Yahoo Stores – Redesigned SaaS Ecommerce Platform by Yahoo

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Yahoo has relaunched its Saas e-commerce platform called Stores. SaaS stands for software as a service. It is a special licensing and delivery model for software in which it is licensed on a subscription basis and hosted centrally. Redesigned Yahoo Stores makes it significantly easier for businesses to get online; provides mobile first e-commerce; brings forward the date of the first sale, and is enough resizable to support growing ecommerce web-stores.

yahoo stores

The entire process of setting up a store is fast, easy and intuitive. You can even start selling before you get an approved merchant account. You will need to set it up after your store has the first sale. The admin site is well designed and has an user friendly interface, so you can do all the manipulations with ease.

Another important Yahoo Stores feature is responsive design. Yahoo Stores is mobile centric, so your site will be optimized for different mobile devices just from the launch. This mobile-first approach shows, that Yahoo Stores is a future-proof solution. There is also a very simple and intuitive integration with Yahoo Gemini, Google Shopping, Justuno, Facebook Ads and other similar services in Yahoo Stores. You don’t need any special  development or design skills to start working with them. Sign up, pay and integrate all the services you need without even leaving the Yahoo Stores admin site.

yahoo stores

You can also find a built in chat feature and support for apps and extensions in Yahoo Stores. The new e-commerce solution from Yahoo gets improved page load time and peak traffic performance as well. The biggest Yahoo Stores issue is its design. The e-commerce solution looks good, but there are too few themes, the customization process is limiter and there are problems with responsiveness sometimes. Yahoo Stores is not perfect, but after the update it is competitive with other e-commerce solutions.