Magento 2 Backend Exploration: Categories

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Magento 2 categories add edit import export

We’ve already described the main sections of Admin->Sales (Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, etc.) as well as the Products screen available under the Catalog section. Now, we continue the exploration of Catalog. In the article below, you will find a detailed description of the Categories screen, including a guide on how to add new categories, as well as import and export them. This tutorial is suitable for both Magento 2 Commerce and Open Source. Continue Reading

Amasty Advanced Product Reviews for Magento 2

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When selling products online, providing store visitors with product reviews is vital for making one’s business profitable. This way, you help online shoppers to decide on what to buy while they can’t examine a product physically. Reviews left by other customers act almost as personal recommendations and build trust in your brand and quality of goods. Besides, product reviews are an excellent source of user-generated content, which helps you to rank higher in Google.

Today, we are describing a solution that enables merchants to organize the convenient process of collecting product reviews on their ecommerce sites – Amasty Advanced Product Reviews for Magento 2. The extension provides website visitors with a user-friendly interface allowing them to share their opinion on your products in the most comfortable way. By installing the Magento 2 module, you also save the time of your store administrators on managing submitted reviews.

Below, we explore deeper the features of the Magento 2 product reviews module by Amasty and show how it works in the backend and frontend.

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Nutshell Overview & Magento 2 Integration

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magento 2 nutshell integration

This article is dedicated to the Magento 2 Nutshell integration. Besides, it sheds light on the core features and tools of the CRM system. If you want to enhance your daily workflow related to customers, the following tutorial will help you discover a reliable instrument developed to connect it to your e-commerce website. For more CRM platforms, follow this link: Top CRM Systems & Magento 2 Integration. As for Nutshell, it is straightforward and intuitive but at the same time sophisticated enough for any team and any business. Let’s start the overview. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Backend Exploration: Products

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We’ve already described core sections of Admin->Sales (Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, etc.) and want to draw your attention to the Catalog section of the Magento 2 backend. In the following article, you will discover a detailed description of the Products screen. Besides, we shed light on how to add new products, as well as import and export them. This tutorial suits both Magento 2 Commerce and Open Source users. Continue Reading

Amasty Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1

We have already mentioned that the default reporting system of Magento lacks lots of essential features. That’s why it is always better to replace it with a third-party solution, such as Advanced Reports by Amasty, aheadWorks, or Mirasvit. We have already reviewed the last two modules, so it’s time to shed light on the Amasty’s Magento 2 reports extension. Below, you can find a full description of its core features and an overview of report types.
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Amasty Elastic Search Extension for Magento 2

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Amasty introduces its new Magento 2 tool providing web stores with faster and more precise search, which significantly improves the default platform functionality. Elastic Search for Magento 2 by Amasty extends the company’s broad portfolio of Magento 2 modules. The solution enables ecommerce merchants to enhance customers’ search experience and speed up their online stores. The module’s rich features are based on the powerful Elastic Search engine, which ensures that users get the most relevant and fast search results.

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How to write and get config values by scope in Magento 2

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Magento 2 import export debug log

In the following article, we’d like to draw your attention to an essential feature of Magento 2 – the ability to write and get config values by scope. Unfortunately, it is less documented than others, but we are here willing to help you! Note that you may need to apply different settings to different stores programmatically. Everything else is mentioned below. For more tips and advice, follow this link: Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook. Continue Reading

Why you should get Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 by Firebear Studio

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Firebear helps you get ANY data in and out of Magento 2 store. Integrate your Magento 2 with any CRM, ERP, warehouse management software, or your daily Excel or Google Sheet table.

With Improved Import & Export extension you automate import and export processes with the help of cron scheduler, control the data with attribute mapping and filters. Everything via backend interface.

Improved Import & Export helps you save money and resources by automating data synchronization processes, by avoiding monthly service payments, by serving as a one-step solution for data transfer.

In this blog post we highlight the reasons and points why Improved Import & Export is better than competitors.

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