The Best Tutorials & Blogs For Learning About Magento

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magento learnMaybe you are going to to enter the world of Magento and looking for an introduction to the platform. Maybe you’d like to learn something about this e-commerce solution or are just trying to broaden your horizons. Whatever the case, we’ve got the best tutorials and blogs to help you get started.


Magento User Guide

The Magento Community Edition User Guide will help you to launch successful e-commerce store on Magento Community Edition. The Guide is written by Magento experts for site owners and administrators, and it covers all the nuances of the software installing; site hierarchy, products, and catalogs setting up; customers, payment options, and orders managing; and the look and feel of your store. The book will help you to get your e-commerce store up and running with no coding.

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Magento Knowledge Base

And this is the temple of Magento knowledge. Knowledge Base contains all important articles, tutorials, screencasts, and documentation. There is also a eCommerce Resource Library there, which includes useful articles and case studies.

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Introducing The Magento Layout

The name of this tutorial speaks for itself. Introducing The Magento Layout covers such topics as Magento layout handles, Blocks and templates, Layout XML files, An alternative to Widgets. The tutorial shows how to perform different tasks without modifying templates and core files.

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Magento for Designers

Magento for Designers consists of 5 parts. First one teaches how to install and setup every e-commerce Magento store. The second part tells about products, taxes, payment gateways, categories, etc. The third one is about theming, and it is closely linked to the next part, which is about theme building. Part 5 shows how to build the product information page.

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Magento Commerce Community Video Tutorials

If you don’t like reading, then there is a good news for you. LevelUpTuts has a dedicated to Magento channel on YouTube. With Magento Commerce Community Tutorials, you will learn how to get your store up and running. LevelUpTuts covers everything from the basic to advanced configuration, customization, and theming.

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At TutorialMagento you can find another portion of useful information about Magento. It includes tutorials for beginners, guides for developers and advances users, articles about Magento SEO, latest Magento news, etc. Extensions, themes, and installation are among the main topics of TutorialMagento materials.


Create a Magento plugin by Pierre FAY

This tutorial shows us how to create a Magento module with database access, frontend and backend interfaces. It includes 15 lessons, each of which is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. There are also a lot of other tutorials on the site.

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Magento tutorials by FishPig

FishPig development team not only produces Magento extensions, it also creates Magento tutorials, writes about latest Magento news, and discusses important e-commerce topics.

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MageBase is another place, where you can find useful tutorials, interesting articles and Magento extensions. Being an initiative gathered by members of the Auckland Magento User Group, Magaease shares information about Magento with the world.



MageStore includes over 30 lessons about different Magento components. With the help of this blog you will be able to learn everything about API, URL Rewrite, Magento Indexer, Checkout totals, etc.



Yireo is an internet company with a flexible team and a great set of Magento tutorials on their website. Administration, performance, theming, and programming are among key topics.



Inchoo was founded in 2008. The company got a strong focus on providing solutions for e-commerce businesses. Since then, Inchoo team has created a lot of useful stuff, including tutorials.


Last but not least is the blog of Alan Storm. It’s the place, where you can find Magento articles for professional developers. The number of publications is constantly growing, and its importance can not be underestimated.