Visa Checkout – The New Way to Pay Online

- E-Commerce

It seems, that the time of personal information re-entering in online payment is rapidly passing away. Last month, Visa introduced the more convenient algorithm. Say hello to Visa Checkout, formerly known as by Visa. Now, there is no need for entering 16 digits from your card number during the checkout process. because a username and a password are used instead.Visa Checkout - The New Way to Pay Online.png

The new algorithm consists of 3 steps. First, you create a username and a password. Next, you enter your shipping and payment information – you do it only once. And then you can use Visa Checkout button for each purchase.

The partners of Visa Checkout include Bank of America Merchant Services, TSYS, First Data, Wells Fargo Merchant Services, CyberSource, 3DCart, and MarketLive. They are going to offer the new service to their customers as soon as possible. Branding Brand, Skava, Moovweb, and and some other partners are already live with Visa Checkout.


The biggest problem of Visa Checkout is that users are still comfortable with PayPal and other services. The company needs to do much more than just make their new solution available.

While we are waiting for new Magento extensions for the Visa Checkout integration with the e-commerce platform, you can already try by Visa Payment Gateway. The module provides you with the ability to use, redirecting your customers to the by Visa payment gateway.The extension is fully compatible with the sandbox, so you can safely test it before going live. by Visa Payment Gateway supports three curencies: American dollars, Euro, and Pounds. The extension costs €59 and you can use the below link to get more information. It is unclear, if this module adds a button to a store.


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