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Since Magento 2 introduces a bunch of brand-new features and improvements, it also has updated requirements related to hosting. Hence, solutions optimized for 1.X are no longer suitable for the new version of the ecommerce platform. Although they can still work with Magento 2, 1.X optimized hostings never provide the highest possible performance. That’s why we’d like to describe Magento 2 hosting services, but let’s discuss new system requirements first.

Magento 2 System Requirements

  • Nginx – Magento 2 supports Nginx by default;
  • PHP 7 is going to make the platform lightning fast;
  • Composer is now a part of the system;
  • Varnish – heavily consumed APIs and dynamic websites are no longer a problem for Magento;
  • Redis – top notch performance of Magento 2 is now achieved with the advanced key-value cache;
  • MySQL the most popular open source database for web apps is also on board;
  • PHPUnit and XDebug are now required for your dev server.

As you can see, there are a lot of new features which require a special approach when it comes to hosting Magento 2. To get a deeper insight into the new conditions, check this article: Magento 2 System Requirements. The understanding of system requirements will help you choose Magento 2 hosting which will fully satisfy the needs of the platform. Please note that a hosting server should support all of them:

Magento 2 Hosting Requirements

  1. I should run the latest available PHP and MySQL versions.
  2. The SSH access is another important feature, since it provides the ability to use the Magento 2 CLI and Composer.
  3. As you might have guessed, an optimized Magento 2 web hosting server should support Composer.
  4. Varnish is also a must.

We recommend you to check reviews of a Magento 2 hosting service you choose and compare it with system requirements you have. Thus, you will be able to get a Magento 2 web hosting which fully complies with your business needs and Magento 2 system requirements

Here at Firebear, we anticipate that all major Magento hosting partners will provide reliable hosting options for Magento 2 as well. For example, Nexcess and RackSpace have always offered various robust solutions optimized for the ecommerce platform, therefore you can monitor the below companies:

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Soon, we will update with post with the information about free Magento 2 hosting services, Magento 2 cloud hosting opportunities, managed Magento 2 hosting solutions, and other related options.