The Best Referral And Affiliate Marketing Magento Extensions

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Add new customers to your e-commerce business by implementing referral and affiliate marketing. The difference between them is that the affiliate marketing relationships are financially driven while the ones in referral marketing are personal. By choosing affiliate marketing, you motivate your customers to promote your business for the financial reward. As a result, they work with people they don’t know. In its turn, referral marketing relies on altruism, underpinned by a discount or some other incentive. In referral marketing, your customers recommend you to someone know quite well. Now when you know the difference, we can introduce you to the most reliable referral and affiliate marketing Magento extensions.

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

Magento 2 Referral And Affiliate Marketing Extensions

As you can see, by implementing both referral and affiliate marketing, you can get new customers and boost sales. There are a lot of Magento extensions designed to enhance your Magento store with these marketing strategies, and you will find the best of them in this article.

Affiliate Magento Extension by aheadWorks

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

With Affiliate by aheadWorks, you will be able to build a strong team of sales reps, who will use their opt-in lists and visitors to promote your e-commerce store and products. The good news is that you have to pay them only if they make a profit for you. The extension costs $99. Hit the below link for all its features.

Download aheadWorks Affiliate Magento Extension

Affiliate Magento Extension by Magestore

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

With Affiliate Magento extension, you will get 6 ways for affiliates to refer their friends. There are also 4 different methods for store-owners. Affiliate module itself consists of a core extension and 11 plugins. You only have to pay for plugins and features you are going to use. In addition, there is a free lifetime support for this extension. You can download the module for $99.

Auguria Sponsorship

sponsorship magento extension

This affiliate Magento extension allows your customers to earn sponsorship points. Client accounts have user friendly interfaces for monitoring their achievements and awards. The module relies on invitation forms and works with cookies. It is highly customizable and provides tons of features. Auguria Sponsorship is absolutely free.

Download Auguria Sponsorship Magento Module

aheadWorks Refer a Friend Referral Magento Extension

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

Turn your customers into your ambassadors. Combine viral and affiliate marketing without any need to launch a conventional affiliate program with Refer a Friend module for Magento. Stimulate your visitors to invite their friends to your e-commerce store by using percentage or flat discounts on their own purchase. As a result, you will get more customers and boost revenues. aheadWorks Refer a Friend costs $99.

Download aheadWorks Refer a Friend Magento Referral Extension

Reward Points by Magestore

By installing Reward Points Magento extension on your e-commerce store, you will provide your customers with a variety of loyalty programs. The module is highly customizable, so you can set a lot of different conditions for earning and spending points. As a store owner, you will get a free lifetime updates and support for the module. The extension costs $99.

Reward Points by Mirasvit

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

Turn your visitors into loyal and profitable customers and brand advocates with Reward Points  by Mirasvit. By using this module, you will be able to transform your e-commerce Magento store into a customer-centric profit machine. Create your unique loyalty program, which is based on the ability to earn points for every purchase or actions on your site. Reward Points is highly customizable and costs $79.

Get Mirasvit Reward Points Referral Magento Extension

Sweet Tooth Loyalty & Reward Points

With this extension you will be able to create a successful loyalty and rewards program, which will convert your visitors into first time buyers and first time buyers into profitable customers and brand advocates. Sweet Tooth Loyalty & Reward Points Magento module is highly customizable, so you can set different conditions of how your visitors earn and spend their points. The extension costs $59.

Download Sweet Tooth Loyalty & Reward Points Referral Magento Extension

MageWorld Affiliate Pro Magento Extension 

affiliatepro magento extension

Build your own affiliate network with this affiliate Magento extension. The module provides the ability to sign up affiliates and manage their accounts. Your customers will easily refer their friends by email, IM, banners, and social networks. The module supports different affiliate programs designed to promote specific products, categories, or brands. You can buy this extension for $197.

Purchase Affiliate Pro Extension by MageWorld

Affiliate by Magegiant

With this affiliate Magento module you will get the ability to increase traffic, boost sales, extend your awareness of your brand, generate qualified leads, and get better rankings. Affiliate by Magegiant is also designed to implement automated advertising campaigns, designed to promote your store, products, and services. And you can pay your affiliates only if make a profit for your business. The extension is on sale and costs $79.99. Its normal price is$149.

Download Magegiant Affiliate Magento Extension

J2T Reward Points + Referral program

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

Provide your e-commerce store with an incentive points-based loyalty system with this Magento referral extension. Let your customers receive points for registration, purchases, and observing the rules. J2T Reward Points + Referral program Magento extension provides dozens of useful features designed to make a referral program of any kind. The module costs €49.99.

Get J2T Reward Points + Referral program Magento Referral Module


Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

Grow your e-commerce business with a reliable customer referral program implemented via ReferralCandy Magento referral extension. By installing this module, you will be able to bring the incredible power of peer influence to your e-commerce store. The extension costs just $15.

Download ReferralCandy Magento Extension

Referral Bonus and Reward System

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

This Magento referral extension motivates your customers to invite their friends to your Magento store. Your users get profit from every successful referral purchase or even registrations. As a result, they get special discounts for future purchases. Referrals can use social networks, email, or direct links to invite friends. You can purchase the module for $99.

Download Referral Bonus and Reward System Magento Extension

Referral and Affiliate Services

friendbuy magento

There are also 3 referral and affiliate services in out post. All of them have the same purpose, but slightly different features and pricing. Friendbuy, for example, starts from $99 a month, and the most expensive plan of the company costs $749 a month. ReferralCandy requires a commission percentage with the minimum fee per month. And pricing plans of Ambassador start from $99 per month with the highest rate of $1499 per month. The company also provides a custom plan. Hit one of the below links for all the features.