How to Re-Energise Your eCommerce with 5 Brand-New Magento Templates of this Summer

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Online shoppers are savvier than ever. They are looking for the websites that provide impeccable user experience, extraordinary yet clear design, and flawless performance. You have to adjust your existing e-store to their requirements. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail in the context of tough competition on the market.

How to easily improve your current web shop or launch a new shopping platform in a short period of time? With a rich variety of premium responsive Magento templates, this task won’t cause difficulties. 

Download Responsive Magento Templates

These layouts totally meet all the latest web requirements and correspond to the website developing norms. Webmasters have worked out products with the best user experience possible.

Top-rated Magento templates dedicated to various business niches feature:

  1. The optimized code for major search engines and complete compatibility with different browsers.
  2. Mobile-friendly layouts flowing impeccably on small-sized screens.
  3. Thought-out interface with intuitive navigation.
  4. Marketing-friendly, cutting-edge, smartly organized design crafted in accordance with the latest web trends.
  5. A set of selling options providing shoppers with a superb shopping experience on the website.

It goes without saying that building a web store using a ready-made template is easier, faster, and more affordable in comparison with ordering a custom design. At times, it’s the best way to run a solid website without effort. In addition to a number of basic features and pleasing extensions, a website owner gets access to life-term competent support.

No doubts, website owners will benefit from AMP technology Magento themes offer. This Google-based framework is aimed to provide a user-first format for web content. Be sure that your posts, images, products, promo will firstly grab mobile users’ attention since your pages will have the advantage over other web pages.

Take inspiration from this outstanding collection of 5 brand-new magento of this summer.

Download 5 brand-new Magento templates for business

Each has a niche-specific design, unique features, and useful plugins for all occasions.

Landrager – Extreme and Outdoor Sports eCommerce Magento Theme

Download Landrager — Extreme and Outdoor Sports eCommerce Magento Theme

25% of global shoppers make a purchase online. For the reason, if your sporting goods store has not yet had an online presence, you have to improve the situation. This new, fresh looking and professionally crafted Magento template will help you get your business noticed on the web. In addition to multiple e-commerce options incorporated, Landrager offers:

  • A rich variety of page layouts for all occasions
  • Different header/footer styles
  • Diverse types of products
  • Megamenu extension integrated
  • Ajax plugins package included

Parts’n’Tires – Car Tuning Clean Responsive Magento Theme

Download Parts’n’Tires — Car Tuning Clean Responsive Magento Theme

Buying every imaginable product online is a trend today. Car tuning items are not exclusion, thus try to launch a feature-rich estore using this responsive theme. Part’n’Tires Magento theme has a well-organized interface and cutting-edge design allowing you to run an impeccably looking and functioning ecommerce site. What’s under the hood of this theme:

  • Three unique home-page layouts
  • A fully fledged product page
  • A handy menu builder with the ability to create a drop-down menu
  • Useful Ajax search tool integrated

Hefflem – Kitchen Equipment eCommerce Magento Theme

Download Hefflem — Kitchen Equipment eCommerce Magento Theme

With Hefflem Magento-based theme, your ecommerce can easily skyrocket on the market. Thanks to a bulk of features and extensions integrated, the template can be easily turned into a kitchen equipment webshop without effort. With its intuitive interface and smooth performance, your customers will appreciate a shopping experience on your service. Pay attention to the core theme’s features:

  • Catchy image slider to present your items
  • Product display variants suited to every fancy
  • AMP technology to make mobile content appear immediately
  • Extensible cart options

Volta – Electric Vehicles Parts and Components Minimal Magento Theme

Download Volta — Electric Vehicles Parts and Components Minimal Magento Theme

With Volta theme’s capabilities, your ecommerce venture will reach tons of web users who can turn to your loyal customers in the nearest future. The theme includes an impressive package of helpful extensions allowing your ecommerce business shine on the web as soon as possible. Alongside with advanced customization options, an owner achieves unique, thought-out header and footer variants that guarantee intuitive navigation throughout the site. Moreover, Volta offers:

  • One-click layout switcher
  • Google maps extension for Contact page
  • Live Ajax search box
  • Quick screen adaptation to any gadget size

Vynilla – AMP Audio Store Magento Theme

Download Vynilla — AMP Audio Store Magento Theme

If you sell audio items, Vynilla will help you expand the number of your potential customers and reach millions of mobile users. This fully responsive theme boasts Accelerated Mobile Page technology inside. It means that your store will be faster for mobile users that will make it more appetible for them. Modern online shoppers appreciate speed, simplicity, and accessibility. Vynilla looks juicy with such features as:

  • Parallax animation integrated
  • Smart product labels and other attractive details
  • Megamenu to make site navigation more intuitive
  • Film slider to grab visitors’ attention at a glance

Comprehensive Ajax package intended to provide shoppers with a first-rate shopping experience
Whatever you need for launching a full-featured ecommerce business, you can find there. This list of 5 brand-new, modern-looking, sleek-crafted, and tech-savvy Magenta themes proves that running a website is easy a pie and doesn’t require extra effort. For an incredibly affordable price, you achieve an accurate documentation pack, 24/7 support, and an extensive set of selling options. Working with such a theme is a pleasure. AMP-based themes guarantee to generate huge mobile traffic and increase your sales.