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Extensions and third-party applications are the most useful tools in today’s digital business. There are a number of e-commerce sites with specialized app stores. BigCommerce fits this description too. Extensions and applications are becoming more and more popular because of their vast functionality and usefulness for the digital economy. In this post, you’ll learn which BigCommerce CMS and Hosting apps are the best. You might learn more about the significance of the CMS services as well as the desire for outside software. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to choose the plugins you need to improve your business. For your convenience, we’ll quickly go through the attributes, price, and URL of each extension. Let’s start.

What Is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system, or CMS for short, is software that enables non-technical individuals to easily generate, manage, and alter content for websites. A content management system, or CMS, is a program that makes it possible to create a website without having to start from beginning with the coding.

The content management system takes care of all the basic infrastructure work for you rather than having you develop your own system for constructing web pages, storing images, and other features so that you can concentrate on more user-facing aspects of your website.

Why you should to try a CMS

No Coding Experience Necessary

CMS systems have revolutionized web design by allowing non-developers and other users to create websites without coding. The days of relying on web designers and developers to create an online presence for your company are long gone. Without coding, you can build and manage content, change the look and feel of your website, and install extensions to give it more features.

Simple Cooperation

A CMS’s back end can be accessed and used by multiple people at once. Thus, on any one day, your marketers may be creating content, your IT specialists may be putting security measures into place, and your developers may be incorporating unique code into your theme. They might even be collaborating on the same landing page.

Features & Extensions for SEO

CMS platforms have both built-in and add-on capabilities to assist you in optimizing your site for search engines. You can change page names and meta descriptions, select SEO-friendly URL structures, and more using built-in or third-party tools.

Ready-made templates

The majority of CMS platforms have a number of premade templates that you can use to quickly change the look of your site. They may also have an impact on how your website behaves. By selecting a responsive template, for instance, you can guarantee that your website looks fantastic on all devices without having to write a lot of code. Templates can speed up and simplify future website redesigns in addition to saving you design time before your site goes live.

Best CMS & Hosting Apps for BigCommerce 


You can manage your material throughout the entire business with the help of this plugin’s strong features. Omnichannel delivery, an API-First CMS, a customizable UI/UX, automated publishing, multi-language support, marketing integrations, a 1-click automation hub, and connect without compromise are all features of the Contentstack Experience Platform. You also get features as

  • Contentstack Marketplace. The applications and other resources in the Contentstack Marketplace are a central location for enhancing and customizing the functionality of our basic content management system. It is a one-stop shop for finding, perusing, and installing technologies to improve the Contentstack experience by integrating with numerous third-party services in a straightforward one-click installation.
  • Developer Center. Although the Marketplace has a variety of ready-made apps, you may also create your own apps that meet your needs. You can create apps with the use of the Contentstack App Framework’s app development APIs, SDKs, and other resources.
  • Automations Hub. You can build apps in Developer Hub that expand Contentstack’s core features and utilize them in your companies or stacks. These apps can have any desired UI position and can be extensions or integration solutions (packaged as apps).
  • Live Preview. Content managers can preview content using live preview without publishing it to a system or storing the changes made to the content. Real-time updates to the content you make are reflected in the preview pane.

After a two-week free trial, this plugin has a custom pricing structure. Get Contentstack App for BigCommerce.


For eCommerce companies, JetRails offers specialized and highly optimized hosting solutions. Apps that are stable, fast, scalable, and secure. JetRails is here to provide mission-critical hosting services with round-the-clock quick phone support, whether you have a headless site and need hosting for a Content Management System (CMS) like Drupal or WordPress, or you have a custom app that needs hosting. Hosting on fully managed bare metal servers as well as environments on public clouds like AWS and Digital Ocean are examples of solutions. You get such functionality as

  • Comprehensive Support. Plugin team is available to you by phone and email around-the-clock. True hosting professionals on the App Team respond to inquiries and fix problems in a very efficient and timely manner. Additionally, Addon offers specialized account managers that can assist you arrange load tests and server updates as well as track metrics with you, such as your loading times.
  • Security. Plugin is here to help, whether you need to comply with a rule like PCI or HIPAA compliance or just want to safeguard your clients and brand. Web application firewalls (WAF), virus scanners, and intrusion detection systems are just a few of the proactive and reactive security measures that App employ.
  • Optimized and Customized environments. The hosting environments at Plugin are customized, set up, and optimized for your website or application. We work closely with your engineers to ensure that our hosting produces excellent results, whether we’re using servers, clusters, or a public cloud environment with AWS or Digital Ocean.

