SMS integration extensions for Magento

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You can use SMS text messages to send automated follow-up messages, abandoned-cart notifications and other similar notices to your customers. The integration of such functions can be performed in a double-quick time. When it comes to running e-commerce SMS promotions there are a lot of different Magento extensions and tools.


SMS Order Notifications Twilio Integration

By installing this Magento extension, you will be able to make your customer service better. The module relies on the power of Twilio SMS service, so you can notify your customers with SMS messages when they orders ship. In addition, you can update such notifications with tracking information. With Twilio Integration extension you will be also able to send notifications only for the specific countries. The module costs $59.

Download SMS Order Notifications Twilio Integration – SMS notification

This extension is developed to send SMS messages to the administrators notifying them about new orders, and to the customers when their orders are completed or stopped. Additionally, the module provides you with the ability to send a single message to a group of customers. The extension allows includes some basic information from your SerwerSMS account. You can download Magento extension for free.

Download – SMS notification

SMS Notifier

By installing SMS Notifier, you will be able to provide your customers with the information about their order status change or delivery shipped. It is also possible to send single messages to customers from Magento database. You only pay for every message you send. You can download SMS Notifier for free.

Download SMS Notifier Magento Extension

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications is another free solutions developed to notify customers about different events on your store – invoices, orders, shipments, reviews, etc. Hit the below link for the additional information.

Download SMS Notifications Magento Extension

Email & SMS Marketing Automation

With this module you will be able to automatically send transactional SMS and emails, reduce shopping cart abandonment, launch behavioral targeted messages, and run re-engagement campaigns. In order to use Email & SMS Marketing Automation Magento Extension, you need an E-Goi account, the extension itself is free.

Download Email & SMS Marketing Automation Magento Module


J2T SMS GATEWAY Magento Extension provides you with the ability to send SMS messages to your clients through default email engine. You can tell them everything they need to know about the order processes. The extension costs €25.99.



Mage SMS is another useful tool, designed specially for SMS marketing campaigns and SMS notifications. The extension enables you to send SMS messages to both your customers and administrators about various events in your Magento store. The module is free.

Download MAGE SMS Magento Extension

SMS Text Messaging

This extension also sends SMS messages to your admins and customers automatically when an order status changes. The module is free, but you need a 24x account.

Download SMS Text Messaging

Infobip StoreSMS

By installing Infobip StoreSMS Magento module, you can keep your buyers informed about the status of their shipments. The extension is based on SMS API technology. You can download it for free.

Download Infobip StoreSMS

Order Notification SMS/Text Message

With this extension you will receive instant SMS notifications every time a new order is placed on your Magento store. You can purchase Order Notification SMS/Text Message for $9.99.

Download Order Notification SMS/Text Message Extension