MS Dynamics Integration Add-on for Magento 2

This is an add-on of Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2. With MS Dynamics integration add-on you can sychronize product, order, customer, and address data from MS Dynamics Business Central with your Magento 2 store.

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Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento 2.4.5 Open Source (Community), Adobe Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition include B2B & Omnichannel!

NOTE: Magento 2 versions 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 no longer receive updates by Adobe Magento

Extension works on hundreds live Magento 2 stores worldwide!

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If you are looking how to connect your MS Dynamics with Magento 2 - you have come to the right place

This is MS Dynamics Add-on of Improved Import and Export extension that can establish bidirectional sync between your Magento 2 store and MS Dynamics Business Central - a Microsoft developed ERP and CRM software.

The add-on works in conjunction with Improved Import and Export extension and uses the extension interface for connection management. With MS Dynamics addon you can synchronize the following MS Dynamics data with Magento 2:

  • Full inventory sync with products and item lists.
  • Product pricing, tier pricing, product price adjustments during sync.
  • Customer accounts, credit limit information, customer groups, guest customer accounts, account updates, billing and shipping addresses.
  • Order and sales data including tax details, payment info, shipping, and tracking data.
  • Want other entities synchronized? Chat with us or drop us a line.

The Magento 2 is connected to the MS Dynamics via API. You decide how you want to run the updates - manually, using cron schedule, on Magento 2 or MS Dynamics events.

How MS Dynamics add-on works

Let’s take products as an example. When you are importing products from MS Dynamics you need to get:

  • Get your Dynamics username.
  • Generate Web Service Access password.
  • Copy Azure directory ID.

Magento 2 integration with MS Dynamics Business Central

The connection works both ways. The extension will import products from MS Dynamics into your Magento 2 catalog, or will export the catalog to Dynamics. Schedule this process with Magento 2 or Dynamics events or set a schedule, and the only thing you are left with is effective management.

What you get with MS Dynamics Add-On

  • Get to more time for other tasks and free your managers from daily routine by automating the synchronization process - all the manual processes of transferring the data between Magento 2 and MS Dynamics can be automated.
  • Upload relevant data and make no mistakes - when the integration with MS Dynamics is set up and running every relevant data is synchronized automatically, leaving no place for human-made mistakes.
  • Save money - no subscriptions, no recurring payments, no SAAS middleware with charges on the synched data volumes or transaction numbers. The add-on, along with Improved Import and Export extension is a one-time purchase. You don’t have to worry about the subscription end dates and can rely on your in-house technical team for maintenance.
  • Use every feature of Improved Import and Export extension - the add-on is a connector which is based of Improved Import and Export extension - a management tool fully-operational from your Magento 2 administrator panel.

About MS Dynamics integration to Magento 2

The add-on works on the base of Improved Import and Export extension, meaning that the extension should be installed prior to connecting your Magento 2 with MS Dynamics. It also means that you get every feature of Improved Import and Export extension. Firebear team made the connection with MS Dynamics work with every feature of Improved Import and Export extension allowing you to benefit from filters, mapping, scheduling and other time-saving tools.

Improved Import and Export Magento 2 extension MS Dynamics integration

Once the add-on is installed you select the entity you want to synchronize with your Magento 2, select MS Dynamics as an import source, apply necessary attribute mappings and adjustment and schedule the preferred execution time. The rest is handled automatically, leaving you with more time for the other tasks.

Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2

MS Dynamics Add-on works with Improved Import and Export extension and utilizes its functionality and interface for synchronization purposes. The extension is a fully-featured import and export solution that can help you automate catalog updates, improved order management process, and customer tracking. The use cases are pretty much unlimited.

Magento 2 Improved Import and Export extension use cases

Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 is an extension that is fully operational from the administrator panel. It requires little to no programming skills and comes with extensive documentation covering the workflow step by step. For more information on the available functionality visit the extension product page.

The main extension features include:

  • Support of CSV, XML, Json, XLSX, ODS file types for import and export
  • Support of direct file upload, FTP, SFTP, direct URL, Dropbox for import and export sources
  • Support of Google Sheets tables for importing data - copy the link, paste it, and run import
  • Support of products, customers, addresses, product attributes, categories, cart price rules, static blocks, static pages, and other Magento 2 entities
  • Full support of Magento 2.3 multi-source inventory functionality added with community-developed MSI extension
  • Full support of Magento 2 Commerce B2B entities with B2B Add-on: companies, company roles, shared catalogs, requisition lists, quotes, and negotiable quotes
  • Attribute mapping, export filters, price updates, configurable product custom logic and other tools that simplify the import and export processes
  • Open code and customization endpoints for your in-house developers to adjust the extension for your tasks

MS Dynamics ERP and CRM competition

In the ERP and CRM competition MS Dynamics Business Central is a standout colossus. Microsoft team offers both enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, connected together in a single management solution. Gathering every management aspect together, combining functionality, offering quick and precise tools is what helps MS Dynamics to ease the workload, optimize processes, and keep data accessible.

MS Dynamics Business Central features

Reasons to choose Dynamics over competitors

The features include:

  • Latest technologies - being the leading market ERP and CRM system provider, you can expect Microsoft to deliver relevant updates on time and keep you safe and secure.
  • Everything in one place - being a unified platform, MS Dynamics offers cloud synchronization allowing your staff to work efficiently saving time on daily routine.
  • AI analytics - sales, market research, company overview - discover strengths and weaknesses of your business, get relevant predictions and build your plans accordingly.

Improved Import and Export extension uses add-ons to connect with third-party management software. If you are interested in particular integration you cannot find on the store - hit us up on chat or leave a message.

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