Everything You Need to Know About Paid Backlinks

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How to Buy Backlinks. Where to buy them. How harmful it is.

When it comes to improving your search rankings, a lot of effort must be made to get your website to the most desirable position in the search results list. Creating a really efficient SEO strategy is not an easy task, especially for small and young businesses, and sometimes people run the risk of losing their audience just because they choose easier and less proven ways in an attempt to achieve their goals. One of such ways is the usage of purchased backlinks.

Backlinks are simply links that direct users from one website to another. Backlinks are widely used by  ecommerce merchants to promote their websites in the search engine environment. To make backlinks really effective, however, you will have to create thousands of them for numerous exterior websites. Of course, no one would want to spend time on building authentiс backlinks knowing that it’s possible to simply buy backlinks from a wide range of specialized resources. But is it really a good idea?

Here you’ll read about the main reasons of why it’s not good to use backlinks, how to recover from its consequences, and, if you eventually decide to take a risk, where you can buy the most effective backlinks and blog reviews in an attempt to boost your rankings.  

Do they even work?

There are numerous ecommerce businesses that have a positive experience of using paid backlinks to improve their rankings. Of course, it’s specifically popular among well-developed competitive companies, which makes it possible to really make backlinks work for them and avoid any penalties. One of the reasons for that is that these big companies spend lots of money to create thousands of high-quality links that are later spread all over the Internet; this leaves almost no chances for Google to identify them as paid ones.

In fact, to make backlinks adequate, they must look as natural as normal links. So if a backlink seller creates several high-class backlinks for the most relevant websites, they are likely to appear as a part of their content rather than somewhere in the sidebar. You should note, though, that such backlinks are extremely expensive. For instance, a seller can make you spend about $30 for each backlink monthly, and, what’s more important, you’ll have to buy at least ten of them to become profitable.

However, there are numerous low-quality backlink sellers as well, and many unfortunate businesses are tempted to accept their offers instead. There you can buy links for just a few dollars per month, which makes it possible to order more of them. Backlink services even create specialized backlink packs of 25 or 30 backlinks for a total of $60 per month.

How Google reacts on paid backlinks

Every website visible to Google’s eye is previously estimated by the search engine in order to define its relevance for the searchers’ requests. Depending on how many backlinks a particular website has, it will consider whether it should be placed in the first positions of the search results list or not. So basically we can view backlinks as a sort of votes that allow websites to win the search results race. However, it is wrong to think that if you BUY backlinks, you may increase your chances. Quite often the opposite happens, and you will find out why.

Google is a very complex search engine, and its attitude to backlinks is not that straight-forward as well. Thus, if you deal with backlinks placed on trustful sources such as Amazon or eBay, they are more likely to work out for improving your search result rankings. Google considers links from these sites to be more relevant and trustworthy than those posted on some ambiguous advertising resources. It also pays attention to keywords used together with those links to identify their content. As a result, distrustful links are either ignored or undergo penalties for being potentially spammy.

But how does Google detect paid backlinks? The first way is through e-mails which are sent to you by a backlink seller. The second way is through a special web spam detection team working for improving Google’s efficiency of ranking. So in fact there is no way of hiding you backlinks from Google’s eyes.

Why buying backlinks is a bad process

It’s quite reasonable to think that the more backlinks you have, the more popular you can become. But not only quantity matters here. The quality of backlinks is what missed by many retailers because they often cannot understand how backlinks actually influence search engines.

So, when you deal with backlinks sellers, you have to provide them with a list of keywords that represent your website and its content as well as those links that are likely to be visited by users from outside. In a few days, you will get a text file from them containing all the backlinks that were left at the website or websites you’ve previously mentioned in your inquiry.

By this moment, your money will be already spent, so the only thing you can do at this stage is to test the quality of those backlinks you got. In most of the cases, you will soon realize that:

  • almost every backlink directs you to the least relevant pages;
  • most of the links left by the seller on the inquired websites either no longer exist or become removed by moderators who consider the post authors to be inactive or spammy;
  • backlink sellers tend to link to initially spammy industries, such as those dealing with gambling, adult industry etc.; this especially concerns cheap backlink sellers. That’s why Google can easily block backlinks from those resources;
  • the content backlink sellers leave on other resources together with backlinks themselves is often poor or copied from one website to another.

This, together with regular Google spam detecting updates, makes it no more possible to rely on paid backlinks. Even if you choose the most relevant website to post your backlink on, it’s not going to work for you. Not only is it harmful to your search engine ranking, but also it affects your overall traffic.

