75 Best Node.js Command Line Apps & Utilities

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Node.js Command Line Applications and  Utilities

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of Node.js command line apps and utilities. We’ve gathered 75 various tools approved by the Node.js community. The first part of the post describes Node.js command line applications, while the second one is dedicated to utilities.

Node.js command line apps

1. Pageres

Node.js command line apps: Pageres

The purpose of this Node.js command line app is simple, since it was designed with screenshots in mind. Pageres makes screenshots of a website in different resolutions, showing whether the website is responsive or not. Working with 10 websites simultaneously, the application can capture 100 screenshots per minute.

2. Trash

Node.js command line apps: Trash

The Trash Node.js command line app introduces a safer alternative to rm, since it moves files and folders to the trash only and does not delete them permanently. Clean your content wisely with Trash.

3. npm-name

Node.js command line apps: npm-name

This tiny Node.js CLI app check if a package name is available on npm. That’s it.

4. XO

Node.js command line apps: XO

If you wish to forget about discussing code style on a pull request, then XO is a must have tool for you. This Node.js command line app enforces strict code style via the JavaScript happiness style, reducing your headaches.

5. Speed-test

Node.js command line apps: Speed-test

The name of this tool is quite informative. It provides you with the ability to test your internet connection speed and ping via the speedtest.net website, but from the command line interface.

6. np

Node.js command line apps: np

np is a Node.js command line app that offers an advanced npm publish. Pull in remote git commits, reinstall dependencies, and run tests with np.

7. yo

Node.js command line apps: yo

This Node.js command line application is designed to run Yeoman generators and kickstart new projects. If you rely on Yeoman, yo is a must have addition to your tool set.

8. ESLint

Node.js command line apps: ESLint

If you are looking for a lightning fast pluggable utility for JavaScript, pay attention to ESLint – a Node.js command line app that meets this goal.


Node.js command line utilities: JSCS

JSCS is a code style checker for JavaScript. This Node.js command line application relies on 150+ validation rules and includes presets from such style guides as Google, Airbnb, and jQuery.

10. Standard

Node.js command line apps: Standard

Save your time with Standard – a JavaScript standard style. This Node.js application offers a single style for ruling all available styles. Besides, it catches style errors before you have them in PRs.

11. cpy

Node.js command line utilities: cpy

With this Node.js command line app, you will be able to copy files in a fast, resilient, and user-friendly manner. It is a simple but useful tool.

12. fkill

Node.js command line utilities: fkill

Fkill is a cross-platform Node.js command line app which turn killing processes into a piece of cake.

13. vantage

Node.js command line tools: vantage

If you are looking for a distributed, realtime CLI that will streamline your work with live apps, that Vantage is what you need, since it turns live Node apps into an immersive command line interface. This node.js command line tool lets you build an API for your apps as well as import community extensions.

14. vtop

Node.js command line apps: vtop

Replace your regular top with this Node.js command line application. The tool provides a better top with nice stats and charts.

15. tmpin

Node.js command line apps: tmpin

With the aid of this Node.js app, you will be able to add a stdin support to any CLI application which accepts file input. Tmpin pipes stdin to a tempfile and then spawns your app with the tempfile path that becomes the first argument.

16. empty-trash

Node.js command line apps: empty-trash

Empty-trash is a nice addition to the aforementioned Trash Node.js command line application. If Trash sends your files and folder to trash, this tool makes it empty.

17. is-up

Node.js command line apps: is-up

If you are looking for a convenient way to check if a website is up or down, we recommend you to try this Node.js command line app. The tool relies on the isitup.org API.

18. is-online

Node.js command line apps: is-online

Another Node.js command line tool that works with the Internet connection. Unlike speed-test, it only checks if the connection is up.

19. public-ip

This application provides you with the ability to get your public IP address. The tool queries the DNS records of OpenDNS to receive an entry with your address. The overall procedure is fast and easy.

20. dark-mode

Node.js command line apps: dark-mode

Looking how to toggle the OS X Dark Mode from CLI? Than you should install the dark-mode Node.js command line application, since it introduces the most user-friendly realisation of this process.

21. ttystudio

Node.js command line apps: ttystudio

If you are tired of external dependencies, gif concatenation, and bash scripts while recording your terminal and compiling it to a GIF, then it’s time to simplify your daily routine with the ttstudio Node.js command line application. This terminal-to-gif recorder will reduce all your current headaches.

