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"GeoIP Redirect"

Amasty GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2 and 1

Amasty GeoIP Redirect Magento 2 Extension Review; Amasty GeoIP Redirect Magento Module Overview

If you are going to expand your ecommerce business to other countries (or already work with foreign customers), the Amasty Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect extension is a must-have tool for your Magento storefront. The module provides international visitors with a seamless shopping experience due to the automated multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-store functionality. It automatically changes appropriate parameters depending on a visitor’s location. Thus, you eliminate the need to create separate websites for foreign clients. Below, we describe the Magento GeoIP store switcher in more detail. Continue Reading

Mirasvit GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

If you are operating your e-commerce business on the international level and have visitors coming to your store from various countries, it is crucial to provide them with the relevant currency and display website content in the appropriate language. Today, we are present you a vital tool that provides necessary localization settings – Mirasvit GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2. The extension automatically switches to a needed store view and language based on a customer’s location. This way, you improve the shopping experience of your website visitors and decrease the reasons causing cart abandonment. Below, we describe the functionality of the Magento 2 GeoIP store switcher module in more detail.

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Magento 2 Geo IP Store Switcher

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Have stores all over the globe? How to get your product from one area to another? But how will the customer know where you have your stores?  Magento 2 Geo IP store switcher is the answer to your dilemma. You can manage many stores using this extension. It is an all in all that helps you in not only managing all your stores but also the currency of the country where it is located. Select the location and currency where you want to conduct your business. Continue Reading