If your website is caught by Google when dealing with paid backlinks, it’s quite probable that you will be penalized for up to 6 months. This means that you lose your rankings for all the keywords that could be used by people to come across your website. The most important thing in this case is that it’s really hard to recover your previous ranking and pageviews if you leave your failed backlinks as they are.

How to restore your traffic after it’s been damaged by paid backlinks

Basically, you cannot delete all the posts made on other websites yourself; you will have to either wait until they are deleted by local moderators as spams or go and ask moderators to delete your posts individually, which may take long in case if you have previously acquired hundreds or thousands of backlinks. However, there is Google’s useful tool called disavow link tool which allows Google to ignore low-quality backlinks when determining the rank of a particular website. The only thing you will have to do is to upload a backlink seller’s text file to the tool so that the search engine could remember that the backlinks mentioned are not relevant. Usually, in a week or so all the website rates are recovered.

Other useful recovery tools

When Google started actively preventing the spread of paid backlinks in its system (especially after the recent Penguin update), the tough times came for all  ecommerce businesses having backlinks as the only chance of gaining more search ranking for their websites. This means that often you will need to use something more than just disavow link tool to regain the control of your rankings again. Let’s see what other tools you can use.

  • Link Disinfection tool. This is an official tool of SEOprofiler website specializing in the safest SEO techniques and strategies. In fact, if you initially promote your website with the help of SEOprofiler, you’re unlikely to have any problems with backlinks at all. This tool is especially valuable when you have been already penalized by Google for having paid backlinks. Usually people are informed about the penalties through a notification in their Google Webmaster Tools. So as soon as you get this notification, download the Link Disinfection tool, and then it will analyze your backlink list and clean all the suspicious ones in it.
How to restore a traffic after paid backlinks


  • Google PageRank is another handy tool from Google allowing to easily identify the quality of your backlinks and suggest further deletion of the less reliable ones. It also can help you to find relevant websites for deciding where to put your links on.
  • Linkquidator. Linkquidator is a separate service for removing bad backlinks. At first it analyzes the quality of all your backlinks and then divides them according to 20 different parameters. After a thorough analysis is made, you will receive a detailed report indicating which of the backlinks do the most harm to your rating and telling how to get rid of them.
Paid Backlinks


Are there any ways to build good backlinks of your own?

Yes, sure. But it will certainly take a great deal of time if you want Google to consider your backlinks reliable.

1. At first, identify the topic of your website and search for alike places over the Internet.

2. Then choose the most popular among them – they will be primary resources to post your backlinks on. You can check their rank on sites like prchecker.info or through Google Page Rank toolbar.

3. Use competitive sites for creating a more unique list of keywords that would make it possible to safely hide your backlinks from Google’s eyes.

3. Further, go to those websites in the list that also relate to your topic but seem to be less competitive than yours. Try to realize what those sites lack in their content to become such.

4. After you find it out, you can think of what you could offer to the local audience to make them interested in your website. This would minimize the possibility of deleting your backlinks by moderators.

5. Send your offers to the owners of the websites to legally approve your backlinks and make a deal about their posting.

Another useful thing to do in this regard is making infographics for alike topics websites or blogs. Here, however, you will have to distinguish between guest posts and blog posts, because websites specializing in guest posts won’t let your backlinks be interpreted positively.

When choosing backlink posting websites, try to find those with a minimal ads density, because websites with numerous ads are considered by Google as spammy ones.

So is it worth it?

As you see, it is mostly quality, not quantity, which is important when dealing with backlinks. And because you buy backlinks, their quality will depend on how much you pay for them. But the risk is still unjustifiably high, and those retailers that went through bad backlink experience are unlikely to try them ever again. There are cases, of course, when traffic rates don’t drop after backlinks implementation; but they don’t increase as well.

Moreover, it’s no use wasting time on creating backlinks of your own, especially if you’re not sure about where and how to make them look appropriate. So try to improve the very content of your website and sustain its quality at an acceptable level – efforts made for improving your presence among organic search results will never let you down.

If you still would like to try it

If, despite all the warnings, you still want to try using paid backlinks at least for a short-term profit, here is what you should follow:

1. Don’t buy backlink packs; use individual ones instead.

2. Prefer individual site owners to unreliable backlink services.

3. Never buy backlinks from websites that directly say that they sell backlinks.

4. Choose only the most relevant sites to buy backlinks from.

5. Try to make your backlinks appear as a part of a website content rather than as a part of advertising.

6. Of all the links you create, make paid backlinks not to exceed 10% of the total amount.

So…where to buy backlinks and blog reviews?

Having decided to buy backlinks, you will need to find the most adequate resources combining reasonable pricing and good quality of backlinks and blog reviews. Here is the list of trustful services that are less likely to let you down.


