The Showcase of Magento 2 Shops

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Magento 2 shops showcase

Magento 2 has been finally launched, and we are happy to introduce you to the first dwellers of the renewed ecommerce ecosystem. In the post below, we’ve gathered digital pioneers that are brave enough to try the most recent ecommerce option. The following Magento 2 shops showcase illustrates how modern ecommerce websites look like in real life. And they really deserve to be mentioned!

Graze and Byredo

We’ve decided to start our showcase of Magento 2 shops with Graze and Byredo – the first Magento 2 websites by Session Digital. Both ecommerce stores look amazing. Unfortunately, we do not know how they feel from inside, but their design, usability, and performance are excellent.

Magento 2 shops showcase: Graze

Both merchants always have technology right at the heart of the business, so improved administration, easier customisation, better scalability, and other features introduced in Magento 2 suite best for their business needs.

The Showcase of Magento 2 Shops: Byredo

You can find more information under the following links:


Another prominent Magento 2 pioneer is SEAT. The company’s by netz98 is entirely based on Magento 2. The website has more strict look than the above examples, but it is a very important illustration of what is possible with the aid of the new platform.

Magento 2 shops showcase: SEAT

Since in this showcase of Magento 2 shops we can only show how the ecommerce store looks like, you will have to start your own exploration to find out how it behaves in real life (it is entirely in German and requires registration to purchase something). Use the following links to examine the project:

Alcatel Onetouch

The popular mobile brand is also in our showcase of Magento 2 websites. Developers decided that only Magento 2 can keep up with growing business requirements of Alcatel Onetouch, and they were absolutely right. Therefore, we can speak about another Magento 2 colonizer.

The Showcase of Magento 2 Shops: Alcatel Onetouch

Since there was a short amount of time before the upcoming holiday shopping season, developers behind Corra Technology faced a very difficult situations: they had to create a full-featured ecommerce website within a limited period of time. But with a completely renewed technology introduced in Magento 2, Corra’s specialists made an amazing website that drives sales today and is ready for further expansions.  Don’t forget to see everything for yourself:

Alcatel Onetouch

Corra Technology

Cultcha Kids

The situation with Cultcha Kids, a popular source of toys and gifts for kids, was similar to the aforementioned one: strict requirements, a short period of time, and upcoming holiday season. The flexibility of Magento 2 not only helped to release the project, but also lets the team tailor the ecommerce store to unique business needs of the company.

Magento 2 websites showcase: Cultcha Kids

For further information follow the links below:

Cultcha Kids

Balance Internet


Venroy is one of the best places for purchasing male beach resort wear especially after the brand’s website is powered by Magento 2. Being consumer focused, the ecommerce store, developed by NetStarter, offers rich shopping experience and leverages a lot of built-in Magento 2 features.

Magento 2 shops showcase: Venroy

Just see how cool Magento 2 can looks like:



Final Words

That was our showcase of Magento 2 shops. Graze, Byredo, SEAT, Alcatel Onetouch, Cultcha Kids, and Venroy are the first merchants-testers who were brave enough to start this experiment. They illustrate that platform provides a plethora of ecommerce opportunities even at the earliest stages of its development. With the appearance of new Magento 2 extensions and integration with third-party solutions, the second version of the popular ecommerce platform will offer even more powerful capabilities for online retail.