strategy without spending a lot of time on implementation.