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There are specialized app stores on many e-commerce platforms. And BigCommerce is the same. Extensions and applications are popular because of their wide range of functionality and importance to the digital business. In this post, you’ll learn about the top BigCommerce POS & In-Store apps. Plugins that enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales are available here. Additionally, you can learn what general Ecommerce POS is, why it’s crucial, and why you need third-party software for it. After reading this post, you’ll be able to decide which plugins you need to improve your company. We’ll briefly go over each extension’s specs, price, and link for your convenience. Let’s start.

What is POS?

A point-of-sale, or POS, system is a grouping of various software and hardware that, when used together, enables customers to complete their purchases. The situation might change. For instance, the cash register was the first point-of-sale device and was created almost 150 years ago. 

What are the benefits of having a POS system?

Greater Effectiveness

Your company can monitor the products leaving your store or restaurant and their delivery with a POS system. You can always keep track of which items are in stock and which ones you need to reorder because all transactional data is recorded. 

Managing your employees is simple

The ability to use a time clock is built into POS systems. The POS system can then be used to quickly clock in and out your employees. This makes the working hours of your employees transparent to you. Additionally, it can be used to control employee theft and facilitate schedule planning. 

Reducing errors 

You can quickly alter product prices with a POS system, doing away with the need for manual price entry. This reduces the potential for human error. Additionally, the POS system gives you access to all current inventory data.

Best BigCommerce POS & In-Store Apps


ShopKeep offers a user-friendly, secure iPad point of sale system with software that enables merchants to run smarter businesses by optimizing staffing, managing inventory, and accessing sales reports and customer information on one simple, cloud-based platform. ShopKeep was created by and for small business owners. Additionally, ShopKeep’s award-winning customer service team offers a strong support network for more than 23,000 customers with expanding businesses and is accessible 24/7. You receive features like:

  • Uploads stock items from ShopKeep to BigCommerce 
  • Synchronizes inventory item details between ShopKeep and BigCommerce 
  • Automatic and seamless stock level synchronization between ShopKeep and BigCommerce

This applicatoin have a custom pricing structure. Get ShopKeep App for BigCommerce

Hike POS

Your BigCommerce store’s award-winning point of sale system is fully compatible with Hike. You gain the following capabilities when using this plugin:

  • Within minutes, you can activate, integrate, and begin selling in-store 
  • Offer your BigCommerce products for sale in physical stores or pop-up shops 
  • Manage everything with BigCommerce, including products, clients, suppliers, and everything else, with ease 
  • With real-time updates, productivity is increased and time is saved. Updates are instantly reflected in all physical locations and online when you make a change or enter a transaction in either system 
  • Integrate receipt printing and barcode scanning 
  • Use an iPad, PC, Mac, or any other device to operate your point of sale. 
  • Works online and offline on the cloud 
  • Xero, Quickbooks Online, and MYOB accounting software all have strong integration

This app is available for free use. Get Hike POS App for BigCommerce

Heartland Retail

Heartland Retail is a cloud-based point of sale and retail management platform created for and by retailers. The software was created with multi-store, multi-channel retailers in mind and includes highly flexible, extensive, and data-centric functionality that gives businesses the edge they need to sell more products profitably. You get such features as

  • Cloud-based and user-friendly 
  • Any web-enabled device can access real-time data 
  • With BigCommerce, omnichannel capabilities 
  • Integrations with leading e-commerce platforms 
  • Strong client management 
  • Managing orders and inventory across multiple channels 
  • Tools for business intelligence and customized reporting 
  • Solution for traffic counting

After a 7-day free trial, this application costs $80.00 per month to use. Get Heartland Retail App for BigCommerce.

Lightspeed Retail by Kosmos

Connect BigCommerce and Lightspeed Retail POS to expand your sales channels and improve business management. You get such features as

  • Sell more goods in more locations. Automate the listing of goods from the Lightspeed Retail point of sale in BigCommerce and online stores like Amazon and eBay. Support for product listings includes common items, matrix items, and product variations like sizes and colors.
  • Streamline inventory processes. Sync inventory to avoid stock outs, save time, and stop overselling. BigCommerce and Lightspeed Retail point of sale automatically update inventory levels to 
  • Organize your product lists in one place. Manage your point of sale system’s and BigCommerce’s product information in one location. When you make changes to a product’s specifications, price, or inventory level in Lightspeed Retail’s POS system, your BigCommerce store’s product listings are instantly updated. 
  • Automation of fulfillment procedures. Order sync helps you save time, money, and avoid mistakes. To support high volume sales and accurately fill online orders, order details can be automatically entered in Lightspeed Retail point of sale as orders are placed in BigCommerce.

You can continue to use this app for $150.00/month following a 14-day free trial. Get Lightspeed Retail by Kosmos App for BigCommerce.

​​Revel Systems by Kosmos

Connect BigCommerce and Revel Systems point of sale to increase sales and improve business management. With this plugin, you get such functions as

  • Automation of fulfillment procedures. Order sync helps you save time, money, and avoid mistakes. Order information can be automatically entered into Revel Systems’ point of sale as orders are placed in BigCommerce to support high volume sales and aid in precise order fulfillment.
  • More products sold in more locations. Automatically add items from the Revel Systems POS to BigCommerce and online stores like Amazon and eBay. Standard products, matrix items, and product options like colors and sizes are all included in the support for product listings. 
  • Automate inventory processes. Inventory sync will help you avoid stock outs, save time, and stop overselling. BigCommerce and Revel Systems point of sale automatically update inventory levels to maintain accurate stock levels as goods are sold and received.

