Custom Product Options Magento Extensions

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Create and assign new custom product options for Magento with ease. You just have to choose one of custom product options Magento extensions described below. Such tools allow you to create custom options and assigning them to all your products or chosen few ones. It is possible to apply new options right on the product edit page. If you have a limited budget. note that our post provides both free and paid extensions.

Custom Product Options Magento 2 Extensions


Custom Options for Customer Groups

custom product options Magento extensions

Choose individual product custom options for each group of your customers with this custom product options Magento extensions. As a result the particular custom option will be visible only for special type of customers, which form the group. You will never offend your customers with custom options thanks to Customer Groups Magento module. The extension costs $59.

Download Amasty Custom Options for Customer Groups Magento Extension

Advanced Product Options Extension

advanced-product-option magento extension

Add new custom product options to your e-commerce store with ease. Advanced Product Options Magento Extension also allows to export/import options options templates, use WYSIWYG, and appl dozens of other features. The module adds custom options inventory and images features. As a result, you get the ability to upload an image for every custom option and show your customers what goods they are going to buy. This custom product options Magento extension costs $249.

Download Custom Product Options Magento Extensions

Custom Option Description

By installing this Magneto extension you add a new description field to custom product options of your e-commerce store. This addition to in the backend lets you choose a description for a custom option. As a result, you get the ability to separate it from the option’s title. This information is accessible in the custom template. The good news is that the module is free.

Download Custom Option Description Magento Extension

Custom Options Swatches

custom options swathes magento

This custom product options Magento module provides you with the additional custom option type. The extension allows you to show custom options as thumbnails. Another useful feature of Custom Options Swatches is that it can be used in a combination with other custom options. The extension is easy to install, and it supports unlimited number of options. You can download this module for just $49.

Get Custom Options Swatches

Dependent Custom Options

dependent_custom_options magento extension

Dependent Custom Product Options Magento extension makes product custom options dependent on each other. As a result, option values set as children aren’t be visible for your customers until you select parent option value. Module also provides you with the ability to add HTML notes or descriptions and upload images to custom options. Thanks to Option Templates feature, you can apply a single template to multiple products in one go. The extension costs $100.

Download Dependent Custom Options Magento module

Custom Option Images

custom options color magento extension

Get the ability to upload images for each custom option value with Custom Option Images Magento extension. For example, add custom color options and upload small images for all of the available options. The

extension supports unlimited number of options. Each image gets a separate popup window, which appears when customer clicks on it. Moreover, the extension is easy to use for administrators. You can download it for $50.

Download Custom Option Images Magento Extension

Custom Options for Grouped Products

custom options for grouped products magento extension

Provide your customers with flawless shopping experience with Custom Options for Grouped Products extension. The module provides you with the ability to offer grouped products with different parameters. Just enable custom options, and allow your shoppers to specify different requirements for all the items of every grouped product. This custom product options Magento extensions costs $69. Hit the below link for all the features.

Download Custom Options for Grouped Products Magento extension

Custom Options Templates

custom options template magento

With Custom Options Templates Magento extension you will be able to create reusable custom options templates, apply them when creating or editing products, or mass assign products to these templates. Furthermore, templates can include both non-editable and editable options. You can purchase this custom product options Magento extension for $109.

Download Custom Options Templates Magento Extension