This app has customized pricing. Get JetRails App for BigCommerce.

Deity PWA Storefront

With Deity’s extremely engaging PWA frontend builder, you can create the best Progressive Web App experience for your BigCommerce business. With all the PWA advantages like add-to-homescreen, offline mode, push notifications, full screen experience, and more, it offers you top performance. Stop being concerned about outgrowing BigCommerce’s capabilities. Increase your company’s size and push the envelope without switching platforms. You get features as

  • Conversions will soar thanks to outstanding and intensely engaging (mobile-first) consumer experiences 
  • With Deity’s multi storefront capabilities, you can develop numerous frontend applications to cater to a wider clientele 
  • The ability to get push notifications on both iOS and Android will greatly enhance user experience 
  • With Deity’s visual theming editor, you can completely customize the appearance and atmosphere of your store 
  • Deity is created with the best developer experience in mind; developer comfort, ease, and speed are among main goals. Designed for developers by developers

This app costs €2500 per month or €25,000 per year to use. Get Deity PWA Storefront App for BigCommerce.

JMango360 PWA

Businesses and professionals must improve their mobile experiences in order to attract, satisfy, and retain devoted clients now that mobile has surpassed desktop as the major digital touchpoint. Shorter loading times and app-like functionality (add to homescreen, push notifications, etc.) can be provided via progressive web apps to meet user expectations without the need to download the app from the app stores. Also, you get features as

  • Performs offline. Ensure that clients may see and order your products anytime, whether offline and online.
  • Using push notifications. By using motivating push notifications, you can highlight your brand, foster customer loyalty, and encourage upselling.
  • No download is needed. Customers can access your PWA at any time without having to download anything from the AppStores. removing an additional funnel step.
  • The new standard is PWA. The audience craves an app-like experience that is nevertheless accessible via mobile web. PWAs are evolving become the new mobile standard in e-commerce because of this. PWAs operate in web browsers but have the same appearance and feel as native apps.

Based on a monthly cost, the apps provide predictable pricing that is specific to your stage of growth. Get JMango360 PWA App for BigCommerce.


Utilize cutting-edge Jamstack capabilities to quickly launch customised shopping experiences with the product content from your business. Give corporate users the ability to manage their purchasing experiences without writing any code. Publish marketing content to your selected CDN or delivery platform after adding it to a headless CMS of your choice. With this plugin, you will get functionality as

  • Quick and simple customisation. Personalize your product interactions to boost conversion without compromising speed. 
  • Combined A/B testing. Make use of your choice analytics tools to A/B test your product experiences and evaluate effectiveness. 
  • Unlock Jamstack without compromises for business users. Create cutting-edge Jamstack apps and websites using the materials from your store. 
  • Integrate content with different headless CMSs. Converge marketing and product material into a single experience. 
  • A live preview without code presentation management. Give business people the ability to quickly and easily develop experiences with live preview and no coding.

This app is available for free usage. Get Uniform App for BigCommerce


What is a CMS?

A content management system is used to create, administer, and improve the digital experience for your customers. A content management system (CMS) is more particularly a piece of software that enables users to work together on the creation, editing, and production of digital material, such as web pages, blog entries, etc.

What is an example of a CMS?

WordPress is one of the most popular open source CMS platforms. Drupal and Joomla.

Why is CMS important?

They are made with non-technical users in mind, making content maintenance simple. The fact that no coding is required to add or edit information is one of a good content management system’s essential characteristics.