22. David

Node.js command line apps: David

David will always notify you if your package npm dependencies are outdated. Just install this Node.js CLI app and keep your dependencies up to date.

23. http-server

Node.js command line apps: http-server

With this Node.js command line application, you get a simple command line HTTP server that is powerful enough for production. At the same time, it’s quite hackable for learning, testing, and local development.

24. Live Server

This is another HTTP server among other Node.js command line apps. This time, it is a simple software solution with livereload capability aimed at development.

25. bcat

Node.js command line apps: bcat

bcat enhance your development by adding a pipe command output to the web browser. Besides saving your configuration via command line arguments you can rely on .bcatrc.

26. normit

Node.js command line tools: normit

This Node.js command line app adds Google Translate with the support for such useful feature as speech synthesis to your terminal. And you can get it as a Node package.

27. slap

Node.js command line apps: slap

If you are looking for a robust terminal-based text editor then pay attention to slap. This Node.js command line application strives to simplify editing from the terminal and at the same time make it more useful.

28. jsinspect

Node.js command line apps: jsinspect

With this Node.js command line app you will never meii copy-pasted or structurally similar code. The inspector not only  identifies duplicate code, but even detects modified snippets and shows what common boilerplate or logic should be refactored.

29. esformatter

Node.js command line tools: esformatter

Make your code better with this formatter for JavaScript. Unfortunately, this Node.js application is still under construction, but it seems to be very useful.

30. pjs

Node.js command line apps: pjs

pjs knows how to accept input on stdin and read from a file list. The application provides you with pipeable JavaScript and offers the ability to map, filter, and reduce from the terminal without headaches.

31. license-checker

Node.js command line apps: license-checker

This is another Node.js command line application that works with dependencies. This time, the app checks their licenses.

32. browser-run

With the help of the browser-run Node CLI tool, you get the ability to run code within the environment of your browser, which is often very helpful.

33. modhelp

Node.js command line apps: modhelp

This application renders a README.md for npm modules in the terminal. You get syntax-highlighted READMEs with ANSI-friendly pager.

34. wifi-password

Node.js command line apps: wifi-password

If you don’t know your current wifi password, you can easily check it with this Node.js command line app.

35. wallpaper

Node.js command line apps: wallpaper

Don’t you know that it is possible to change wallpapers via Node.js applications from your command line? Examine how well this feature work with the wallpaper app.

36. brightness

Node.js command line apps: brightness

Moreover, you can change brightness of the screen. Just install this Node.js command line application.

37. torrent

Node.js command line apps: torrent

If you are a torrent user, then this Node.js CLI tool is a must have solution, since it streamlines the way you download torrents.

38. tfa

This application is aimed at those users who are tired of having to pull their phones every time they try to pass two-factor authentication. The Node.js tool reduces the necessity to do that, but does not affect safety.

39. rtail

Node.js command line apps: rtail

rtail is a Node.js command line tool that grabs every line in stdin to broadcasts it over UDP. As a result, you get terminal output to the browser within seconds via UNIX pipes.

40. kill-tabs

Chrome tabs kill your performance, increase battery usage, and use tons of memory, but you can kill them with this Node.js command line app.

41. alex

Node.js command line apps: alex

Node.js apps can be used in all possible areas. For instance, they can help you find unequal phrases related to race or religion inconsiderate. One of such applications is alex.

42. pen

Node.js command line apps: pen

With this tool, you get a Live Markdown preview right in the browser via the editor of your choice.

43. subdownloader

Node.js command line apps: subdownloader

There is even a subtitle downloader among Node.js command line apps. It suits best for both movies and TV series.

44. iponmap

Node.js command line apps: iponmap

The iponmap Node.js command line application provides the ability to find any IP on the world map. The best thing about this tool is that you do everything right in your terminal.

45. Jsome

Node.js command line apps: Jsome

This tool makes your JSON looks astonishing by printing it with  configurable colors and indentations.

46. itunes-remote

Node.js command line apps: itunes-remote

As you might have guessed, this Node.js command line application provides the ability to control your iTunes from CLI.

Node.js command line utilities

47. chalk

Node.js command line apps: chalk

Chalk is a clean and focused alternative to colors.js which eliminates some common problems related to colors.js. Thus, this Node.js command line utility provide proper terminal string styling.

48. meow

Node.js command line apps: meow

Meow is a CLI app helper that parses arguments, converts flags, outputs version and descriptions, etc. It is a very useful but yet simple Node.js command line utility.

