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Back in 2018, Adobe announced that it would create a brand new organization called Magento Association. Today, it is finally available to all community members and far beyond the Magento ecosystem. The organization aims to empower the Magento community all over the globe. Let’s see what the Magento Association is and how it can change the ecosystem.



The appearance of the Magento Association has a long prequel. The background of the initiative formed long before 2018. 

From the very beginning, Magento started attracting people interested in the new technology. Its initial release took place back on March 31, 2008, and the twelve-years journey completely changed the way it looks, feels, and works. Magento became one of the most popular e-commerce systems on the Internet and now offers not only a comprehensive set of features but also superior flexibility and scalability. 

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Another vital aspect that makes the platform so popular is its community. With 105k active forum members, it includes 7k certified specialists, 5k active contributors, and many more enthusiasts all over the globe. Three hundred eleven community events take place in forty countries every year. Even the COVID-19 outbreak didn’t stop some of them. Of course, such an outstanding vitality is never static, so today, we are proud to witness the appearance of the Magento Association – a new spin in the development of the ecosystem. 


The mission of the Magento Association is to empower the global Magento community and ecosystem through the following three pillars: 

  • open collaboration;
  • education;
  • thought leadership.

In other words, the Magento Association is going to formalize the open-source community of the platform. Thus, it plans to solve various issues and improve the communication within the network, fostering and supporting projects, events, education, and online collaboration within the ecosystem.

Since the Magento community already has a rich history in building collaborative programs and successful events, the Magento Association is going to leverage this experience, providing a new level of order and efficiency. The final destination of the organization is a healthy and open ecosystem. Therefore, the Magento Association is going to address the following issues:

  • Competition between community events;
  • Localization of events;
  • Unpopularity of Magento events among merchants;
  • Merchants’ little weight in the community.

Culture Statement

To explain the essence of the Magento Association, we should also describe its culture statement. The organization is going to accept and reflect all members of the Magento ecosystem all over the globe, embracing a diverse community of developers, merchants, marketers, and other specialists. The Magento Association fights for transparency and accountability between all members, acting with thoughtfulness, fairness, and integrity.

The main focus of the organization is mutual success and all the related activities that lead to it. Therefore, the Association emphasizes a healthy open source contribution culture. The Magento platform is tightly connected to the Magento ecosystem, and this bound should only become more robust. 

Besides, the Magento Association encourages collaboration amongst stakeholders. Mutual support within the organization and beyond it is a key to keeping the Magento ecosystem healthy and safeguarding its long-term viability. 


The Magento 2 Association is a nonprofit entity created to empower Magento’s global community and commerce ecosystem. It includes two member classes: Regular and Other. The former has a right to vote and may become a member of the board of directors as well as serve as Board Chair or on the Election, Finance, and other committees. The latter doesn’t have voting rights and cannot become a member of the board of directors or serve on a committee.

The board of directors determines annual meetings, which may be held virtually. However, there are also special meetings. The Board  Chair, the board of directors, or more than one-half of the members with voting rights can determine them. Regular members are notified about the place, day, and hour of any meeting.  You can discover other aspects of the Bylaws of the Magento Associations.


These are the people behind the Magento Association:

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Current State

During the last year, the Magento Association has been focused on fundraising. Adobe provided all the resources necessary to incorporate the organization. After that, the Association was seeking additional Title Partners to fund the operations and preserve the position as a completely independent not-for-profit. Now, Magento Association partners include:

magento association partners

  • Magento Commerce – commercial version of the platform; 
  • PayPal – online payments;
  • Akoova – cloud hosting;
  • Nexcess – malware detection and threat monitoring;
  • Adyen – all-in-one payments platform;
  • NS8 – protection from advertising fraud, order fraud, and performance issues;
  • Webscale – cloud automation and managed hosting.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s life, the following upcoming conferences are listed on the Association’s website:


Here at Firebear, we are very proud to be a part of the Magento community and see such initiatives as the Magento Association. You can discover more information about the project on the official website and social networks: