How To Import Configurable Product To Magento 2

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improved import and export - Magento 2 extension

It is not a problem to import a single product to Magento 2, since you have all the necessary tools under System -> Export. But if you need to move configurable products from the old site, it may take a lot of time and effort, since in this situation the import procedure is much more sophisticated. It is still possible to import a configurable product with its simple products, and below we shed light on what is necessary for a successful import. Continue Reading

How To Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Altcoins In Magento 2

Magento 2 CoinPayments Integration

Today, cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention not only from tech enthusiasts, but also from ordinary people who are looking for a new place to invest their money. Therefore, it is extremely important to enhance your ecommerce store with new payment options. Start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins in Magento 2 and get a competitive edge over other market players right now. Unfortunately, the default platform doesn’t let you use crypto, but we know for sure how to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins in Magento 2. Continue Reading

How To Update Configurable Product Name, Description, Price, And Other Attributes Dynamically By Selecting Options In Magento 2

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Update Configurable Product attributes dynamically

In the following post, we shed light on how to improve the default shopping experience of Magento 2. There are hundreds of aspects that may be enhanced, but today we will tell you how to make configurable products better. The most obvious example of a configurable product is a shirt available in multiple colors and sizes. It is considered to be one item that consists of multiple options (products). And usually each option has unique images, description, and even price. In case of default Magento 2, you cannot change them dynamically according to selected option on frontend. How can the problem be solved? How to update configurable product name, description, price and other attributes dynamically by selecting option in Magento 2? You can find the answer below. Continue Reading

How to Export Magento 2 Products, Orders, & Customers to Custom Data Format

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Magento 2 Product Import Export Tutorial

Chances are, you not only have to import data to your store on a regular basis, but to export products, orders, or customers as well. It is often necessary to create custom export files to match the requirements of third-party platforms that use your ecommerce data, but default Magento 2 doesn’t provide any customization tools. Therefore, you have two ways to solve the problem: spend hours or even days customizing everything manually, or apply mapping and get the desired results within seconds automatically. The choice is obvious, so let’s focus on how to export Magento 2 products, orders, and customers to custom data format using mapping. Continue Reading

How to Import Products File Which Cannot Be Modified to Magento 2

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Magento 2 Product Import Export Tutorial

Unfortunately, this happens quite often: you get a custom file with information about products that must be imported into Magento 2, but it is impossible to modify it according to platform requirements. You still need the important product data to be added to your ecommerce database, but the imported file doesn’t match Magento 2 standards. If a file is small, you can create a new one on it’s basis manually, but what if it includes dozens or even hundreds of items or it is just impossible to get it to apply changes manually? How to import products file which cannot be modified to Magento 2? Below, we shed light on this problem. Continue Reading

Xtento Hide Price & Call for Price Magento 2 Module

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Magento 2 hide price extension

It is true that we all strive for having a full control over our e-commerce websites to be able to reach out to customers, improve webstore performance and increase the overall revenue. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 platform does not offer all the necessary instruments to run an e-commerce business as appropriate, therefore, we need to install different modules which extend dramatically the capacity of the platform. Today, we would like to draw your attention to Xtento Hide Price & Call for Price Magento 2 module. With the assistance of the tool, you get the ability to configure price as well as add to cart display settings. As a result, you will be able to hide prices for specific products and categories, encouraging clients to contact you to learn about it. Such feature, off and on, is extremely important when it comes to items which are out of stock, the price of which changes all the time or depends on order quantity. Apart from it, the Magento 2 call for price extension allows you to configure display settings based on store view and customer group, thus providing you with a flexible instrument to manage product prices. Once you install the Magento 2 extension, you will be able to leverage its simplicity, flexibility, and power. Continue Reading

MageDelight Advanced Layered Navigation Magento 2 Extension

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Magento 2 layered navigation extension

According to different surveys conducted by e-commerce experts, one of key factors which has a considerable impact on the success of a webstore is actually customer experience. When website visitors are not able to find products they are looking for or have some difficulties with finalizing the checkout process, the problem called “bounce rate” occurs – the webstore users simply abandon the web-resource. So, in order to decrease the probability of this issue, we recommend you to take a look at MageDelight Advanced Layered Navigation Magento 2 Extension. In essence, with the help of the module, you will be able to accelerate the shopping process by means of incorporating an extremely comfortable and user-friendly navigation system. Thus, you enable your customers to search by different product attributes, price, ratings, brands, etc. Moreover, the module also allows your clients to compare products they have found. Apart from it, by applying the aforementioned tool, you are also able to increase SEO rankings for customers, consequently, will spend more time on your website, which is an indicator for search engines that the content of yours is relevant. See below how the Magento 2 layered navigation extension affects your e-commerce storefront: Continue Reading

Magento 2 iPaaS Systems & Cloud Automation Platforms

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Magento 2 iPaaS systems

The future is in the cloud and you cannot deny this. More and more services provide cloud integration allowing customers to connect their business systems to other third-party platforms via the cloud. Even our Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module offers the ability to integrate your ecommerce store with any third party system via Dropbox. Furthermore, there are some official predictions that inform us about a huge growth of public cloud services in terms of investments. It means that the old enterprise service bus (ESB) approach will become less popular within the next few years. But what will take its place? Here at Firebear we know for sure that the new generation of integration tools is already here: meet the Integration Platform as a Service approach. In the following post, we describe its core nuances as well as shed light on Magento 2 iPaaS systems and cloud automation platforms. Continue Reading