Magento Go is dead

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Unfortunately we have to inform you, that Magento Go is almost dead. Yes, Magento decided to close the project. Cloud-based eCommerce solution with all the web hosting features was launched in the beginning of 2011. The project was created in order to support different small businesses, and it has no need to install software. However, it has the ability to install extensions for extra functionality. Unlike Community and Enterprise editions, Magento Go was hosted by Magento itself. And now we can witness the end of Magento Go and the same is true to ProStores.

magento go dead

February 1, 2015 will be the day of mourning. The good news is your store will work during Holiday shopping season! Magento official statement says that Enterprise and Community Editions are much better for small and medium size merchants and Magento Go is inappropriate in the evolving eCommerce space. But but it is not absolutely so. There are a lot of alternatives, which can be much better.

Alternatives to Magento and Magento Go

  • LemonStand is super flexible and nicely coded. It also requires about 50% resources less than Magento.

  • CS-Cart runs well, has a lot of features, is easily extended, has a pack of templates and an active community with quick support.

  • OpenCart and Tomato Cart are both good if you are offended by the Magento Go shutdown and decided to leave the platform, but Magento Community Edition was always your goal. Both platforms are fresh and still under development.

  • Big Commerce is one of the best alternatives to Magento Go. It is twice as cheap and has better support. Big Commerce also is easier to build, run and maintain.

  • Americommerce – think of it as BigCommerce but with some limited features. It is much cheaper than Magento Go but still supports all its features.

The other solutions are Shopify, LightCMS, CoreCommerce, Shopping Cart Elite, Pinnacle Cart, LightSpeed, Volusion, Yahoo! eCommerce, Ashop, Avactis Shopping Cart and 3dCart. All of them have their pros and cons, so you have to be attentive while choosing the best alternative to Magento Go.