The Best Android & iOS Apps for Magento

There are a lot of Android and iOS applications for Magento. Some of them are designed to work with products, the other help you to control your Magento orders. There are also complicated tools which provide almost full access to the Magento Admin. In this post you will find all of them. The list of the best Android and iOS apps designed to manage your Magento Store on your finger tips is ready and waiting for you.

magento android ios

The Best Android Apps for Magento

Magento Store Mobile

magento android

The Official Magento Store app for the Android allows you to browse through a wide selection of products. In order to view all of them on your mobile you should enter your store’s URL and the app code, which is given in the Admin Panel. You can download Magento Store Mobile application here for free.

Magento Mobile Assistant

magento android

Magento Mobile Assistant provides you with the latest information from your e-commerce store. With the application you can get all the information about every single change in your Magento website. Furthermore, collaboration with the customers is also possible. Hit this link to download Magento Mobile Assistant. You can do it for free.

Magento Sales Tracking

magento android sales With Magento Sales Tracking  you can track orders, sales and best sellers anytime and anywhere from your Android device. The application also shows you report on customers. With such features Magento Sales Tracking can be a good tool for improvement of your sales management. You can download this app for free here.

Magento Admin

magento admin android

By installing Magento Admin you will get a very easy and usefull tool developed to manage Store Orders from your Magento Site on your Android. The app is absolutely secure (Magento standard APIs are used for the connection between the store and the application) and you can get it here.

Magento Hub

magento dashboard android

With Magento Hub you get admin panel on your smartphone. By installing the app you can monitor the sales records and browse your store anywhere anytime. Hit this link to download Magento Hub. The application is free.

Meet Magento

meet magento de android

Meet Magento is another useful tool for your Magento store, designed for German speaking developers. The app is totally free and you can grab it hereMeet Magento is another kind of apps. It is a special tool developed to improve Meet Magento conferences. Download Meet Magento on your smartphone and you will find all the necessary information about the event. The application is absolutely free and you can grab it here.

Dashly – Magento Dashboard

magento dashboard

By installing Dashly on your Android you get Magento Dashboard and Admin on your smartphone or tablet. Application provides such information as Revenue, Sales, Invoice and Shipment. It is also possible to connect multiple number of e-commerce stores to Dashly. Hit this link to get the application from Google Play.

Magento Store Dashboard

android magento dashboard

Get your regular Dashboard from your Magento store on any Android device with Magento Store Dashboard. With this application you’ll get all the important information from your e-commerce website. Magento Store Dashboard is absolutely free and you can get it here.

Magento Mobile Store

android magento dashboard

Magento Mobile Store is another powerful tool for Magento on Android. For more features and download link visit this page.

Magento Mobile Order Checker

magento android app

The name of this application speaks for itself. If such tool is important for your Magento store, you can get it here.

Magento CheatSheet

magento help android

Magento CheatSheet is your source of all the necessary information about Magento. This app is designed specially for developers, so it can be useful only in case when you are going to change something. CheatSheet is absolutely free and you can download it from here.

The Best iOS Apps for Magento

Magento Store Mobile

magento ios iphone

Magento Store Mobile is the same app as mentioned in The Best Android Apps for Magento part of the article. It is official, it is free and you can get it here.

Magento Mobile Dashboard

magento iphone

With Magento Mobile Dashboard you get all the key information about your Magento store on iPhone and iPad. You can download Magento Mobile Dashboard here.

Magento Mobile Manager

magento iphone app

By installing this application you get all your Magento order details on your iOS devices. Magento Mobile Manager is absolutely free. Hit this link to get the app.


iphone app magento

SimiTracking is a free native app which provides you with sales statistics with no data sharing requirements from the third party. The app is useful, secure and free, you can download it here.

Magento Magnate Pro and Magento Magnate Lite

magento iphone ipad

With Magento Magnate Pro you can create invoices and shipments, view orders and perform some other actions for your e-commerce store from iPhone or iPad. You can grab the application here. To get the Lite version hit this link.