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improved import & export for bigcommerce

Here at Firebear, we’ve developed one of the most potent data transfer extensions in the entire Magento ecosystem. Our Improved Import & Export module not only powers connections between Magento websites but also goes far beyond the platform. The plugin provides the ability to integrate e-commerce websites with various external platforms, tools, and service providers, such as ERP, CRM, accounting, and other systems. Furthermore, the Improved Import & Export module enables seamless data import from other e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and BigCommerce. Below, we’d like to draw your attention to the extended capabilities related to the latter. As a team, we’ve decided to exceed the existing boundaries of Firebear, creating reliable data transfer solutions for our e-commerce platforms. Meet the Firebear Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce. In the following article, we explain the project and provide a detailed description of its core features and advantages. You can access its early beta version right here.  

Intro: The Leading Import & Export Extension for Magento 2

You won’t find any Magento 2 extension that offers full automation of data transfers, presets for mapping, support for numerous file formats and sources, API integrations, and Google Sheet-based updates except the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module. This number one data transfer tool already helps thousands of merchants all over the globe improve connections between their Magento websites and other systems. However, we’ve decided to go further, creating specific import and export solutions for each e-commerce ecosystem. For instance, the Improved Import & Export BigCommerce app, which we describe in this article, allows merchants to automate their data transfer routine on the platform and integrate the existing store with Magento 2 or other systems. Let’s shot a glance on the most vital milestones that we’ve already reached with the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 plugin and then proceed to the corresponding BigCommerce project:

  • The Improved Import & Export plugin provides more than 100 features. More functionalities are yet to come.
  • The module is approved by key market players, including Magento Marketplace, Microsoft Partner Network, SAP Partner Open System, Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN), etc.
  • We offer integration add-ons for NetSuite, SAP, MS Dynamics, and other systems that work on top of our extension.
  • Our clients include such brands as Nestle, Tabasco, Acer, and numerous others. 
  • We are proud to partner with BORN, IWD, Inchoo, SmartOSC, and other companies and agencies.
  • Firebear is an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner. Our specialists are Certified Magento 2 developers

As you can see, we know what to offer in the field of data transfers. With all these experiences, we continue the expansion to an entirely new ecosystem – BigCommerce. As a merchant of this platform, you will soon get a more reliable and fully-featured application for enhanced import and export processes. Now, it is possible to access the beta version of the Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce. Just contact us to get the ability to explore the project at its early stages. Below, you can see its basic functionality described. 

select entity, set schedule, upload file, decide where to import

Improved Import & Export For BigCommerce

As we’ve mentioned above, the Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce dramatically simplifies data transfers. But what features does it offer to make routine processes fast and fully automated? 

Import & Export Jobs

The basic principle of the Improved Import & Export BigCommerce app incorporates import and export jobs. You create a job that is responsible for one entity. At the same time, the app lets you create multiple jobs for the same entity, exporting it to different partners or importing from external systems. 

You can set up each job individually, creating perfect conditions for each integration. Each job, no matter it is aimed at import or export, incorporates the following features:

Data Transfer Automation

The Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce allows automating data transfers in two different ways. Firstly, it is possible to create a schedule to launch import or export processes at a specific time. Secondly, you can choose particular conditions to trigger data transfers. 

Update Schedules

Our application provides a list of schedules so that you can choose one that suits your needs. At the same time, you can modify it if the proposed schedule doesn’t look applicable. Custom intervals are possible as well. 


As for the second type of automation, it is related to rules and conditions. You only need to choose events that will trigger the corresponding import or export processes. Let’s explore a basic example. A new order can be considered a trigger. You can also specify additional rules to make the corresponding data transfer more precise. When all conditions are met, the extension starts a data transfer that you’ve already defined. For instance, it exports the information about the order to a partner, such as a dropshipping platform. The Improved Import & Export application for BigCommerce lets you specify any event as a trigger to launch corresponding data import or export processes. 

Data Mapping

Since different platforms incorporate different standards for storing data, you cannot integrate them seamlessly. It is always necessary to take a data file exported from one system and edit it carefully before importing it to your e-commerce website. Usually, it is a very painstaking and time-consuming work, but the Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce dramatically simplifies it. Our tool provides the ability to use presets to map attributes automatically. At the same time, you can still manage this process manually but in a more user-friendly way – right in the admin section of your e-commerce website. Let’s take a look at the whole spectrum of mapping features our app provides.

Mapping Presets

As we’ve just mentioned, there is no need to map attributes manually. The Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce offers presets for that. Thus, you only select a preset suitable for your integration, and our tool matches external attributes to the ones used by BigCommerce automatically.

Similar functionality is represented in export jobs. You can create a data file that is already suitable for a chosen external system. It is only necessary to apply a preset that modifies BigCommerce attributes according to third-party requirements. 