Fiverr is a marketplace allowing individuals and businesses to buy almost every possible thing or service they could think of for the minimum of $5. The latter is actually the most powerful motivator for addressing to this site, especially when you’re an  ecommerce merchant seeking for cheap SEO decisions. However, because the range of alike services on Fiverr varies a lot, you will be surprised to find that only for making yourself some backlinks you can choose between several options:

  • buy a single backlink which will be included in a blog post of your authorship; the resulting post will be then published in the seller’s own blog;
  • hire somebody to write a blog post for you;
  • get over 20 000 blog comments with backlinks on various resources;
  • submit your article to several directories;
  • order a certain amount of profile links on .edu and .gov websites.

And all this is possible for only $5.

How to Buy Backlinks. Where to buy them. How harmful they are.


In fact, this service is so popular that you won’t have to search long for a gig to fulfill your task. The choice is so huge that you will rather spend time on picking up the coolest one among them.

However, if talking about Fiverr’s efficiency in creating backlinks, it becomes not that straight-forward. As it was said before, quantity is nothing before the eyes of Google, so getting into thousands of backlinks of uncertain quality is not the best choice even in terms of Fiverr. Not only is it important have backlinks, it’s also necessary for Google to perceive them as reliable, but for this Google robot should first visit that link. Only after Google has indexed the link, it becomes active for assessing the value of your website. So you should also look for gigs that could get your backlinks indexed. For this, more care will be required to make them look natural and authentic. If you consider this option to be problematic, the idea with asking somebody to publish your blog post can become more appealing.

What else can be considered as an option on Fiverr? Finding those gigs, for instance, that could manually create a certain amount of profile links on .edu and .gov sites. These domains possess the most powerful relevance than any other websites on the Internet, so it’s reasonable to use them for increasing your rankings. The backside is, of course, that these domains have a stronger moderation as well, so after a person has created you a number of profile links, you will have to do additional job for making them indexed:

  • use specialized index gaining services like backlinksindexer.com (the chances of getting your backlinks indexed will increase to 50%);
  • use rssholder to get a profound report about each backlink and estimate their value;
  • add your backlinks to social bookmarking services with an addition of well-working tags.

But although Fiverr users have buyer feedback available, it does not mean that all the reviews there are sincere. So the only way to prove a person’s reliability is to order his or her services. Later, if your rankings are really higher, then you can do a loyal thing to your colleagues and say a few positive words about that gig you worked with on Fiverr’s discussion board, so that they could use his or her services in the future. The same is applicable to unfortunate experience with gigs.

Nevertheless, there is still some uncertainty left. Even if you find a person who is qualified and experienced enough to make a good backlink or blog review for you, it does not guarantee the further success in improving your rankings. It can equally end up with progress, as with regress, as with no changes in rankings at all. BUT! It is more likely to bring you some traffic and customers, which makes Fiverr a good place for attracting more people to your store.


This online service is a more targeted source of freelance SEO specialists where you can have more chances to make your rankings improved. Here you will find both cheap and more expensive services, but you may be sure that for higher price you will get a more efficient result. Apart from building backlinks, SEOClerks can provide you with general SEO and marketing services, sponsored social network posts, site flipping, and many more. The website’s traffic is so high that it’s literally impossible to be left without a gig. But here you should be cautious as well, because SEOClerks, as well as Fiverr, have pretty much in common in terms of their functionality.

How to Buy Backlinks. Where to buy them.


There are a number of freelancers out there that would like to earn fast and easy money, just like their ecommerce clients want to get fast and easy ways of increasing their search engine rankings. Sometimes they happen to meet each other, and then the problem starts. Thus, many SEOClerks gigs often work with low-quality or cracked software, which is quite risky, as the service has pretty strict rules concerning the software usage on their platform. It’s possible that people who use cracked software can never be caught by administrators, but if they will, the penalty can be quite severe and will probably include deducting all the earnings from a user’s account.

Don’t forget that SEOClerks can also provide you with high-quality blog posts, which will make your website more reliable for the search engines.


LinkVehicle can be considered as one of the most serious platforms on SEO niche, because it effectively connects individuals and businesses with the most relevant websites, bloggers, and other influencers having a profound knowledge of the topic you might be interested in. This third-party service guarantees flexible prices for any services aiming at optimizing your search engine results or gaining more traffic.

How to Buy Backlinks. Where to buy them. How harmful it is.


The service provides high-quality blog reviews with a minimum of 200 words which then will be published in the author’s blog. Accordingly, if you want more text, you will have to reasonably increase the cost for a blogger. All the blog posts are permanent and are never deleted from bloggers’ websites. Another appealing thing about the service is that every order is usually completed in 24-48 hours after it’s been submitted by a publisher.