The Best CDN Services And Extensions For Magento

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CDN (content distribution network or content delivery network) is a system of servers, which includes multiple data centers worldwide and across the Internet. Its main goal is to provide content to end-users with high performance and availability. Different CDNs play a significant role in a modern online content delivery. They work with web objects, such as text, scripts and graphics, store different downloadable content, such as media files, documents and software. CDNs also provide faster access to applications, live and on-demand streaming media, and social networks.


Magento 2 CDN Services And Extensions


Magento CDN

CloudFlare designed its Content Delivery Network based on recent hardware innovations, modern web server technology improvements and advanced network routing. In other words, it is the next-gen CDN. CloudFlare performs better than competitors, is easier to setup and more affordable. With this CDN your website loads two times faster, regardless of where your visitors are located. You don’t have to spend any time designating files to cache. CloudFlare works with both static and dynamic content, and it guarantees, that your website will always be online. This CDN supports IPv6 networks and works with other CDNs.

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Amazon CloudFront

Magento CDN


Amazon CloudFront is another content delivery network. It works with other Amazon Web Services, and as a result, you can distribute content to your users with high data transfer speeds, low latency, and no minimum usage commitments. To integrate your Magento store with Amazon CloudFront, you can use a CloudFront CDN Magento extension. It serves all static files of your website: Skin/CSS Files, Catalog/CMS Images, and JavaScript Files. This extension reduces each pageview to single request to the server (the average quantity is 14 requests). In addition, CloudFront uses a network of servers worldwide, so your content is always close to your visitors.

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OnePica ImageCDN

Magento CDN


OnePica ImageCDN Magento extension enables you to host data from your e-commerce store on a separate server. The module works with category and product images. By using OnePica ImageCDN extension, you will improve a page load time, speed up a response time, and bring down bandwidth costs. This tool integrates with any CDN service that supports FTPS, FTP, or SFTP. As a result, you get a separate configuration menu for each adapter. The extension is absolutely free.

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Magento CDN

MaxCDN offers three pricing plans, with 5TB of bandwidth per month for the standard plan, 350TB for high volume plan, and petabytes for enterprise plan. The price starts at just $9, which is the the lowest rate per GB in the industry. There is also a user friendly installation guide for MaxCDN on its website. Hit the below link for more information.

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nexcess cdn magento

With Nexcess, you will also speed up your website instantly and easily. Additionally, you will get a better server load, and improved search engine ranking. To achieve those goals, Nexcess relies on EdgeCast – the leader in global content delivery. Pricing plans starts at $25 per month with 250 GB of traffic.

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meta Magento CDN

Bring the optimization to your e-commerce store by using MetaCDN Site Accelerator. As a result, you will boost the performance and speed of your Magento store. There is also a 14-day free trial, if you want to check the quality of the service before investing into it.

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Magento CDN

Incapsula’s CDN includes a network of data centers distributed globally. The service delivers Full Site Acceleration through content optimization and intelligent caching tools. Incapsula works with both dynamic and static content. It also includes content uncacheable for other CDNs. On average, sites integrated with Incapsula’s CDN consume 40%-70% less bandwidth and are 50% faster. You can use a free trial or sign up for one of 5 plans.

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This service has much more locations than average CDNs. The map of includes more than 100 cities in 43 countries. The good news is that you can choose any mix of locations and don’t need to pay for those you don’t use. It is also possible to add new and exclude old locations anytime. With you pay as you go, and can try the service for free!