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OroCommerce - the best platform for B2B Ecommerce

Although Magento offers enough B2B features both out-of-the-box and via third party extensions, it was developed with B2C customers in mind, but the team behind the platform introduces a new ecommerce product aimed at the B2B segment. Meet OroCommerce – an advanced ecommerce platform for relations between businesses.


Unlike other existing solutions, OroCommerce offers a lot of B2B features out-of-the-box. Integration with ERP, CRM, PIM, order management, and other systems is bundled into the platform. This leads to streamlined business operations and improves customer experience. You may argue that Magento also offers the aforementioned opportunities, but they are available only via customizations and modules. Moreover, the integration doesn’t provide seamless experience, since the platform is B2C-oriented. Thus, OroCommerce has the first competitive edge over Magento.

The second advantage over competitors is the team that created the Magento ecommerce platform. Firstly, it consists of top notch developers which have a vast experience in ecommerce. Secondly, these guys know all weak and strong points of Magento, so they understand how to create a solution which is better optimized for the B2B segment.

The combination of both aspects significantly reduces total costs of installation, maintenance, and ownership. It is necessary to mention once again that OroCommerce offers everything required for a B2B company out-of-the-box, so you, as a B2B entrepreneur, don’t need to invest into expensive customizations. Besides, such approach decreases time to market allowing to compete and win as soon as possible.


As for a groundbreaking set of B2B tools delivered by OroCommerce, it provides such capabilities as localization and personalization, so you can rely on individual approach dividing your customers into groups. With the help of intelligent marketing tools, you will be able to increase the audience of your buyers, and a powerful report system will show all your ecommerce vulnerabilities. Furthermore, OroCommerce will help you deliver a B2C customer experience to your B2B clients making them even more loyal.

Unlike competitors, the OroCommerce application offers advanced search capabilities, which are available in Magento only via third party extensions, a built in CMS system with support for multiple price lists – the feature that is not bundled neither in Magento 1 nor in Magento 2, and quote-to-order process, which is also a unique opportunity introduced by OroCommerce. Another competitive advantages of of the platform are quick order forms and corporate customer accounts: both make B2B a piece of cake.


Besides, OroCommerce is fully open source and based on such popular technologies as PHP, Symfony2, and OroPlatform. As a result, it attracts a plethora of talented specialists that constantly release innovation and improve existing B2B experience.

Key features of OroCommerce

  • Fully personalized customer experience
  • Multiple price lists and contract pricing
  • Configurable payment term levels
  • Configurable order submission process
  • Personalized catalogs
  • Quick order forms
  • Quote-to-order feature
  • Highly customizable corporate customer accounts
  • Advanced system of reports and data insights
  • Support for multiple brands and businesses within one website
  • Multiple business units
  • Catalog-only websites
  • Segmentation engine
  • Flexible access control lists and content management

OroCommerce from inside

We’ve examined OroCommerce demo and did several screenshots. Below, you can see how the platform looks like from the view of a buyer and an administrator.

As a Buyer

As a buyer, you get a convenient interface with all necessary information related to products. Check the following pictures:


Below, you can see a demo of  OroCommerce’s page with products and advanced filtering options.

Products in OroCommerce

Classic Unisex Scrubs Top

This one is a picture of  a product page with various prices depending on its quantity.

Product example in OroCommerce

Shopping Lists

That’s how shopping Lists look like.

Shopping Lists in OroCommerce

Requests For Quote

The Request for Quote feature looks as follows:

Requests For Quote in OroCommerce

Quick Order Form

And this is a very convenient order form by OroCommerce.

OroCommerce's Quick Order Form

As an Administrator

As an administrator you also get a user-friendly system with all necessary features and configurations:

OroCommerce Admin

That’s how OroCommerce looks now. To join the community and become the part of the revolution, try the official OroCommerce demo or download the OroCommerce application from GitHub. And don’t forget to follow OroCommerce on Twitter to get all the latest updates.