After a 14-day free trial, this plugin is $150 per month. Get ​​Revel Systems by Kosmos App for BigCommerce.

Bindo POS

All of your product information, customer information, and report data can be managed in one location with the Bindo BigCommerce integration. When you create products in Bindo POS, BigCommerce will automatically sync names, prices, quantities, and more. When an item is out of stock in your store, it will be indicated on your website in real time. No matter where your customers shop, you can track their purchase histories thanks to the shared customer data between BigCommerce and Bindo. BigCommerce orders will appear in your POS, reduce your store’s inventory, and be noted in your POS reports. You get such features as

  • Inventory Control: BigCommerce Integration 
  • Integrated Loyalty and Customer Database 
  • Simple to use POS

This app is available for $89 per month. Get Bindo POS App for BigCommerce.  

Thrive by Shopventory

The Thrive Inventory by Shopventory plugin enables you to securely link your preferred POS to BigCommerce. With the help of Shopventory’s user-friendly interface, you can also instantly sync sales and inventory data between Square, Clover, PayPal here, and BigCommerce. You get such functionality as

  • POS integrations without restrictions for all locations. PayPal, Clover POS, and Square POS.
  • Scanning by Cycle Count. You can start a Shopventory Stocktake, connect a recommended wired or wireless barcode scanner, and begin scanning your products to review and post your current count, or you can ask 
  • Per-location automated purchase orders. You can create a Purchase Order for a specific location by Vendor to automatically populate with low stock and then simply click “Receive Inventory” when the shipment arrives to either fully or partially receive the order. Shopventory allows you to keep track of the minimum and maximum stock levels per location.
  • District, region, location, and other reporting. To compare profitability across various regions, locations, or districts and to view your inventory valuation by location for any given minute in time, you can create customized reports.

After a 30-day free trial, this plugin costs $99 per month to use. Get Thrive by Shopventory App for BigCommerce.


You can get desktop POS/PC POS, POS for Android and POS for iOS with this app. You can accept different payment methods, including cash, credit cards, gift cards, and third-party payment providers, by having Shopify and your POS system automatically sync information about your products, orders, customers, tax information, and other settings. You get such features as 

  • Purchase online and pick up, refund, or exchange in-store 
  • Scan barcodes to put items in shopping carts 
  • Create orders for items that are not currently in stock at your stores
  • On your point of sale, apply discounts to specific items or the entire cart
  • Customers should be free to earn and use reward points however they please 

This app costs $49 per month to use. Get ConnectPOS App for BigCommerce.

CAP Retail by POSNation Integration by Modern Retail

Your BigCommerce website and your CAP Retail point of sale system can be seamlessly integrated by Modern Retail. In order for you to concentrate on what you do best—running your business—Plugin will work with you to install and configure the integration. Until the integration is complete and you are satisfied, the app’s dedicated implementation team will pay close attention to your needs. You get such features as

  • The best company for integrating CAP Retail Software with your BigCommerce website is Modern Retail. Modern Retail has by far the most platform integrations of anyone
  • The most sophisticated CAP Retail Software integration with sophisticated B2C features not found anywhere else is found in Modern Retail 
  • There is nothing else to purchase or install since Modern Retail owns and maintains the entire integration. The entire integration is handled by Modern Retail, which is exactly how we like it. We think you’ll find that when you compare our integration to anyone else, Modern Retail always wins

This plugin costs $180.00 per month to use. Get CAP Retail by POSNation Integration by Modern Retail App for BigCommerce.  


A point-of-sale system for retail establishments called AmberPOS seamlessly integrates with Bigcommerce to create an online store. In the past 20 years, AmberPOS has been installed in more than 1,000 retail locations across North America. Retail store owners can manage customers, inventory, and advanced reporting tasks with its many advanced features, in addition to performing a wide range of other standard and advanced POS software functions. You get such features as

  • Inventory/SKU Creation and Upload from AmberPOS to BigCommerce 
  • SKU and Inventory Updates and Edits 
  • Inventory levels are automatically synchronized between physical locations and the online store
  • Automatically downloading and creating invoices from the web store in AmberPOS 
  • Reporting and comparison analysis of online stores versus brick-and-mortar locations 
  • Purchase Orders, Advanced Inventory Costing, and Tracking and Reporting of Profit Margin 
  • Online web customers are downloaded and created in a centralized AmberPOS database

This app have custom prices. Get AmberPOS App for BigCommerce.


What is POS?

A point of sale (POS) is a location where a customer makes a purchase and may be responsible for paying sales taxes.

What are the different types of POS?

– Online point-of-sale systems.
– Tablet point-of-sale systems.
– Terminal point-of-sale systems.
– Mobile point-of-sale systems.
– POS self-service kiosk.
– Multichannel point-of-sale systems.
– POS systems with an open source.