The Best PHP 7 Books to Read

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PHP7 books

Although the final stable version of PHP 7 is still under development, the community around the language has enough information to write the first books. Below, we will gather all interesting publications related to PHP 7. The blog post already includes 4 PHP 7 books, so don’t hesitate to spend some time on checking them.

UPD (01.12.15): Check 2 new PHP 7 books!

PHP Pandas

PHP Pandas is a PHP 7 book with a fun and approachable writing style. It is aimed at a vide range of readers for newcomers to experienced developers. While the book is marked as complete, it will include updates offered by readers. PHP Pandas costs $34.99, and you can download it here:

PHP 7 book

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PHP 7 explained

PHP 7 explained ia another useful book about the newest version of the popular coding language. It sheds light on why PHP 6 is missing; teaches how to migrate to PHP 7 without headaches; describes why PHP 7 is the fastest PHP ever; discusses how to streamline all new PHP 7 features; and shows how the seventh version will change your code writing style. This PHP 7 book costs € 39.00 and you can get it here:

book about PHP 7

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What’s New in PHP 7

This PHP 7 book by Colin O’Dell is a guide to features and breaking changes introduced in the new version of the popular coding language. It covers all major improvements and teaches how to take advantage of them. ‘What’s New in PHP 7’ is 70% complete and you can purchase it for $8.99; the minimum price is $5.99. To purchase the book or download a free sample, follow the link below.

PHP 7 books: What's New in PHP 7

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PHP 7 from Scratch

In ‘PHP 7 from Scratch’ by Thomas Pichler you will learn PHP 7 completely from scratch. Unlike previous book, it doesn’t require any PHP knowledge to start reading. Instead, readers should have a very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. ‘PHP 7 from Scratch’ is about new features as well as such subjects like general workflow, version control, design patterns, testing, etc. The book offers a complete PHP 7 guide for Mac OSX and Windows; PHP7 from Hello World to OOP tutorial; and lot’s of practical examples. ‘PHP 7 from Scratch’ is 30% complete and costs $24.99, although the minimum price is $14.99. You can find more information about the PHP 7 book under the link below.

PHP7 books: PHP 7 from Scratch

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More books coming soon…