Exploring Shopware: System Requirements for Shopware 6

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Installing every e-commerce platform is associated with various requirements. You should follow them to create a fully-functional online storefront. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to properly manage your e-commerce website. And Shopware 6 is not an exception. This platform requires you to follow a bunch of specific conditions. Therefore, we shed light on the Shopware 6 system requirements in the following article. Note that your server must meet them. Also, note that Shopware 6 receives regular updates. Hence, it is vital to monitor what changes are suitable for your software version, upgrading your server to be compatible with the latest system requirements for Shopware.


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Shopware 6 System Requirements

In the following article, you will see a list of system requirements for Shopware 6. We divide them into the following three categories:

  • Operating System;
  • Operating Environment;
  • Other Recommended Parameters.

Let’s take a look at the first group of Shopware 6 system requirements. 

The Best Operating System for Shopware 6

By default, Shopware 6 is compatible with most Unix-based operating systems. However, there is one that suits its e-commerce needs the most. The official Shopware documentation recommends installing Shopware 6 on Linux. For instance, Ubuntu is fully suitable with the platform, following Shopware 6 system requirements.

At the same time, it is also worth your attention that a Windows server is not compatible with any Shopware version. Therefore, using this operating system for your server is a bad idea. The platform is not designed to run on a Windows server, and there is no evidence that it will be capable of doing that in the future.

Operating Environment

There is a bunch of Shopware 6 system requirements associated with the environment the platform works in. 


The Shopware 6 system requirements associated with PHP include the following norms:

  • PHP Version. You should use PHP 7.2 or higher to run your Shopware 6 website. However, some newer versions are not compatible for the system. Thus, Shopware 6 doesn’t support 7.2.20 and 7.3.7.
  • memory_limit. Shopware 6 requires setting up a memory limit of 512M or higher.
  • max_execution_time. The maximum execution time for PHP must be not less than 30 seconds.


You should install the following extensions to follow the system requirements for Shopware 6:

  • -dom
  • -fileinfo
  • -gd
  • -iconv
  • -intl
  • -json
  • -libxml
  • -mbstring
  • -openssl
  • -pcre
  • -pdo
  • -pdo_mysql
  • -phar
  • -simplexml
  • -xml
  • -zip
  • -zlib


Shopware 6 requires MySQL 5.7.21 or higher. However, versions 8.0.20 and 8.0.21 are not compatible. Shopware 6 doesn’t support them due to technical problems associated with these versions.

Alternatively, you can streamline MariaDB 10.3+.


Also, note that Apache 2.4 or higher is necessary to follow Shopware 6 system requirements. Enable mod-rewrite to use it properly.

Other Recommended Requirements

As for other Shopware 6 system requirements, they look as follows: 

  • Zend Opcache. It should be 256M or higher;
  • APCu. Here, 128M or higher are required;
  • Web server. Your web server should support HTTP2;
  • Database AdministrationAdminer is recommended as a database administration tool due to its support for binary data types.

That’s it! Please, note that you can always check the latest Shopware system requirements here.