Kickresume Review 2023: AI Tool for Resume Creation

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AI has altered the way we work, communicate, and analyze data. AI tools have become an essential component of the work of a wide range of professionals. They allow you to write, construct marketing programs, code, and design. 

Or even make resumes and CVs. Kickresume will assist you with this.

You may be wondering: “Where can I get decent CVs to find a job?” In this essay, you will discover the solutions. We will look at the Kickresume platform, which can help you in this area. We’ll go through platform cost, features, alternatives, and other details. Let’s get started.

Create Resume With Kickresume 

Kickresume Summary

  • Features include resume templates, grammar and spell-check, and keyword recommendations
  • The interface is user-friendly and the design is intuitive
  • Aids job searchers in standing out in a crowded employment market
  • Popular with job seekers globally
  • Allows users to rapidly construct a professional-looking resume
  • It is appropriate for both new graduates and seasoned workers

What is Kickresume?

Kickresume is a simple online resume and cover letter creator. It also functions as a website builder, transforming Kickresume templates into personal webpages with public URLs. 

The platform analyzes and optimizes job application content, format, and design using powerful algorithms and natural language processing. This allows job searchers to present themselves in the best light possible, increasing their chances of getting a job interview.

In simply, Kickresume allows you to quickly construct a resume for yourself.

Kickresume Pricing

Let us begin with pricing. 


Kickresume is a great free choice for you. You could utilize all of the key features for free with a few restrictions. You will receive:

  • 4 basic resume templates
  • 4 matching cover letter templates
  • 1 basic website template
  • 20,000 pre-written phrases
  • 1,500+ resume examples
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Compare Plans

In fact, you can claim that Kickresume is half free platform, because you may securely use it without spending a dime. Nonetheless, you still get what you desire. 

With premium alternatives, you receive more extra features that might help you create a better resume. It provides many customizing options. You get features like:

  • 35+ professional resume templates
  • 35+ matching cover letter templates
  • 7 personal website templates
  • Full customization options
  • AI resume checker
  • Priority email & chat support
  • Kickresume for Mobile
  • AI Writer

A paid subscription costs $19 per month.

You may also subscribe for a year and pay $9 each month.

Kickresume Features

Kickresume creates your resume based on the answers you provide when you sign up; the algorithm learns about your wants and preferences: 

  • How far you’re willing to go for a job 
  • Your current level of employment 
  • Your field’s wage expectations 
  • If you want to use the job search assistance

You’ll get customised Kickresume examples and job offers for your sector this way. Kickresume currently provides the following features: 

  • Ready-to-use ATS-friendly templates 
  • Cover Letter Creator Resume Builder 
  • Website creator 
  • Human editors verify the grammar 
  • Personal AI assistant

Let’s take a closer look at platform features.

Resume Builder

After you click the “Create Resume” button and login, you will be able to begin creating your CV. You may make one from scratch or utilize one from an example. 

Initially, you’ll see some pre-built templates. The majority of templates are expensive and only accessible in premium programs. Yet there are free ones as well, and they are not of worse quality. 

Next you feed it into the platform’s admin interface. You may change your resume using four main parameters, including:

  • Personal Information
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills

You might also include a new section that available only in paid plan such as:

  • Achievements
  • Awards
  • Certificates
  • Education
  • Graphs
  • Hobbies
  • Strengths
  • Publications
  • References
  • Skills
  • Social Media
  • Text
  • Volunteering
  • Work Experience

The platform also shows you a preview of your CV as it evolves. You might also check guidelines on resume writing to develop more original and helpful one. 


Kickresume will proofread your resume. You will be charged $26 per resume. It will be completed in two working days. It comes with the following features: 

  • Human editors provide grammar correction 
  • Review of enhanced readability 
  • Improve your chances of being hired

Cover Letter Builder

Cover Letter creation follows a similar pattern. You begin by selecting a template. 

You may start with a fresh cover letter template or modify a current one. If you select the latter, you will be able to upload material. You may utilize the proofreading service for cover letters as well. You also have access to free and numerous edits by skilled writers are available. 

