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FireBear Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 – Extension Change Log

- Magento 2, Our extensions
Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2
Extension Manual | Guide to configurable products

Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 – the complete enhancement for configurable product, allowing for dynamic content updates, custom options for configurable products and many more.



  • QTY of products in stock is now displayed at the product page
  • Matrix grid can now be enabled per product
  • Added mass actions for configurable product attributes used in matrix grid
  • URL rewrites extension command can now be applied to products with all visibility settings, not only ‘not visible individually’
  • Added an option to enable/disable breadcrumb updates
  • Added an option to display a drop-down (attribute type) on the product pages with matrix grid enabled
  • Full Magento 2.3 compatibility

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed issue with the recalculation of the price of the bundle product in which there is a configurable product in decimal
  • Fixed issue with escaping characters in canonical URL
  • Fixed issue with setting up area code in the command line
  • Fixed issue with di:compile for Magento 2.2.*
  • Fixed issue with di:compile for Magento 2.2.8
  • Fixed issue with recalculating the tier prices when the qty the product option uses decimals
  • Fixed issue with displaying tier prices in the matrix of a configurable product
  • Fixed the “detail tab” improperly displaying for Magento 2.3.x
  • Fixed issue when the variation of the configurable product has only one custom option with the type ‘file’
  • Fixed issue when the variation of the configurable product has custom options with the type ‘text’
  • Fixed issue when the variation of the configurable product has custom options with the type ‘select’
  • Fixed issue with default Magento 2 placeholder images displayed for out of stock simple products
  • Fixed issue with price range applied to the wrong products at the product details page
  • Fixed issue when customers aren’t allowed to change a previous selection in some cases
  • Fixed issue with editing products in the shopping cart
  • Fixed issue with tier price display for the variations of configurable products in a bundle
  • Fixed issue with displaying regular price at the bundle product page. Regular price will now be displayed only for the ‘fixed’ price type
  • Matrix grid can now be enabled per store view
  • Fixed issue with ‘Maximum function nesting level’
  • Fixed a broken bundle product page on Magento 2.3.2
  • Fixed issue with display the default price when loading a page of a configurable product
  • Fixed issue with duplicating custom options in the cart
  • Fixed issue with ‘As low as’ label not being properly removed
  • Added mass update of matrix axis attributes
  • Added possibility to hide prices for ‘Not Logged In’ customers
  • Fixed issue with displaying image swatches
  • Removed custom image sorting in the product gallery
  • Fixed issue with price recalculation when using custom options of ‘checkbox’ type
  • Fixed issue at the wish list page
  • Fixed issue with adding a bundle product with options that have configurable product in the wish list
  • Added a condition to display only ‘From’ price if the min price is equal to the max price
  • Added automatic updates of the product name in the summary block at bundle product pages
  • Added automatic updates of the images of the bundle product options
  • Fixed issue with the wrong size of the main image at configurable product pages
  • Fixed issue with video playback at configurable product pages
  • Price “From” of the product bundle option now properly considers child configurable product prices
  • Fixed issue with automatically updating description block at the product pages
  • Fixed issue at the checkout page when choosing shipping method for a bundle product with a configurable products attached
  • Fixed issue with removing the variations of a custom products, when the variation has a required custom option
  • Fixed issue where the breadcrumbs and URLs were not properly updated when removing selection on the child products

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