Matching Interface

If you cannot use presets for some reason, the Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce provides the ability to match attributes manually. A corresponding section is available within every data transfer job. Specify attributes of your import file and set the relevant BigCommerce designations in a user-friendly interface. Matching attributes manually has never been that comfortable.

Attribute Values

A similar system lets you simplify your work with attribute values. The Improved Import & Export BigCommerce application enables you to modify them in a corresponding matching section. You can also edit them in bulk. The app allows combining multiple values or splitting a single one. Besides, it is possible to add a prefix/suffix to multiple designations in bulk. 


Export processes can also benefit from filters. The Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce provides the ability to choose what data to transfer. It lets you give the partners a precisely tailored output. You only need to apply filters to determine what attributes and values you want to move.


Product categories are another subject of mapping. Every time you transfer product data from another catalog, the Improved Import & Export BigCommerce app lets you move product items related to third-party categories to the ones available on your website. Specify new designation for them or create categories on the fly to import products to.

Attributes On-The-Fly

With Improved Import & Export for BigCommerce, you can forever forget that data files that lack attributes interrupt import processes. Our application lets you create them on-the-fly by specifying several parameters. Next, the tool does all the work for you. 

Extended Connectivity

Now, let’s focus on the extended connectivity options the Improved Import & Export BigCommerce application offers. Our tool provides the ability to move data files of different formats, using numerous destinations. Additionally, you can incorporate API transfers for more complex integrations.

File Transfers

With Firebear Improved Import & Export for BigCommerce, you can effortlessly import and export files in such formats as CSV, XML, JSON, ODS, and Excel. The application eliminates the necessity to convert the aforementioned standards to CSV before importing them into the system. The same is true to export: no need to export CSVs and convert them to other file types. 

You can rely on the following file sources with the Improved Import & Export BigCommerce app:

  • FTP/SFTP – a local or remote server;
  • Dropbox – an account on this cloud storage;
  • URL – a direct URL upload.

Alternative Transfers

Besides, the Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce lets you avoid file transfers. Firstly, you can import data from Google Sheets via a URL address of a table you want to transfer. Secondly, it is possible to leverage direct API connections, moving ANY entities between your BigCommerce store and other platforms.

Let’s say a few words about the BigCommerce platform, its import and export features, and the surrounding ecosystem. Contact us to receive additional information about our app or access its beta.

BigCommerce Features & Prices

bigcommerce logo

BigCommerce is a flexible, open SaaS e-commerce platform developed to provide enterprise capabilities, eliminating the cost and complexity. The system offers a scalable catalog that lets you get products online in minutes. You can apply changes within the BigCommerce control panel. Alternatively, it is possible to leverage the Catalog API to push them from an external system.

At the same time, BigCommerce offers industry-leading shipping solutions and rates out of the box. With a broad portfolio of partners, you can deliver anything anywhere. 

Automated tax management is another essential feature of the platform. BigCommerce provides the ability to work with sales taxes in the most unobtrusive manner with Avalara Avatax available by default. Alternatively, you can utilize the platform’s native tax tables.

When it comes to applying changes, BigCommerce also offers something really important. Due to its staging environment, you can eliminate downtime while developing, testing, and pushing changes. There is a built-in CLI tool called Stencil.

Bigcommerce features

BigCommerce also offers native credit card vaulting for multiple gateways to simplify how you control your business. Refunds and returns introduce another handy feature. The platform enables refunds or partial refunds right in a customer account.

With support for customer groups, you can create definable segments for your buyers, providing them with corresponding site experiences and custom pricing.

Due to built-in reporting and analytics capabilities, your hand is always on the pulse of your online business. BigCommerce lets you monitor real-time business impact, providing critical metrics for orders, sales, customers, marketing, etc. Everything is available through the BigCommerce Analytics Dashboard.

Bigcommerce features

We’ve mentioned above that BigCommerce is an open platform, and it is really so. More than 90% of its data is exposed to the API. It opens extended possibilities for integrations. The platform supports 400+ calls per second so that you can perform 24k product updates per minute. In addition to integrations, you can freely leverage the openness to create a complete headless commerce experience.

As for basic SEO features of BigCommerce, they include SEO-friendly URLs and metadata for various store elements. Besides, you can edit a robots.txt file. You can also improve SEO rankings with better customer experience. For instance, BigCommerce offers faceted search based on Elasticsearch. This tool supports custom fields and enables refined searching. Alternatively, you can partner with third-party search engines and related tools.

To deliver world-class uptime, the platform incorporates a High Availability infrastructure, providing 99.99% uptime. Besides, it is defined as a secure platform for both merchants and customers according to several certifications. The security of data is guaranteed by two data centers and a separate backup data point.

You can launch a fully-functional BigCommerce website within 2-4 months on average, depending on the complexity of the project. Note that the platform’s in-house experts can help you do that. They will help you better understand critical KPIs and goals. If you have any questions, there is a 24/7 technical support department. At the same time, you can easily find answers in documentation and resources for merchants.

