Magento 2 Geo IP Store Switcher

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Have stores all over the globe? How to get your product from one area to another? But how will the customer know where you have your stores?  Magento 2 Geo IP store switcher is the answer to your dilemma. You can manage many stores using this extension. It is an all in all that helps you in not only managing all your stores but also the currency of the country where it is located. Select the location and currency where you want to conduct your business.

Key Features

This extension offers these main features:

  • Easy setting up of your stores
  • Choose the location of your choice
  • Restrict URL’s, IP address and agents
  • Easy access to all your stores at the click of a single button
  • Fully automated process

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Let us look into all the features in detail

Managing multiple sites means a huge amount of data to be entered. How do we manage this with Magento 2 Geo IP store switcher? It’s actually very simple. All you need is to upload a CSV file and your job is done. This extension automatically reads your data and sorts it out for you. It’s a hassle-free process as well as easy even for the basic users.

Main Menu Screen

Can be configured from the main menu

Simple process

Using Magento 2 Geo IP store switcher you have configured all the locations your store will be based. But how will the customer know?  The same is solved by this wonder extension. It automatically detects and directs the customer to the appropriate website of the region the customer is based in.  But what if the customer isn’t from the geographical area you have configured your stores? How to solve their problem? This can also be solved by Geo IP store switcher. You can redirect your customers to the default website you have configured.

We have configured the number of stores we require. But how do we manage them? That is tiring and time-consuming

task. How easy will it be if we can access all of them at the click of a single button? Truly amazing isn’t it? Magento 2 GEO IP store switcher does exactly that. It allows access to all your stores under one portal.

Store Switcher Menu

Manage your stores from one screen

Easy switching between stores

As we have seen this extension solves a variety of tasks for website owners. The customers are directed to their appropriate websites but if they wish to buy how will they make the payment? Magento 2 Geo IP currency switcher solves this problem for you.  As you are assigning the stores in the locations of your choice, you can also assign the currency associated with that place.  Whenever the customer from that particular location logs on to the website, he/she will be directed to make the payment in the local currency of that place.

Geo IP Currency switcher

Easily set the location with the corresponding currency

Enabling/Disabling of currency switcher

As we have seen Geo IP store switcher and Geo IP currency switcher helps you to configure the location and currency of your choice. But will it not be more helpful if the language is also tweaked to suit the local taste. It will give more coverage area and give a wider reach to your customer base. The customers will feel more comfortable and convenient to shop in their native language.

Redirecting URL

Customers from a different geographical area can be routed to the default website

As we had seen earlier, the customers from the same geographical location will not have any problem in accessing the website in their native language. But if a customer is not from your selected location but still wishes to buy from your site. How do we handle this? This is solved by this extension. It directs the customer to a default website configured by you. You can place restrictions on this website by placing certain guidelines for it. If the customer’s computer doesn’t have these protocols in place, the extension will stop from redirecting it to your website. This system is put in place to make sure that your website is not exposed to unwarranted attacks. These restrictions can be placed for certain URL’s, IP addresses, and agents, etc. Magento 2 Geo IP store switcher not only lets you manage multiple stores but also gives protection against threats also.

URL Restriction

Configure protocols to prevent threats to your website

Finally to sum it up Magento 2 Geo IP module is a fully packed extension that offers various features for managing your multiple sites but also provides protection against viable threats also. It’s feature rich and an easy to use interface makes it must to use tool for sellers.

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