Outsourcing, Magento Developers and The Best Freelance Platforms

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In this post, we are going to talk about the best freelance platforms, where you can hire a team for your Magento e-commerce project. The process of hiring someone who will not become a part of your company is called outsourcing. One strong reason for it is the lack of available resources locally. Another one is money. Usually, the digital workforce costs much less than hiring a local employee. And it is much more convenient, because you don’t need an office for your employees. In addition, there are a lot of candidacies with different level of skills, flexible hourly rates, portfolios and ratings to choose from.



oDesk is a global online work platform for businesses and independent professionals. By using this platform, they connect and collaborate remotely. oDesk operates since 2003. Its founders are Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. Clients can interview and hire freelancers through the platform. Job posting is free, the same is about bidding on jobs. oDesk collects 10 percent of all payments. The site is entirely in English, and uses only U.S. dollars. As of December 2012, there were 2.7 million freelancers and 540 thousand clients on oDesk.

Hire Magento Developers on oDesk



Toptal is a new and rapidly growing network. It is a place, where you can find some of the most talented engineers from all over the world. Toptal’s main goal is to connect the network of specialists with the leading tech companies. The platform focuses on finding talented engineers and creating dynamic teams which suit best your needs.

Hire Magento Developers on Toptal



Elance was launched in 1999. As of February 2013, there were about 500 businesses and 2 million registered freelancers. As well as oDesk, Elance allows clients to post jobs and search for freelancers. Elance takes an 8.75% fee, which is paid by the client through the website’s system.

Hire Magento Developers on Elance



Freelancer is another global outsourcing marketplace, where you can find qualified Magento developers. The platform operates since 2009 and and includes more than 11 million users. The fee is the same as on oDesk – 10%, but, it should be not less than $5. During the last few years, Freelancer has acquired several outsourcing marketplaces over the world.

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The platform exists since 2007. Today, PeoplePerHour consists of 250 thousand active users, of whom 72% are freelancers. The platform is popular with small companies which don’t need a full-time specialists.

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High tech workers use Guru since 1998. The company allows employers to find freelancer for commissioned work worldwide. Founded by Inder Guglani, Guru was acquired two times: by Unicru for the first time, and by eMoonlighter.com for the second. Besides Magento, platform provides freelancers from 160 different fields.

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