How to Access Source Code in Shopware

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Let’s assume that you have a Shopware website and need to access its source code. Perhaps, you just need to see how HTML and CSS elements are organized or want to reach something more complex. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do that in your administration. However, there is another way to access the source code in Shopware. Below, we describe the most simple approach. You can find other useful tips in our cookbook for Shopware.   Continue Reading

10 Ways To Master CSS (Best Books)

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CSS books Amazon Download

Nowadays more and more people are eager to start digging deeper into knowing CSS and HTML. Some of them would like to become the part of a professional programming and web design community, and some of them just want to enhance and innovate the visual look of their own blogs.

Either way if you happen to be one of them go no further than here. On this page you will find neat and brief descriptions of some of the best selling CSS books out there on Amazon webstore, at your service. Continue Reading

Extendware Minify JS / CSS / HTML Magento Extension Review

Extendware Minify JS CSS HTML Magento Module Overview

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML minification is a process that will essentially speed up your ecommerce website. We’ve already described it in our Magento Performance Guide, and today we are going to introduce you to a reliable tool designed to perform the aforementioned actions. In addition to increased productivity, you will also get better search engine site rankings, conversion rate, and user experience. The Extendware Minify JS / CSS / HTML Magento extension achieves this goals by reducing page size, request count, bandwidth, and server load. You only have to install the module and configure a few options. Continue Reading

How to Become a Rock Star Front End Developer

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Rock Star Front End Development

Good front-end developers are always necessary. There are a lot of low quality specialists, which perform different basic tasks, but there is a lack of rock star developers. And it is no wonder. Just look at job postings and you will see how much front end job descriptions vary. Despite the large number of web design schools and coding courses, unemployed high quality specialists are rarity. In this post, we will tell about all essential skills you will need on your path to a rock star front end web developer. Continue Reading

The Best CSS Preprocessors

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Less and Sass

Unfortunately, CSS has a number of limitations. It can easily become a mess of overrides and repetitions. At the same time, the simplicity of CSS often hinders the development process. The solution of this problem comes from CSS preprocessors. They add many useful features that are unavailable in CSS from the beginning. The most popular solutions are SASS and LESS. There are a lot of significant differences between them, but first of all we’re going to look how CSS preprocessors work in general. Continue Reading

The Best CSS Frameworks And Grid Systems

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CSS3CSS frameworks are used for easier and more standards-compliant web design. Most of them contain at least a grid, but there also more functional frameworks with a lot of additional features and functions. Some notable examples are Foundation and Bootstrap. In this post, you will find information about advantages and disadvantages of CSS frameworks, and the most popular solutions and tools.

Continue Reading

The Complete Guide To Magento Debugging

How to Debug Magento

Integration of new solutions into different systems can become a headache without the knowledge of correct debugging.  In case of Magento, such simple constructions as print_r() or var_dump() , var_export() don’t work. Because of heavyweight constructions, you need to investigate the new effective ways to find intermediate values or broken places. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and methods designed to turn the debugging into a developer friendly process. Continue Reading