Best jQuery Books For Beginners, Specialists, and Special Purposes

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Best jQuery Books

“Why on Earth would I need to use jQuery?”, a young inexperienced programmer would ask. A proficient developer would already be experienced enough to say that jQuery is a turning point of modern web programming that has significantly simplified and accelerated client-side scripting of HTML. However, if you’re nothing but an average Internet user, you would be happy to know that for the last couple of years the majority of websites and social media have adopted jQuery for making web page updates as fast and ergonomic as possible, which is why you can now see your Facebook friend’s reply almost the same second it has been sent.

jQuery is a popular free cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify front-end development and which by now is actively used on almost 700,000 websites with the highest traffic rates on the web. Its extensive use is related primarily to a wide support of various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE 9 (or higher). Apart from that, jQuery provides an easy access to the DOM programming interface allowing for a massive element selection (using the Sizzle cross-platform CSS selector) and manipulation based on its elements’ names and attributes. It’s also convenient for creating AJAX-based web applications and elements with specialized visual effects and animation.

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Magento 2 jQuery Plugins

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jQuery widgets for Magento 2

Below, we’ve gathered some useful Magento 2 jQuery plugins (widgets). Since the Magento 2 platform utilizes a jQuery library for implementing client functionality, it is possible to enhance current ecommerce opportunities with the help of various Magento 2  jQuery widgets. The most reliable solutions are described below.

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How to stop fearing and start coding (The Best Online Programming Courses)

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The Best Online Programming Courses

How to stop fearing and start coding? In this post, we are going to the answer to this question. For instance, Roshan Choxi, Cofounder and CEO of Bloc, tells about three strategies that are extremely necessary to achieve this goal. First of all, you have to be focused on habits, not goals. Then you should understand, that learning alone is painful. And finally, you have to build things. Continue Reading

Модульная система Magento 2

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Magento состоит из нескольких различных компонентов: тем, модулей, библиотек, пакетов языков. Фреймворк Magento включает в себя библиотеки, PHP код и различные базовые концепции, которые наследуются компонентами системы.

Модули и темы в Magento используются в качестве элементов кастомизации: модули наделяют сайт разными особенностями и свойствами, темы влияют на внешний вид. Как у модулей, так и у тем есть свой жизненный цикл, который позволяет устанавливать, отключать и удалять эти элементы.

модульная система magento 2

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Magento Ajax Extensions (login, cart, catalog, navigation and more)

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Ajax is a group of web development techniques designed to create asynchronous web applications. By using Ajax, web apps can exchange data with a server in the background. Ajax can work in combination with CSS and HTML to mark up and style information.

Ajax is widely used in Magento. There are different Ajax extensions for login, cart, catalog, navigation and other components of e-commerce store.


Magento 2 Ajax Extensions

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Top E-Commerce Platforms (cloud E-Commerce services, not self-hosted solutions)

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In this post you will find all the necessary information about the most popular e-commerce platforms. BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Corecommerce, Volusion, AmeriCommerce, 3dcart, Bigcartel and Lemonstand are among described solutions. Remember, that all of them have their unique features and options. Some platforms offer much wider possibilities, but in a case with small businesses they are unnecessary.


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Best Magento templates and themes 2016

Magento Themes; Magento Templates

Magento themes and templates offer a huge boon to your online business. By installing correct product, you will provide your customers with a rich shopping experience. Designed by professional and experienced web designers and developers, Magento themes and templates can bring your online store to absolutely new level. In this post, we’ve gathered only bestsellers, so you shouldn’t worry about their quality.

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Magento VS WooCommerce (WordPress based E-Commerce solution)

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When it comes to choosing the right e-commerce platform there are a lot of nuances to think about. In this post we’ve compared Magento with WooCommerce. Both are open source, but they still have some major differences. As a result WooCommerce, which is a base for over 259,000 sites, overtakes all versions of Magento (over 213,000 sites) in popularity. Flawless connection with other platforms and systems is one of the main reasons that WooCommerce achieved a growth of 452% over the last year. But lets compare both platforms.

Magento vs. WooCommerce.png

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The Best Free Open Source Magento Templates 2014

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magento free templates

We have already written about the best Magento templates and now it is time to tell you about the best free solutions. Generally, free Magento templates and themes have less features and opportunities than paid, but one of them can become a perfect basis for your small custom project. Further, we gathered all the necessary information about the best free Magento templates and appropriate download links. If you have limited budget for your e-commerce store, this post will be useful for you.

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