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Mirasvit Advanced Reports for Magento 2 and 1

Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento 2 extension review; Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento module overview

It is hard to argue the every ecommerce business requires constant analysis. Otherwise, there is a risk to lose everything or at least run an online enterprise with the least possible effectiveness. Unfortunately, the default Magento platform (we are talking about its both versions) does not offer a robust analytics and reporting system, but you can always rely on third-party solutions, such as Mirasvit Advanced Reports. The tool lets you get the profound insight into the performance of your Magento website, and below we will introduce you to all nuances of the Advanced Reports extension. Mirasvit’s module is available for both Magento 2 and Magento 1, so it doesn’t matter what version of the ecommerce platform you use.

The closest competitor of this tool is AheadWorks Advanced Reports. The best Magento 1 extensions related to this niche are gathered here: Extended Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Magento. Also, if you are looking for appropriate Magento 2 modules, we are going to collect all of them here: Extended Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Magento 2.
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Extended Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Magento (The Best Extensions and Services)

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Advanced Magento reporting and analytics

The Internet is full of different analytics and reporting solutions aimed at all possible platforms including Magento. Both third-party marketplaces and Magento Connect offer all sorts of reporting extensions and analytics tools. But why do we pay attention to them?

Unfortunately, the default Magento reporting system is not robust enough to optimize your ecommerce business. At the same time, such free tools as Google Analytics don’t work with information related to sales, purchases, and conversions. That’s why we recommend you to enhance your business with the help of additional Magento extensions, plugins, and modules, or even standalone platforms. The best solutions for extended analytics and reporting are described below. Continue Reading