49. minimist

Node.js command line apps: minimist

Get the guts of optimist’s argument parser and parse argument options with another Node.js CLI utility dubbed minimist.

50. get-stdin

Node.js command line tools: get-stdin

With this Node.js utility, you can essentially simplify your work with stdin by getting it as a string or buffer.

51. user-home

Node.js command line tools: user-home

This tiny Node.js command line tool provides the ability to get a path to a user’s home directory. It was made long before a native os-homedir method.

52. log-update

Node.js command line apps: log-update

If you have to deal with rendering progress bars and animations, this Node.js command line utility will remain in your tool set for a long time, since it provide the ability to log by overwriting the previous output right in the terminal.

53. Inquirer.js

This one is a stunning command line interface for Node.js which offers a lot of advanced features such as asking questions, validating answers, and providing error feedback.

54. update-notifier

Node.js command line utilities:  update-notifier

If you are a package developer, you can inform your users about updates in a non-intrusive way via this Node.js command line utility.

55. ansi-escapes

For those users looking for ANSI escape codes in the terminal, we recommend to check this Node.js utility, as it implements these codes and simplifies your daily work.

56. sudo-block

Node.js command line utilities: sudo-block

Blocking users from running your application is possible with sudo-block. This Node.js utility relies on root permissions to prevent others from using your app.

57. configstore

With this tool, you don’t have to think about where and how to load and persist config. You just do what you need.

58. insight

Node.js command line utilities: insight

Get a deep insight into how your tool is used by using this Node.js command line utility. It anonymously sends usage metrics to Google Analytics and you get the results.

59. log-symbols

Node.js command line utilities: log-symbols

Highlight different log levels with colored symbols and make your project more clear with the log-symbols Node.js CLI utility.

60. figures

Node.js command line utilities: figures

With this instrument, you will get a set of unicode symbols. All symbols support Windows CMD fallbacks.

61. string-width

Node.js command line utilities: string-width

This Node.js command line utility is aimed at measuring the visual width of a string. It reports the number of columns required to display the string.

62. first-run

Sometimes it is important to know if the process is running for the first time. You can get this precious information with the first-run Node.js command line utility..

63. sparkly

Node.js command line utilities: sparkly

As you might have guessed from the name of this Node CLI utility, it generate sparklines. Please note that Sparkly is a JavaScript port of spark.sh.

64. vorpal

Node.js command line utilities: vorpal

Vorpal provides an opportunity to dive into the world of such immersive CLI environments as wat and vantage. This Node.js framework suits best for creating interactive CLI apps.

65. blessed

Node.js command line utilities: blessed

Blessed is a curses-like terminal interface library which contains more than 16,000 lines of code. It streamlines a lot of daily processes. For further information, go to its GitHub.

66. yn

Node.js command line utilities: yn

Yn is designed to help you with parsing yes/no like values. This Node.js command line utility is useful while validating answers from CLI prompts.

67. cli-table

Node.js command line utilities: cli-table

CLI-table offers a set of unicode tables with customizable characters,background styling, column width customization, and other features.

68. drawille

Node.js command line utilities: drawille

This Node.js command line utility provides the ability to draw right on the terminal with the aid of unicode braille characters.

69. googleauth

Simplify your daily routine with persistent Google authentication tokens by creating and loading them for command-line apps with the googleauth Node CLI utility.

70. ascii-charts

Node.js command line utilities: ascii-charts

By using this Node.js tool, you will be able to enhance your terminal with the ASCII bar chart.

71. progress

This one is another Node.js command utility related to ASCII. This time it is responsible for a flexible progress bar.

72. cli-cursor

Node.js command line utilities: cli-cursor

If you want to toggle the CLI cursor, pay attention to this cli-cursor utility for Node.js.

73. columnify

Node.js command line utilities: columnify

With the columnify utility, you will get an opportunity to create text-based columns without any headaches. The columns are suitable for console output as well as Support cell wrapping.

74. cfonts

Node.js command line utilities: cfonts

If you are looking for a better design solution for your console, pay attention to this Node.js command line utility, since it adds some nice ASCII fonts.

75. multispinner

Node.js command line utilities: multispinner

To enhance your work with CLI spinners, we recommend you to pay attention to the multispinner Node utility. First of all, it provides the ability to use multiple spinners. Then it is necessary to mention that you can use them simultaneous. And finally, we should say that they can be individually controllable.


That was our list of the best Node.js command line apps and utilities. What solutions from this article do you use? What tools would you recommend to other readers?