Soldsie – social selling on Facebook and Instagram for Magento

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During last few years, Soldsie has gained the status of the most successful social selling platform and now it is opened to the integration with Magento. Social selling is a relatively new trend in e-commerce. It consists of 2 major components: 1) a retailer posts a product image along with it’s price and other useful information on a social network and 2) offers an easy way to make a purchase. The social shopping experience of Soldsie begins when a retailer posts a product photo along with all the data necessary for every customer (price; availability) on Facebook or Instagram. Shoppers then leave the world “sold” under this photo and continue browsing. When a shopper is ready to check out, the commented item is in the shopping cart ready for the purchase, and the post with this item still exists and gains new purchases.

magento sell on facebook and instagramm

Soldsie introduce

There are three benefits of social selling. The first one is a direct contact with the customer. Retailers can easily identify their customers and start the conversation. The second benefit is a more personalized shopping experience. The third one is the time saved compared with other methods of purchase. All these benefits have a positive impact on loyalty.

Launched in May 2012, Soldsie has showed that Facebook commerce could work and it is not just a new term for unpromising theoretical phenomenon. Consumers only have to use the Soldsie application to register once, providing business with their personal data. On the backend, Soldsie is an interface for work with the invoicing process. It includes tools for tracking sales, inventory, invoices and more. As a result businesses get the ability to email the customer who commented “sold” with invoices, and shopper can use credit cards or PayPal to pay for the item.

Magento & Soldsie

Since last November, Soldsie also works with Instagram. During first 6 months of existence, the company involved up to 75 businesses, which was about $1 million in transactions. Currently, Soldsie reports 1,500 sellers, and $25 million in transactions. The company shows very high conversion rate. 70% of shoppers claim their items after they write “sold” under photos.

Together, Soldsie and Magento make it possible to streamline social sales of your e-commerce business and significantly increase online revenue. Both solution form a powerful combination, which helps you to create a high quality customer experiences. Spend less time on working with technology and get more time to grow the final outcome with the Soldsie Magento integration.

As social media continues to grow and social commerce becomes more popular, Soldsie gets new new perspectives. With this service you can leverage your existing social communities with ease. Use a huge loyal fan base to turn your social page into an additional social store. Just  install Soldsie Integration extension for your Magento store. The extension is free and you can download it here.