You may insert sender and recipient information into the online editor. The text editor includes standard editing tools as well as recommended terms relating to the position you’re applying for. 

You may change the font style, size, and color, as well as the page format and line spacing. On the final step, sign your name.

Website Builder

In terms of data import, the Kickresume website builder works similarly to the resume builder. You have the option of using pixel-perfect website layouts. The personal information field is required, while the others are optional. On the Design tab of your website, you may include a resume with a download button. Finally, in order to share the website, you must build a public web address. Potential employers can then find you online.

AI Resume Writer

With AI Resume Writer, you may automate the development of your CV on the platform. 

If you lack experience and don’t know what to put on your CV, this is the job for you. The GPT-3 NLP model from OpenAI powers this application. It may be used to create a résumé. While this may appear to be overkill, GPT-3 is ideally suited for producing structured documents such as resumes. Check it out for free and see for yourself.


Sample resumes and cover letters may be found in the Kickresume career center. Hundreds of examples from dozens of sectors might inspire you to create your own. When you click on one of them, you will be given the option to alter the sample using your data. You’ll also view the résumé or cover letter in text format.

There’s a detailed step-by-step instruction for writing one for your position, as well as clickable related job position tags to help you narrow down your search. You may pick the “People Who Got Hired” option and view the examples that helped candidates obtain their jobs.

Kickresume Alternatives

It is unusual to come across free resume builders. They sometimes have limited chances and do not supply you with all of the perks. 

Now we’ll try to figure out what you can use instead of Kickresume.


Canva is probably the first thing that springs to mind. 

Canva is comparable to Kickresume. You may use it for free or pay to have access to more extensive customizing features. Canva’s Pro account costs $12.99 per month, whereas Kickresume offers three premium feature choices. Canva for Teams empowers your team for $30 per month per person.

Canva, unlike Kickresume, is completely free for instructors and students. Canva’s resume maker is web-based and completely free. It provides more background and sticker options than the Kickresume builders.


Zety is an online resume builder that helps users to quickly produce professional-looking resumes. Zety provides an easy and fast approach to design resumes that stand out from the crowd, with a user-friendly interface and a large choice of configurable templates. 

One of Zety’s notable features is its resume ideas function, which gives customers with tips and suggestions for producing an application tracking system-optimized résumé (ATS).


VisualCV is an online resume building application that allows users to quickly and easily generate professional-looking resumes and online portfolios. VisualCV’s configurable templates and design choices enable users to produce a personalized and distinctive resume that stands out from the crowd. 

VisualCV’s ability to link with social networking networks such as LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter is one of its primary advantages, allowing users to promote their online presence and professional profiles.

Pros & Cons


  • Almost Free platform
  • Interface that is simple to use 
  • A large number of templates 
  • ATS enhancement 
  • Cloud-based 
  • Cost-effective pricing


  • Not very much unique features
  • Limited file format options


In brief, Kickresume is an amazing free tool for creating your CV. It has all of the essential elements that will assist you. It includes an easy-of-use UI with straightforward settings. 

Hence, if you merely want to login and build a CV, Kickresume is ideal. 

Nevertheless, if you want more complex services, such as the ability to construct online portfolios or track CV views and downloads, you must go elsewhere.

 Create Resume With Kickresume


What is Kickresume?

Kickresume is a straightforward online resume and cover letter builder. It also serves as a website builder, converting Kickresume templates into personal webpages with publicly accessible Addresses.

Using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, the platform evaluates and improves job application content, format, and design. This enables job seekers to portray themselves in the best possible light, boosting their chances of landing an interview.

How does Kickresume work?

Kickresume provides a variety of customisable templates and tools that allow users to generate a resume by entering their information and choosing design options. The program provides help and ideas for optimizing resumes for applicant tracking systems, which are utilized by many businesses.

Is Kickresume free?

Kickresume has both free and paid options. The free plan has less functionality and templates, but the subscription plans have greater flexibility and advanced capabilities.