The Best Improved Import/Export Extensions for Magento

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Import Export Magento Modules

Make your life easier with improved import & export Magento extensions. This category of modules enhances the default abilities of your e-commerce Magento store by adding some new useful import/export features. The default Magento provides a lot of possibilities in this area, but they are not enough to avoid headaches while migrating to/from other e-commerce systems. In this post, we gathered the best examples of reliable improved import & export Magento extensions. By using one of them, you will significantly optimize the default operations typical for  out of the box Magento.

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The Best Improved Import/Export Extensions for Magento 2

Import extensions


With this extension, you will be able to automate all your import processes related to Magento, since it works with bundled products; categories; attributes, as well as their sets and groups. Besides, ApiImport associate attributes with group in one or more specified sets. Another important feature is the ability to reindex products after import. Moreover, the module creates dropdown attribute values and supports useful events in order to enrich your entities from other modules. It is also necessary to mention that ApiImport is a rewrites free solution.

The best Magento best import extensions

Download ApiImport

H&O Importer

This is another Magento extension developed to import all sorts of file formats, data sources and entities. H&O Importer includes various downloaders and source adapters to support almost all possible entities . Additionally, it allows mapping fields in from each format. Furthermore, you can configure the module via XML: just set all the new configuration in the XML file. H&O Importer is able to process thousands of products, as well as large CSV or XML using a limited amount of resources.

the best import extensions for MAgento

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You may be also interested in a difference between import methods introduced in Magento. Andreas von Studnitz describes all unique features related to each method here. He sheds light on Mage::getModel, Soap / XmlRpc, REST; Dataflow, ImportExport, FastSimpleImport, ApiImport, CustomImportExport, Magmi, and uRapidFlow.

Products & categories import/export

Improved Import


With this extension you will change the core import process of your Magento store. It works with the default Magento Dataflow import/export and relies on .csv files. The Improved Import extension is extremely useful for the migration from other e-commerce platforms to the Magento. In addition, you can use it to update already existing products with multiple images, custom options, additional images from URL, and tier prices. The extension costs $40, and you can find its installation manual here.

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Import + Export Bulk Product Attributes / Attribute Sets / Attribute Options / Multiple Attributes


With this extension, you will get more abilities for Bulk Product Attributes, Attribute Option, Attribute Sets, and Multiple Attributes import/export. The extension enhances the default import and export procedures providing you with the ability to import and export all types of attributes and all the associated attribute values, as well as the attribute options themselves. The module cost $100.

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Stock / Inventory Import Module


With the Magento Stock Import Module, you will be able to import stock information from other platforms to your Magento store. The process is fully automated, so you will forever forget about manual inventory management. Just upload the necessary file with SKU and quantity information, and all the stock information will get updated within seconds.The price of Stock / Inventory Import Module is $179. Hit the below link for all the features of this extension.

Download Stock / Inventory Import Module

Custom Bulk Product Import + Export with Tier Pricing / Product Custom Options / Configurable Products / Bundle Products / Grouped Products / Downloadable


With this extension, you will be able to customize bulk import process for products import in your Magento. Handle up to 25,000+ products on a single import with the module. It will also allow you to export all existing product data and product types, tier pricing, custom options, etc. Keep in mind, that the received file is suitable for the re-import. In addition, the extension can be used to updated existing price, qty, and some other data. There is also a user guide for the extension. The module costs $100.

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Extended Grid / Export – Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Products


This extension provides various masks tables designed to extend additional columns. With the module, you also get the access to the attributes associated with the base table. Moreover, the extension provides you with the ability to define additional export definitions for every mask type. You can also include product photos in the Excel files. With Extended Grid Magento extension you will be able to generate complete Excel catalogs for €79.

Download Extended Grid Magento extension

Import Products categories, multiple images and custom options


This extension allows you to import products with multiple images, categories, and custom options from CSV file. With the module, you will be also able to import different product features. It works with Simple, Bundle, Configurable, Virtual, Grouped, and Downloadable Products. In addition, you will get the ability to import Cross Sell, Up sell and Related Products, Group and Tier Prices for products. Import Products categories, multiple images and custom options Magento extension costs $50.

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Fast Products Import


By installing this extension on your Magento store, you will be able to create multiple import profiles with a lot of helpful options. The module provides import for both standard and custom attributes. Fast Products Import automatically creates Attribute Options and Categories by Path. It also provides Category Relations import by both ID and Name. You can purchase the extension for $85. Hit the below link for the additional information.

Download Fast Products Import


This extension allows you to import from arrays and use any import source, while the default Magento options support only import from files. As a result, you get very fast import, and the ability to import such additional entities as category-product relations, categories, and attribute options. The module is free and you can download it from GitHub.

Download AvS_FastSimpleImport

Bulk Category Import / Export


By installing this module, you will be able to export and import your categories, subcategories, and related category data, for example meta descriptions, meta title, or meta keywords. Such categories as isActive and isAnchor are also supported by this extension. Moreover, it can import category descriptions and category images. The module costs $50.

Download Bulk Category Import / Export

Magmi Magento Mass Importer

magmi-magento Get direct SQL Magento product import and create categories based on name or tree description with Magmi Magento Mass Importer extension. The module supports simples, configurables, grouped types of imported content. Images, both remote and local, are processed by Image Processor Plugin. Moreover, the extension provides import of customizable options and tier prices. The extension is free.

Download Magmi Magento Mass Importer

Import Export Categories Extension


Import and export assign products, root and sub categories with Import Export Categories Extension by Capacity. The module supports import/export for meta descriptions, titles, keywords, and other types of category related data. It also works with category descriptions, category images, page and custom layouts. The extension allows you to create multiple categories at-a-time by using CSV files. The module costs $30.

Download Import Export Categories Magento Extension

Export/Import Bulk Product with Configurable / Downloadable

This extension allows you to import and export Configurable, Grouped, Bundle and Downloadable Products, Tier and Group Prices, Product Tags, Up-sells and Cross-sells, Related Products, Gallery Images, etc. In addition, you can use ssh or cron for export/import. The module costs $70.

Download Export/Import Bulk Product with Configurable / Downloadable

Orders import/export

Dataflow Batch Import + Export Orders To CSV / XML


By using this extension you will be able to import and export both order and related customer data. The customer data import/export works for registered customers as well as for visitors checked out as guests. In addition, the extension provides you with the ability to protect import with a password, and use custom order numbers. The module costs $200. Hit the below link for the additional information.

Purchase Dataflow Batch Import + Export Orders To CSV / XML

Orders Export and Import


Orders Export and Import Magento Extension allows you to export Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos, and Checkout fields with all the necessary data. It allows export via remote FTP or e-mail. The export can be based on Order Status, Order Placement Date, Order Numbers, Customer or Product IDs. Orders Export and Import allows you to enable automatical export after checkout is complete, or after invoice for all products within the order is created. The module costs $119.

Download Orders Export and Import Magento Extension

Magento Order Export Module


By installing Magento Order Export Module on your Magento store, you will get an advanced way to export your orders, shipments, invoices, credit memos, etc. The extension supports almost any output format: Tabbed, Text, XML, CSV, ASCII. Moreover, almost any software can be connected to the Magento Order Export Module. You can purchase the extension for $199.

Download Magento Order Export Module