Firebear Becomes Magento Extension Developers Network Partner

Being active community members for years, we’ve finally become a part of an outstanding project developed to make the Magento ecosystem better. Here at Firebear, we are super proud to announce that we’ve just joined our new and old friends within the amazing initiative – Magento Extension Developers Network or just ExtDN! Our strong aim to deliver top-notch solutions to our customers and partners always pushes us towards supporting various Magento community projects, especially ones focused on the extensions quality! Continue Reading

Solvature: Your Best Chance to Take Full Advantage of Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

We are happy to introduce you to our new partner! Solvature is the company you should consider if you are a serious e-commerce player who is thinking about switching to Magento, or if you already have a Magento store, but want to upgrade to the latest, much more advanced version.

Below you can find some details about how the creation of a Magento store looks like, so you can get a better idea why Solvature is worth checking out. Continue Reading

Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration: Lists

Magento 2 netsuite integration

A new chapter of our guide to connecting Magento 2 to Oracle NetSuite ERP is finally here. Today, we explore such a huge part of the system as Lists. Being a new chapter of the Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integrationseries, this article sheds light on how the section is designed and how to manage it. Besides, we shed light on how to synchronize the corresponding data with your Magento 2 website. Let’s take a look at Oracle NetSuite Lists, explore the backend, and then synchronize the flow of Lists between Magento 2 and Oracle NetSuite ERP. Continue Reading

Top CRM Systems & Magento 2 Integration

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 CRM Integration Extensions and Modules

In the following post, we shed light on what CRM systems are, which platforms are the best, and how to integrate them with Magento 2. With the continuously growing market, CRM systems already gained the status of the biggest software market in the world which is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues within the next 6 years. Before describing the Magento 2 CRM integration, let’s take a look at key features of CRM systems and current trends.  Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Magento 2 Related Products, Up-sells, and Cross-sells, and how to import them

The triplet ‘related products, up-sells, and cross-sells’ can be called ‘a promo engine for an e-store’. The products are distinguished based on the display location and they may serve specific marketing goals but the core idea of being a purchase stimulus is similar for all of them. In this guide, we will cover how to enrich your store content by importing related products, cross-sells, and up-sells.

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Everything You Need To Know About Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM with a focus on marketing automation and analytics used by thousands of merchants all over the world. The company offers multiple products that dramatically simplify the way you manage your customer relationship processes automating them and providing the most in-depth insights into the health of your enterprise. Unfortunately, neither Magento, nor Salesforce offers the ability to synchronize the two systems out-of-the-box, but there is a solution that closes the gap. In the following post, we describe the popular CRM as well as shed light on the Magento 2 Salesforce integration. Continue Reading

Exploring Banggood Magento 2 Integration & Drop Shipping Possibilities

Magento 2 banggood integration

Drop shipping helps thousands of merchants to run their e-commerce businesses without turning their homes into warehouses. The ability to become a reseller completely changes the way a modern online merchant can interact with the products he/she sells. And Banggood introduces extensive opportunities when it comes to dropship. Below, we shed light on the platform as well as describe the Magento 2 Banggood integration. Continue Reading

Mageworx Customer Prices Suite for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

If you want to increase your sales and make customers more loyal to your online store, offering the same product prices to all your website visitors is not the most efficient method. Differentiated pricing strategy and personalized discount system are the key aspects for selling more products and increasing conversion rates on an ecommerce site. Unfortunately, the Magento 2 platform has a limited functionality related to individual pricing and promotion rules, but you can extend the default features by installing the appropriate third-party tool.

Today, we present you Mageworx Customer Prices Suite for Magento 2 – an all-in-one solution for creating custom pricing strategy and personalized promotions. The module is a bundle of several Mageworx extensions: Customer Group Prices, Prices per Customer, and Personal Customer Discount. Combination of the functions of these three modules will bring your marketing strategy to a new level and help to build stronger relationships with your clients. After installing the Customer Prices extension, you will be able to configure customer group-based and personal pricing schemes and promo campaigns, create product-specific prices, and adjust the display of special prices on your storefront.

Below, we describe the feature highlights of the Mageworx Customer Prices Suite extension and show how it works in the backend and frontend.

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