If the basic BigCommerce functionality is not enough, you can quickly expand it with third-party applications. And as we’ve mentioned above, you can freely use APIs to connect with your existing infrastructure seamlessly. Due to the abundant headless commerce opportunities, it is even possible to integrate BigCommerce’s e-commerce engine with third-party storefronts, such as WordPress, or merge it with Acquia Digital Experience.

headless bigcommerce

Since BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that incorporates the subscription model, you have the following plans:

  • Standard – $29.95 per month;
  • Plus – $71.95 per month;
  • Pro – $269.96 per month;
  • Enterprise – pricing upon request.

Note that special credit card processing rates from PayPal may occur. 

You can compare the plans here: BigCommerce Pricing.

Existing Import & Export Solutions for BigCommerce

Now, let’s take a look at the platform’s built-in import and export tools, corresponding third-party apps, and data transfer capabilities related to the platform’s APIs.

Default Data Transfer Capabilities of The Platform

The BigCommerce Import/Export tools work with product, inventory, and customer data. They enable not only integrations with external data systems but also simplify store management since exporting and reimporting CSVs gives you the ability to bulk edit and bulk add products. For instance, you can import product options instead of adding them manually. BigCommerce provides rules to control actions that happen when a particular option is selected. Unfortunately, you can import only the following option types:

  • Checkbox;
  • Multiple Choice;
  • Product Pick List;
  • Color Swatch.

With the Improved Import & Export BigCommerce app, you can transfer all product options utilized on the platform.

While our tool supports multiple file standards, BigCommerce works with CSV and XML files only, so other file types cannot be imported. And you need to create specific fields when importing data into BigCommerce, such as Product Name and Price to create products, Product SKU and Stock Level fields to import SKUs, or case-sensitive names restricted to certain characters to import product images. There are numerous restrictions. For instance, supported import entities include: 

  • Products and related data;
  • Customers;
  • Tracking numbers;
  • 301 redirects.

As for export, BigCommerce lets you transfer the following data:

  • Products and related data;
  • Customers;
  • Orders;
  • BigCommerce Analytics Reports
  • 301 redirects;
  • Newsletter Sign-ups.

The Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce supports all core entities.

Below, we explore how to import and export products in BigCommerce to illustrate the default data transfer tools. 


To export data from BigCommerce, you need to choose a template that determines what product information to transfer. It is possible to create custom presets, specifying data you want to move, or leverage built-in solutions:

  • Bulk edit – you can use this template to update product data. The preset contains the majority of exportable fields. Besides, it is equipped with specifically named columns, providing the ability to simplify further reimport.
  • Default – with this template, you can export only basic product information: name, weight, description, and price.

bigcommerce product export

You can export products under Admin > Products > Export. Firstly, it is necessary to configure export settings, such as an export template and a file format (CSV or XML). You can also download a file or save it on a server. Confirm that you want to continue and launch the export process. That’s it. Next, you can edit the output file. BigCommerce lets you create categories, add options/fields, update product images, etc.  Since there is no backup, it is recommended to save a copy of the exported file untouched. 


bigcommerce product importWhen it comes to product import, there is no backup as well. Therefore, it is necessary to import products carefully since you can update them and lose some vital information. The system offers options for deleting existing images and digital product files. Use them only if you know for sure what you are doing. Or create a backup file first.

You can import products to BigCommerce under Admin > Product > Import. Configure the following options:

  • If you choose “File was exported using the ‘Bulk Edit’ template,” it is possible to skip the Matching Fields step.
  • The system lets you overwrite existing products, updating product data.
  • Besides, you can delete existing images and digital files.
  • It is possible to transfer new products to auto-detect category names (we provide a more robust instrument in the Improved Import & Export app).
  • You can either ignore blank values during import or delete the data associated with empty fields in your import table.
  • It is possible to define a Default Option Type to create options if you didn’t add the corresponding information to your CSV file.
  • Specify whether a file contains headers.
  • Provide the system with a field separator and field enclosure.

After that, you can browse your import file on a computer and start the import process. Note that for all third-party data files, it is necessary to match their content to the equivalent settings in BigCommerce. With Improved Import & Export for BigCommerce, you can use presets.

Hit this link for further information: Importing & Exporting Products in BigCommerce.

Third-party Import And Export Apps

BigCommerce offers a wide selection of apps in the following 15 categories:

  1. Accounting & Tax;
  2. Analytics & Reporting;
  3. B2B/Wholesale;
  4. Catalog & Order Management;
  5. CRM & Customer Service;
  6. Data Transfer/Migration Services;
  7. ERP;
  8. Marketing;
  9. Merchandising;
  10. Mobile;
  11. Payment & Security;
  12. Product Sourcing;
  13. Sales Channels;
  14. Shopping & Fulfillment;
  15. Site Tools.

