Magento 2 Seminar in The Netherlands (January 22nd 2016)

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Magento 2 Seminar

Now that Magento 2 is here, the community is slowly getting adjusted to the existence of this great new platform. However, one question that is raised often is “When should I migrate?”. The blunt answer to this is “When you are ready!”, which of course leads to new questions like “How do I know when I am ready?”. The point is that Magento 2 is entirely new – it requires a different approach from hosting providers with new Virtual Host settings and an up-to-date PHP stack, it requires a complete rewrite of code of Magento 1 extensions, it requires different building procedures for themes (LESS, SASS, Grunt), it requires a lot. However, the technology is cool and there are many good reasons to migrate to Magento 2 – performance, less conflicts, more stability, testing built-in, etcetera. So for you as Magento professional, the question is not “if” you are going to migrate to Magento 2, but “when”.


Dependencies to get started

There are a lot of dependencies here: A webshop can only be migrated to Magento 2, if all its extensions are available under Magento 2. The hosting environment needs to be ready to. And whenever problems are encountered, implementation partners and system administrators need to be able to pickup on those issues – provided they have sufficient knowledge of Magento 2. In short, everybody needs to become active and needs to start with Magento 2. The main message to extension developers is that they should be the first in line to get their extensions working under Magento 2. The hosting providers should also have their servers Magento 2 ready. However, other developers, solution partners and merchants also need to get ready: Install a sample Magento 2 site, get used to it, try to break it, try to extend it, etcetera.

Start together with Magento 2

The solution is simple: Everybody needs to start with Magento 2. To make this possible, Yireo and Dutchento are organizing a Magento 2 Seminar on Friday January 22nd 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The main goal is to share knowledge about Magento 2 but also to socialize with everybody who is eager to embrace Magento 2 as e-commerce platform. There will be lightning talks (in Dutch), a panel discussion and social talk. Ben Marks is also coming over for a keynote. The aim is to attract over 200 merchants, developers, hosters and marketeers, so that everbody is able to meet everybody.


Tickets and more details are available on the events website: (Dutch only)