How To Update Shopware 6 Through Shell

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In the following article, we shed light on how to upgrade your Shopware 6 website to the latest version through the shell. Please, pay heed to the fact that every Shopware update falls within the ambit of experienced specialists already familiar with the challenge. If you already have such skills or want to gain them within the test environment, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we shed light upon the key prerequisites necessary for every update. You will learn to secure your Shopware 6 update and maintain the extension compatibility. After that, we proceed to the upgrade procedure in the shell. It consists of the following steps: unzip the update and provide it to the system, execute and complete the update, flush caches, validate changes, and update the extensions. So, let’s run through the preparations and see how to update Shopware 6 in the shell. You can find more materials about the platform in our Cookbook.   Continue Reading

How to Run Product Import in Magento 2 from CLI

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Magento 2 Development; Magento 2 tutorial

If you want to optimize your daily routine related to Magento 2 product import, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we shed light on several data transfer optimizations that will help you save tons of time spent on daily chores. Many merchants look for tips on how to import products to Magento 2 using the command line interface or an alternative way to achieve the same goal. Below, you will find the answer. The following article is based on the StackExchange question by Massimo Camoni and the answer by Khoa TruongDinh. However, it extends the solution provided in the discussion. So, let’s see how to run Magento 2 product import via CLI. Also, you will find out what commands to use to export products from Magento 2.
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How to Run Product Import on Daily Basis in Magento 2

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Magento 2 Development

Below, we shed light on how to run Magento 2 import processes on a daily basis. You can do that either in your admin interface or via CLI. While Magento 2 doesn’t let you automate data transfer processes and there is no way to use CLI to control imports and exports, you can enable the missing functionality with the help of third-party solutions. In the article below, we explain how to run Magento 2 import processes daily and use CLI to control them with the help of Improved Import & Export.

Also, you can look for an alternative point of view on Magento StackExchange. Take a look at the question by Massimo Camoni and the answer by Khoa TruongDinh. Since we leverage the advanced import functionality of the Improved Import & Export extension to address the issues mentioned in the discussion, you will also find a section that describes other possibilities the module provides.
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How to Export Products from Magento 2 via CLI

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Magento 2 export CLI

Although most Magento 2 administrators prefer working with their e-commerce website strength in the admin area, there are still many people who require the same management opportunities to be implemented with the command line interface. However, the default data transfer solutions of Magento 2 don’t let you do that. Both import and export tools are useful only for basic purposes. If you want to export products from Magento 2 using the command-line interface, you need a third-party solution. In the following material, we describe how to transfer data via CLI from your e-commerce website with the help of Improved Import & Export. Besides, we shed light upon the corresponding data import processes. You can find more tips on how to work with Magento 2 in our Cookbook. To make the long story short, let’s focus on how to import and export products and other entities in Magento 2 via CLI.

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How to repair Magento 2 database

Magento 2 import export debug log

While Magento 1 offers an official tool designed to repair a database, nothing similar exists for Magento 2. You cannot find issues and fix them as quickly as most of us got used to. Indeed, there is an unofficial replacement for Magento 1 Database Repair Tool. Below, we shed light on how to repair the Magento 2 database in the most user-friendly manner. Besides, you will find out how to integrate Magento 2 with any external databases. Continue Reading

How to Upgrade to Magento 2.3: Update & Error Fixes

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Magento 2.3 Features

In the following article, we describe how to upgrade your e-commerce website to Magento 2.3 – the latest version of our favorite e-commerce platform. Besides, you will find solutions of the most common issues related to the process. If you want to get all the latest benefits Magento offers, change the version of your platform immediately. This guide will teach you how to achieve this goal. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Command Line Tool (/bin/magento)

- Magento 2

Magento 2 CLI

Since Magento 2 provides a very useful implementation of Symfony’s Console component, you can easily perform tons of important actions from a command line interface. It is possible to reindex, clean cache, generate code, create database backups, and run other commands with the help of this instrument. Moreover, you can easily enhance the existing solution with your own commands aimed at your Magento 2 extensions. Below, I explain how to use Magento 2 CLI tool and what commands to run. Continue Reading

Best Tools And Extensions For Magento Developers (debug, extensions development, IDE plugins, data base debug, unit tests)

- Magento tips & tricks


In this post, you will find all the necessary extensions and tools for the Magento development. Although there are free and paid solutions with absolutely different functionalities produced by both big companies and single developers, each Magento development extension, plugin, or tool offers a great opportunity to improve the way you work within the platform. Some tools will help you to reduce time and effort usually spent on performing various routine tasks, while others will make your projects more robust and reliable. We will provide you with more details after the break.

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