How to Install Magento 2 from Archive File

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Magento 2 Installation Guide

On Inchoo, Ivan Veres describes how to install Magento 2 with the help of various methods: from archive file, via Composer, and via GitHub. He says that the described methods are aimed at those merchants, developers, or marketers who want to have more troubles in their lives. Although you can argue with Ivan, it is obvious that Magento 2 installation is not everyone’s business due to various tech nuances. And below, we’d like to draw your attention to installation from the archive file – the easiest method. So, if problems do not scare you, continue reading. Two other methods are described here: How to Install Magento 2 via Composer and How to Install Magento 2 via GitHub.

The following Magento 2 tutorial describes how to get the best ecommerce platform installed on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with Composer 1.1.2, PHP 7.0.7, and MySQL 5.7.12.

It is also necessary to tell a few words about vital prerequisites necessary for installing and running Magento 2. Simply set up a virtual host to rule all your Magento 2 installations. Ivan Veres says that his can be found at http://m2.loc/2.07/.

How to Install Magento 2 from Archive File

1. Go to Magento download page.

2. Choose whether you want Magento 2 with or without sample data.

3. Select the archive format. You can choose among the following three formats: zip, tar.gz, and tar.bz2.

4. Download the Magento 2 archive file.

Note that:

  • all composer dependencies are already packed in the archive, so there is no need to run Composer;
  • core code is stored under the /vendor directory;
  • you can update Magento 2 through the admin.

5. Go to http://m2.loc//2.07/magento-website/ (may be different in your case it).

6. Follow Setup Wizard.

We don’t think that it is necessary to describe Setup Wizard steps here, since they are quite explanatory, so you can cope with them by yourself.

For further information, check the official Magento 2 installation guide or the corresponding Inchoo post.