Magento 2 Product Parts Finder

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Parts Finder which is more commonly known as “Magento 2 Year Make Model” extension that allow store owners especially the one who sell vehicle and auto parts to provide their customers a easy-to-use product parts finder filters. Merchants can easily add the advance filters to relevant page of the store and customers are allowed to search products will year, make, model and many more filters.  

Get Magento 2 Product Parts Finder by MageAnts

  • Create and add unlimited product finders including Year-Make-Model.
  • Can display multiple part filters on same or various pages including home, category, and CMS pages at any place.
  • The search result will be displayed on single or multiple values selected in the drop-down list. 
  • Autosave selected filter options for better user experience.
  • Import option values for filters using CSV files.

Key Features

Customize option values for customers to search and display on Home Page

  • Customer can easily find required part using Year, Make, Model and other options.
  • Add multiple selection options to product filters and customize it as required.
  • Display part finders your home page only so that customers can easily search from there only without wasting time to browse the whole site.
  • The search result will be displayed based on the option value selected by the customer. 
  • Ability to set an autosave option for the filter values selected by customers so that they can easily be back to their saved filter conditions.

Unique Code for each part finder

  • Magento 2 Part Finders allows creating a unique code for each created parts finder so that admin can easily place that unique code under any CMS page of the site or any static block. 
  • Merchant can use this embedded code to integrate the created part finder in front end side of the store.

Import values for filter options and set range

  • Using Magento 2 Product Part Finder, admin can easily import the large file, products, and values for selection options using CSV files.
  • To improve the speed performance of the data import process set range for the numeric options.
  • Keep track of imported data and progress and can set also set the lifetime of import history. 

Manage finder records, universal records and other data effectively

  • One of the major benefits of this extension is that you need to delete or replace the whole data list for any small addition or deletion. You can simply add and delete those few records manually from the admin panel.
  • Import universal products for each created part finder that helps to display products with common parameter across the site. You can also set whether to use this universal product or not in the search result. 
  • Merchant can also assign multiple products to a single filter value.

How does it work

Installing MageAnts Magento 2 Product Parts Finder will enable an option for admin to create custom search filters and place the same on any CMS or Category Pages. This extension is a great benefit for the store owners having a wide range of products especially the online sellers who sell spare car parts or accessories. 

This Car Parts Filter tool allows to easily create custom finders and add to any specific CMS page. Once part finders are created admin can add the product to those finder option values in both ways, manually and by importing data in CSV file. Customers can use such filters from the front end and get the search result as per selected filter values. 

Why Needed

So here is the question that why we need this extension to our store? One of the major reason to have this extension is that it will make your store more user-friendly as it adds easy to use product part finder to your store for better user experience.

We all know that buying quality car parts and accessories is a difficult task nowadays. So without visiting physically from store to store, customers would like to make an online purchase. To make their purchase easy and fast MageAnts designed a Magento 2 Products Part Finder extension that helps your customers to search for the parts based on year, make and model along with other various filters. 

So what are waiting for? Grab this feature rich extension today only from one of the leading Magento Solution Providers and help your customers freely search the product parts by any filter value.  

Get Magento 2 Product Parts Finder by MageAnts