Exponentially Faster Magento 2 Hosting with LiteMage Cache

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Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

Looking for the fastest, most scalable, and secure hosting for Magento 2? Look for a hosting provider that offers LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) and LiteMage Cache.

By now, everyone knows that Magento itself recommends Varnish to cache your Magento 2 store. There are many reasons for this, mostly it boils down to the fact that NGINX+Varnish is free and widely used due to that fact. So, what other options are there?

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What about LiteSpeed WebServer and LiteMage Cache? For years various hosts have boasted about LiteMage being much faster than Varnish. Although it is not free, it is much easier to set up and configure than both Varnish and Redis. Just looking at a bit of graphical data, while you nod along pretending to fully understand it can give you a good idea. Let’s get into some data science courtesy of Ike Devolder.

First, let’s take a look at the transaction comparison between LiteMage Cache and Varnish/NGINX:

Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

This graph represents the total number of transactional page yields (using Siege). Simply put, LiteMage handles more than Varnish.

Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

These two graphs represent the RAM and CPU usage comparison between LiteMage Cache and Varnish/NGINX.

Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

This graph is rather self-explanatory, first page load time comparison (Magento 2).

Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

The last graph is directly from LiteSpeed itself, back when Magento 1.9 was new. It’s not exactly important information anymore, but it is informational.

What exactly are the features of LiteMage Cache, you may wonder.  Multiple different people and companies have benchmarked to compare. The results are usually the same. The modest estimate is that LiteMage is 2x faster than anything else, and 10x faster than some of those cache configurations that nobody considers relevant.

Breaking it down to the simplest features sheds a bit of light:

  • LiteMage Cache is incredibly easy to set up and configure.
  • LiteMage Cache is at least 2x faster than other full-page caching solutions.
  • LiteMage Cache requires very little CPU and RAM to function properly, in fact, it’s often used to decrease CPU usage by problem stores with poorly optimized extensions.
  • LiteMage Cache retrieves multiple content blocks per request (as opposed to block by block), which leads to far superior page load times.
  • LiteMage Cache natively supports SSL, no workarounds to get HTTPS working!
  • LiteMage Cache is designed for scalability, and you can set the limits you want to set aside for caching. Default is truly default and works well for most stores.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server boasts built-in anti-DDoS protection from common HTTP attacks.

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