Categories are divided into subcategories to simplify browsing on the marketplace. Alternatively, it is possible to use a search to find the tools you need. All apps are available on a subscription basis. Let’s take a look at some prominent data transfer solutions.


wholesale2b is a BigCommerce application developed to import product data from drop shipping platforms. It eliminates manual updates doing all the work for you. You can browse a selection of more than one million products to pick up to 10k items. The application allows changing your catalog any time you want.

Furthermore, it is possible to customize the imported products. wholesale2b lets you change their names and descriptions. To ship orders to customers, you need to hit a single button! The rest is on the application’s hands.


Check the list of available features:

  • Price markups;
  • Shipping cost controls;
  • Bulk or individual price changes;
  • Estimated profit;
  • Daily submission logs
  • One-click order processing;
  • Automated tracking codes import;
  • Daily updates;
  • Out of stock updates;
  • Remove products in bulk using a price range.

The price of this import tool is $29.99 per month. You can find more information about the wholesale2b BigCommerce app here:

Get wholesale2b BigCommerce Application

esa Product Manager

This application provides the ability to import products from eBay to BigCommerce. However, it executes outside the BigCommerce control panel that can be an inconvenience. The app works in the background, synchronizing both systems. After a transfer is complete, the tool notifies you via email. Along with products, it also supports images, descriptions, SKUs, Prices, quantity data, and other parameters.

eas ebay bigcommerce import

The syncing capabilities of the application include inventory management features. Thus, the tool not only updates prices but also deletes sold items and lets you avoid overselling. Multiple eBay accounts are supported. You can easily organize product categories to match your eBay store.

The price of the app starts at $49.00 per month. You can find more details here:

Get esa Product Manager for BigCommerce

Google Sheet Connector by Vesta

google sheets import for bigcommerce by vesta

This application lets you transfer data from Google Sheets. By default, BigCommerce doesn’t let you do that. However, a third-party solution successfully imports from the intermediary service. It means that you can perform bulk edits in Google Sheets and then update your product in a single click. The price of the tool starts from $50.00 per month.

Get Google Sheet Connector by Vesta for BigCommerce 

As you can see, these are three different applications with cool features that enhance the default import functionality of BigCommerce. The Marketplace offers numerous more solutions that add import and export capabilities, but could you imagine that there is a universal data transfer solution that combines functionalities of multiple apps? Meet the Firebear Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce. It successfully synchronizes the platform with dropshippers, eBay and other marketplaces, and allows importing data from Google Sheets. The tools can replace dozens of third-party import and export BigCommerce apps, not to mention the default platform’s tools. You can already get access to its beta version here.

API Import & Export

BigCommerce provides a set of APIs to let you create new apps, automate existing store processes, and build headless solutions. The platform offers several different APIs with different specifications. They let you authenticate customers, manage store data, make client-side queries for product information, etc.

The first API type is Server-to-Server API. You can use it to mimic admin activities, such as order management, product updates, customer data management, coupon management, etc. 

Next, there is the Storefront API. It lets you manage processes related to cart and checkout. You can use this API to access order information on the client-side. For instance, it is possible to add an item to the cart from the storefront or provide a customer with information about their recent order. Different manipulations with a checkout include field updates (e.g., billing address).

As for the GraphQL API, BigCommerce lets you use it to query product and customer data and store settings. Thus, you can easily access customer data or fetch brand details from a storefront.

There are also two customer-oriented APIs: Customer Login API and Current Customer API. The former lets you programmatically log in customers to a storefront. The latter can be utilized to determine who is logged in during a session

You can use BigCommerce APIs to enhance its default import and export functionality, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel: we’ve already leveraged the set of the corresponding technologies to deliver the best data transfer opportunities via our Improved Import & Export app for BigCommerce. Contact us to get access to its beta. For further information about the platform’s APIs, hit this link: BigCommerce API Docs.

Final Words

Unfortunately, the BigCommerce platform and the surrounding ecosystem lack a potent data transfer app that covers all import and export needs. However, the Firebear team applies its experience in developing the corresponding Magento 2 solution for BigCommerce. We definitely know the weak places in the native BigCommerce import/export tools and their third-party replacements. Our new application brings all our Magento 2 achievements to the BigCommerce dimension, providing merchants with a universal data transfer solution that offers the following benefits:

  • It supports multiple file formats and sources;
  • Gathers all import and export processes under the same interface;
  • Let’s you import files of all sizes;
  • Enables API integrations and Google Sheet transfers;
  • Provides the ability to map attributes with presets or in an admin interface;
  • Offers update schedules and allows creating triggers, etc.

To get access to a free beta version of Improved Import & Export for BigCommerce, contact us. You will be among the first to leverage all the benefits the application provides.