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Performance is among key aspects of every successful ecommerce website. And despite Magento 2 has been significantly revamped with absolutely new technology stack, it is still a resource hungry platform. Therefore, we recommend you to use CDN services to make your Magento 2 store faster. The best Magento 2 CDN extensions are described in the following post. And there are a lot of CDN services available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. We’ve already described them here: The Best CDN Services And Extensions For Magento. The most reliable solutions are:

Unfortunately, there is only one Magento 2 CDN extension available at the moment. It is our Control for CloudFlare®.

Control for CloudFlare® Magento 2 CDN Extension

Magento 2 CDN Extensions and services

This Magento 2 CDN extension is designed to provide a convenient integration of every Magento 2 storefront with the CloudFlare® content delivery network. Control for CloudFlare® enhances your backend with all key features from the admin page of the CDN. As a result, you get a great opportunity to manage your CloudFlare® account right from the Magento 2 backend saving a lot of time and effort.

With the Control for CloudFlare® Magento 2 CDN extension you can manage such options as: Security profile, Development Mode, Caching level, Purge cache, Purge single file cache / URL, Auto Minify, Automatic IPv6, Rocket Loader™, Manage IP lists, Snapshot update, Statistics, and Real visitor IP. Besides, we should mention that the extension supports all core CloudFlare® API methods.

Magento 2 CDN Extensions and Services

Before using the Control for CloudFlare® Magento 2 CDN  extension, you should set up CloudFlare® for your Magento 2 domain. If you aren’t using this CDN yet, give it a go with a light free version.

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